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#4300863 Buff Frost Dks Heals

Posted Rabidhobo on 15 December 2014 - 09:43 PM

I'll address your complaint about you saying "X is overpowered" and people saying "So is Y". Your post is really a gripe about a larger problem but is made too specific due to your personal experiences which makes it appear you are biased. This post is a particularly useful example of this perceived bias.

The issue here is that some DPS classes have been given WAY too much self healing. It is really frustrating to a lot of people to be having their damage completely counteracted by the sustain of a class that is supposed to be a damage dealer. It's even more frustrating when the healing isn't self healing but rather healing in general.

However your approach to this topic was that frost DKs have too much self healing. You cited this by posting a screenshot of an arena scoreboard in what can only be described as a contentless salt post. yet this is in glaring contrast to the fact your teamate is a FERAL DRUID. One of the biggest offenders of this whole DPS have too much healing gripe. I can only imagine that means youve seen dozens if not hundreds of game scoreboards where you won in part due to ferals sick self healing and never thought it was a problem. yet suddenly when a frost dk on the other team is commiting this sin it's worth a passive aggressive #icefrog2stupid5me post. Your post makes it look like you're totally ok with the self healing mechanic, but want it nerfed on classes you don't happen to comp with.

#3921740 Warriors in 5.4

Posted Draintain on 02 August 2013 - 04:09 PM

View PostBraindance, on 02 August 2013 - 03:52 PM, said:

Why? Because I'm telling the truth?
No I'm done like trying to reason with you at this point, you're actually an idiot. I tried identifying with you and telling you the issue isn't warriors it' other classes that need to be toned down and of course that post with reason and truth was disregarded. So at this point, you're trying to seem like you know what you're talking about, but in reality you don't. You think you know the game but your s1 glad is equivalent to me not having a glad. You have yet to get glad even in s9 or s12, which is sad. If you couldn't get it in s12 when warriors were literally ridiculous, then it's a L2p issue. Hell what rating did you even get to in s12?

No changes to warriors will affect how mediocre/subpar you are at this game. Anything you'd try to advocate for warriors is ignored because of what I simply stated above. It also doesn't help that you're the forum ass. Do yourself a favor leave wow. As I said before, bitching will get you nowhere. The difference with Locks was that our damage was god awful and honestly without gateway against certain teams, it'd be absolute death. But continue viewing the game with your warrior blinds on. My 2c I really don't care how you respond to this because if I read it, I'll lose brain cells and I lost enough from the "ArenaJunkies Drinking Game" which was mentioned by another member.

#3894487 AMS

Posted Phillol on 03 June 2013 - 12:35 PM

View PostHyuru, on 03 June 2013 - 10:35 AM, said:

Are you saying that dk's are in a bad spot or something? Because if you do you need to get your head checked.

DKs are the best melee in the game (hunters doesnt count as a melee), and I do not feel bad at all that they can't rambo behind a pillar like a mindless mongoloid without getting punished.
you forgot ferals
+rep me if u think all these rogues are gays

#3894445 New Debuff: Bitch Sickness

Posted Hyuru on 03 June 2013 - 09:17 AM

God I hate people in 2s who doesnt play to win, but not to lose, constantly peeling and playing like a fucking bitch.

If I'm about to get a kill on enemy healer, and opposing dps is about to get a kill on mine, I just say yolo and let my healer survive on his own. (If you are one of those players who peel your healer in those kind of scenarios, you should seriously concider killing yourself, stop wasting 25 minutes of my life you mongoloid)

#3887704 DK Changes - May 14th

Posted Fearful on 15 May 2013 - 07:56 PM

View PostEveny, on 15 May 2013 - 05:00 PM, said:

so you're implying that its not beyond disgusting right now?
I'm not saying any such thing as I'm not playing live atm, waiting for TR instead. But I do know this, if you're judging NS from a disc priest perspective alone then that's obviously extremely biased because DK's have always destroyed disc priests in unfair ways. Nerfing DK's so that they were bad/average against disc priests would make them shit against every other class in the game. Just something to keep in mind.

#3649660 Death Knight PvE gear

Posted danielisaksson1990 on 24 February 2012 - 03:21 PM

View PostNaga, on 24 February 2012 - 12:28 PM, said:

dont you have problems with surviving against stuff like rmp openers etc with that low res?

im running around 5k and i have trouble surviving good rmp openers :(

have to blow a few cd's, just like when i had 5.5k resi and tried that out.. didnt make a diff, its not a dk season, its a rogue season, soon ull c many rogues with legendary and it wont matter how good u play, they will sit on u, backpeddle, and kill u, hope for better luck next expansion!

