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Formerly known as Backpedal - Icarus, new established PvP guild!

01 November 2014 - 08:57 PM

Guild Information!
  • The guild itself offers a friendly and helpful atmosphere.
  • The Guild is ever growing. We have individuals taking care of developments which should be appearing in the near future which will mostly consist of rated battlegrounds and world PvP activites. We want the world to be living again, in the past we've hosted multiple of the biggest world PvP events in Defias Brotherhood.
  • Excessive flaming/trolling of other players in the guild is not something that we accept; Although sportsmanship is. However if you are accused of abusing/griefing another member in the guild expect it to be dealt with. We treat these cases very seriously, and have a zero-tolerance policy on it. Also, if you are a member and feel like the above is happening to you, contact an Officer ASAP and be ready to screenshot any offending material.
Who are you?
I'm previously known as Hab, you might remember me from previous expansions, formerly known as guild leader of Backpedal Brotherhood.
I was given the position of guild leadership in Cataclysm and I had big ambitions for the guild. My philosophy was that I wanted to make something memorable and we did. I've both lead and participated in PvP communities.
Backpedal brotherhood had fantastic progress, our members accomplished Hero of the Horde with a comfortable rating in two seasons, we were actually one of the top teams in S9. We had about 15~ in our roster that ended up with a title and over 30 with a rating around 2300~
My philosphy was always to make something memorable and we really accomplished that as a team, we do not have a single guild leader, we have a guild council. All of which have equal rights and powers towards the guild, we try to base ourselves as more of a community than leaders and members.
I want to thank everyone that stood beside me and made what Backpedal Brotherhood is remembered as.
I'd love to bless you with more memorable events in the future.

What we expect from you!

- You're expected to be atleast 18 years old, but rare exceptions can be made.

- No racism or excessive abuse towards anyone, please use your common sense.

- Sportsmanship, correct attitude. Generally have a friendly attitude towards other players.

- You partake in the activities in the guild.

- You'll need RaidCall installed and set up, we encourage people to socialize.

- 2k rating achievement for either arena or rated battlegrounds, we're aware of the rating inflation and this is subject to change in the future, we're just setting the barrier for now.

Now that we got that away from the picture, I'd like to point out that you can feel free to apply as a social and you'll still be able to partake in some guild activites just like everyone else, bare in mind there are limited spots for a social member.
If this guild sounds right for you, please message me so we can have a short interview. Also you can use the email address above for applications or apply here.

Thank you for reading, head over to our forums and apply if you're interested