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In Topic: Blizzcon 2013 Champions

11 November 2013 - 04:43 AM

[quote name='OMGitsSart' timestamp='1384066024' post='3988210']
I know no one adressed me directly, but can this whole EU/US bullshit stop finally? I can only speak for myself obviously, but all you faggots, no matter the region, should remember the following things:

a) I don't know the exact ratio, neither do I give a fuck about it, but both regions have won big tournaments, and the heroes of both regions, old and new ones, have been beating each other at certain times. After all, as sad as it is, WoW PvP OFTEN (!) comes down to comp vs comp issues, and this is simply season-dependant with certain exceptions where people have done great with non-fotm comps (again, from BOTH regions)

:duckers: Unlike all you fanboys and bandwagon-jumpers, the majority of top players actually respect each other and VALUE the competition they give each other. After all, US players seem to take EU community that serious, they even get EU accounts to practise vs some of the top teams on that ladder and vice versa. AT, while not being up-to-date with patches obviously, brings some great examples of this, when Reckful acknowledges live on stream how impressed he is by Marm's Rogue gameplay, and that he has far more insight to the class than he ever had in WotLK. Or top EU locks at the same time giving Jpeg all the credit imaginable for being superior by far, OR, to take it to the maximum, by even playing in the same teams together.

c) Not sure if anyone noticed, but it's always the winning "faction" that comes up with the regional shit. Sorry to take AT as another example, but it's the first thing jumping to my head. Last tournament, Sasha, Chrysalid and Leekzy, calling their Shatterplay USA USA USA, which is fine, nothing against patriotism or anything, the twitch chats and lfg channels were FULL of USA battlecrys, even conrad did it while commentating. Well, guess how many battlecrys there were after the team got kicked out of the tournament? Close to none. And I'm 100% sure the same thing would've happened the exact same way by EU players, having a big mouth and suddenly being all quiet after losing.

TL;DR: Everyone chill the fuck out, can't we all agree on bashing the russians or something? (irony intended)

What bothers me about this post is that you care enough to type some wall of text to these "faggots". Why would you care if some nerds on the Internet call the people in the place you live worse at a computer game? The fact that you put the effort in to type this is beyond me.