#3628618 1.63 Second RMP Kill

Posted Zaephyr on 30 January 2012 - 06:45 AM

Watching RLS complain about RMP is like watching a Grand prix where there's a Mercedes Benz complaining about a ferrari while a Mini cooper tries to compete in the same race.

#3605211 Season 11 Access Reset

Posted Yes on 03 January 2012 - 09:42 PM

Season 11 has been underway for a bit now, and as it has become the policy on Arena Junkies, we have completed our end of the season access reset. Junkie users who have never received the Gladiator title and do not meet the new arena rating cutoff of 2400 are being reverted back to the usergroup: Member.

The access reset is just one of the many things we do to keep the content quality as high as possible. Remember that in order to meet the cutoff requirement you must have been at 2400 rating this season.

If you did have your access reset to the Member usergroup, please know that it is not personal and is done across the board without any exceptions. If you think your access was removed in error please send me a PM to correct it. Currently, once you achieve 2400+ rating you will be granted access again. You can read more about our rules and access in the forum rules thread.

#3571225 85 Rogue Guide

Posted Milanah_6538907 on 02 December 2011 - 08:48 PM


This guide will be a short overview about Subtlety Rogues at lvl 85. Rogue Playstyle changed a lot since the release of Cataclysm and we got new abilities like Smoke Bomb, Redirect and Combat Readiness which lead together with a few changes on the old abilities and talents to a different way of how to play Rogue now. I will be focusing on Subtlety in this guide because it is the only spec you can really go for at the moment.


Gearing as Rogue is quite easy in Cataclysm due to the fact agility is the strongest Stat with Crit following.The Season 11 set has the most agility apart from Dragon Soul Heroic Gear and there are a few PvE pieces that are nice to have in PvP but not necessary:

If you do not have the possibility of getting them on heroic you can also take the non-heroic ones since you don't lose agility by using the T13 Legs.

My advice is that if you're not that much experienced in PvP you should wear as much resil as you can get with the gear. However, do not gem resilience because of that. Most rogues who use PvE gear in arena are often very experienced and can manage their cooldowns better.

All in all you take most of the Season 11 Gear and depending on how much resil you wanna run you can change a few parts with the PvE ones.

Here are a few links to give you an overview about the Setups you can run:

As non-human you just have to take the Insignia instead of the On use Pvp Trinket. If you can't get Vial of Shadows, not even from the Raid Finder, just take the Procc PvP trinket with agility.
All my setups here are using Stage 1 of the Legendary Daggers since they are obtainable to everyone that has 10k Gold and a rnd group that lets him steal the required item.

You might have to change your reforging a bit if you got the heroic pieces. I'm just doing the non-heroic version now because literally everybody can get them.

If you dont want to use one of these Setups and create your own one you have to watch out for certain things: You always have to get atleast 5% Hit, which means 601 Hit Rating. After you reached this amount you can either go for 20 Expertise to remove rng dodges you sometimes get from casters if you're not standing behind them and reforge to max crit after or you can just reforge max crit right after you hit the 5% Hit rating. With Season 11 Gear however, i recommend you to go for 20 Expertise since it's just so easy to get with the Legendary Daggers(or lower stages) and the rest of the PvP Gear.


Meta: Agile Shadowspirit Diamond (54 Agi + 3% Increased Critical Damage)

Red:Delicate Queen's Garnet (50 Agi)

Blue: Not worth it in any setup.

Yellow:Lucent Lava Coral (25 Agi + 25 Resil, actually only needed when using lots of PvE gear like 2 Pc T13 + Vial + Daggers.)

Due to thefact that Agility is by far the strongest stat you can go for you mostly just gem 50 Agi in every Slot. Resilience is no stat you even have to gem because like i already mentioned above you already got about 4k-4,2k(Depending on 2nd trinket) Resi without gems.


To enchant your Rogue you do not have to choose between that many possible enchants. There are a few parts where it depends on your talents and your personal style. One part is for instance enchanting your cloak. You can either take the 22 Agility enchant or 70 Spell Penetration, depends on your Spec. If you specced intowaylay 2/2 you do not really have to get the Spell Penetration enchant because it's just needed to negate the poison resists sometimes which just become important if you want to slow your target or focus.

Another part is the choice of your leg enchant: Both do not have that much of a difference, one of them just focuses on the offense and the other one is focusing on both offense and defense. The difference of Attack Power and Critbetween these both is that low that it makes more sense to take the Charscale Leg Armor. (Exact difference is about 40 AP and ~0,1% Crit)

Head:Arcanum of Vicious Agility http://www.wowhead.com/item=68769/

Shoulders: Greater Inscription of Vicious Agility http://www.wowhead.com/item=68774

Cloak: http://www.wowhead.com/item=52745 or http://www.wowhead.com/item=44457

Chest:Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats http://www.wowhead.com/item=52779

Wrist:Enchant Bracer - Agility http://www.wowhead.com/item=68784

Gloves:Enchant Gloves - Major Agility http://www.wowhead.com/item=38967

Waist: Ebonsteel Belt Buckle http://www.wowhead.com/item=55054

Legs: Charscale Leg Armor - http://www.wowhead.com/item=56551

Boots:Enchant Boots - Major Agility http://www.wowhead.com/item=52757

If you'reEnchanter: Enchant Ring - Agility http://www.wowhead.com/spell=74216

Main Hand:Enchant Weapon - Landslide http://www.wowhead.com/item=52776

Off Hand:Pyrium Weapon Chain - http://www.wowhead.com/item=55057

Talents & Glyphs

As Subtlety Rogue you have 3 different specs that are viable in arenas, all of them are pretty much the same with a few changes:

The Standard Backstab Spec is probably the most common spec being used at the moment, a few Rogues might go for the Imp.Recup Spec in 2s for more survivability. The Hemo Spec is a spec i haven't tried yet because i don't like to only use Hemo. This spec is focusing on a fast Combo Point Build to get SnD+ Recup up all the time and still getting enough CP's to finish with Kidney Shot or Eviscerate. However, this spec isn't meant to do real pressure without Shadow Dance due to the amount of damage that Hemo does.

Prime Glyphs:

  • Glyph of Backstab ( Glyph of Slice and Dice if you're running Hemo Spec)
  • Glyph of Shadow Dance
  • Glyph of Hemorrhage

Major Glyphs:

  • Glyph of Garrote
  • Glyph of Blind
  • Glyph of Preparation

Minor Glyphs:

  • Glyph of Distract
  • Glyph of Blurred Speed/ Glyph of Safe Fall ( Blurred Speed is quite nice for RBG so you just can run over the water in Arathi Basin if there is no Shaman/DK)
  • Glyph of Poisons


Backstab +Startattack:



/cast Backstab

Hemorrhage+ Startattack:

#showtooltip Hemorrhage


/cast hemorrhage

ShadowDance + Premed Garrote

#show Shadow Dance

/cast Shadow Dance

/cast premeditation

/cast Garrote

ShadowDance Focus Sap

/cast Shadow Dance

/cast [@focus] Sap

Blind Arena1/2/3

/cast [@arena1/2/3] Blind

Shadow Dance+ Premed Cheap Shot

/cast Shadow Dance

/cast Premeditation

/cast CheapShot


/cast [@focus] Dismantle

Focus Sap

/cast [@focus] Sap

Kidney Shot+ Stopwatch

/cast Kidney Shot

/sw 25

/sw play

Standard Tricks Macro ( Instead of x insert the name of the player you want to tricks)

/cast [@x] Tricks of the Trade

Hemo while unstealthed, Premed Cheap Shot while in Stealth, Vanish or Shadow Dance

/cast [stance:0] Hemorrhage

/cast [stance:1/2/3] Premeditation

/cast [stance:1/2/3] Cheap Shot

Focus Kick

/cast [@focus] Kick


/cast [@focus] Shadowstep


/use [nomodifier] Wound Poison; [modifier:ctrl] Instant Poison IX; [modifier:delete]Deadly Poison IX; [modifier:alt] Mind-numbing Poison; [modifier:shift]Crippling Poison

/use[button:1] 16; [button:2] 17; [button:3] 18

(button:1 is left mouse, button:2 is right mouse and button:3 is middle mouse)

Focus Gouge:

#showtooltip Gouge

/cast [target=focus] Gouge

Random Sapagainst other stealthed Rogues/Druids


/cast Sap


Cheap Shot+ Premedition:

#showtooltipCheap Shot

/cast Premeditation

/cast Cheapshot

Garrote +Premedition:

#showtooltip Garrote

/cast Premeditation

/cast Garrote

Ambush +Premedition:


/cast Premeditation

/cast Ambush

DeadlyThrow + Throw @ same bind:

#showdeadly throw

/cast deadly throw

/cast throw

Redirect Focus Kidney


/castsequence [@focus] reset=20 Redirect, Kidney Shot

SafeStealth (Lets you spam this bind without breaking Stealth instantly)


/cast [nomodifier] !Stealth

/cancelaura [modifier] Stealth

SpamDistract without losing the circle


/cast !distract

Interface & Bindings


My Interface is pretty much a copy of what Neilyo's using. One fact I really like about this setup is that you have every important cd twice in your bars, right near of each other so you can see the cd way faster in the game which could makethe difference between losing and winning. The less important abilities without cd or a cd you actually do not use that often are on the right-hand side of the interface so the focus lies only on the important ones. I also moved my frames a bit to the middle of the screen because i don't like them being on the top left of the screen as rogue because you always have to look at them to see how many CP's you got on your target and so on.


As far as I'm concerned I don't use any major addons like Pitbull and Bartender, mostly little ones to change the appearance of the game. Here is a list of Addons I can recommend:

  • OmniCC: It turns all the standard analogue cooldowns into digital ones (http://www.wowinterf...836-OmniCC.html)
  • MoveAnything: Makes you able to move all your frames around and hide some of them. You can also use scripts for that but i guess for non-tournament player this is easier.( http://www.wowinterf...veAnything.html)
  • PortraitTimers: Displays important CC's or Cooldowns on the portrait of your target, such as Hand of Freedom, Kidney/Cheap Shot, Blind and so on.
   ( http://www.wowinterf...raitTimers.html)

  • Icicle: Displays Cooldowns above the opponents nameplates.
   ( http://www.wowinterf...148-Icicle.html)

This is just a short list of Addons I'm using for my rogue. If you want a bigger list I recommend you to take a look at the Hydramist Addons Guide which u can also find in the Guides Section.


Here I will explain you the most important abilities and their Usage to make them mostefficient.

Vanish: One of the most important abilities you got. It lets you get out of the fight in dangerous situations aslong as you're having control over your character and no Faerie Fire on yourself. With the change in Cataclysm this ability was improved a lot because now you do not have to take that much care about the timing to use it due tothe fact it does now let you stay in stealth for 3 seconds, no matter what's happening in this time.

Shadowstep: The Ability that lets you take so much control about the game in both offensive and defensive situations. You caneither step to the focus target and kick it full on its cast or rather step toan opponent near a pillar and hide behind that. Also you can avoid some spells if your timing on Shadowstep is correct such as Charge, Heroic Leap, Feral Charge.

Backstab/Hemorrhage: Your Combo Point Generator and standard damage ability. Hemorrhage is either used to just get many ComboPoints in a short time or like in the Hemo only spec as main damaging abilityoutside of Shadow Dance. Backstab is virtually the same but it requires you  to stand behind the target which can be hardsometimes, standing in a Frost Nova or Entangling Roots or any other MovementImpairing Effect.

Gouge: 4 Second CC with a 10 SecondCooldown that breaks from damage and requires you to stand in front of your target. It's a very nice ability to take out an opponent for a few seconds to let your mates recover a bit in dangerous situations. With the talent Sanguinary Vein you can use it even with bleeds up on your target without breaking it.

Cloak of Shadows: Your most important defensive cooldown against casters, it makes you immune to anyincoming Spell. After the release of Cataclysm this ability changed a bit. It now provides 100% Immunity instead of just 90% in WotLK.

Redirect: A new ability that was introduced with the release of Cataclysm.It takes the Combo Points of your current target and transfers it to your new target. It's the perfect ability for switches during the game or some focus cc. For instance you can redirect to another target in order to switch on that target with Kidney Shot and maybe drop a Smoke Bomb or you can also redirect your Combo Points to your focus target to get more CC on the healer or rather peel of some Dps in the game to help your healer.

Smoke Bomb: The 2nd of 3new abilities that Cataclysm brought and in my opinion the strongest. It's anability where you can prevent everybody standing outside of it to cast into the Smoke Bomb. Both, heals and offensive spells won't be able to be casted as long as the target is in the Smoke Bomb. But it also works the other way round, if you drop a Smoke Bomb the opponents that are inside of it cannot cast any heals or casts out of the Bomb as long as it is active or until they run out. That makes it useable in an offensive way as well as in a defensive way.

Combat Readiness: The lastability that came with Cataclysm is a stacking defensive Cooldown that only works for physical damage. It's a bit like the Warrior's Shield Wall with the advantage that we don't have to switch any stance and switch weapons for it. Activating Combat Readiness will give you a buff that lasts for 20 seconds and every time you get physical damage in this time you get one stack more up to a maximum of 5 which gives you a 50% Damage Reduction. However, this ability has an Internal Cooldown of 1 second, so it will take about 5 seconds to reach the maximum amount of stacks you can get.

Kidney Shot: The ability that makes us so annoying for everybody. Being stunned for 6 seconds aboutevery ~25 seconds is something that no one likes. Always get a Kidney Shot up before dropping a Smoke Bomb to force either a trinket or land the kill on your target. Also to prevent the target from walking out with freedom or just alittle jump making your bomb useless.

Blind: The only real CC a Rogue has apartfrom Sap and a few little ones that are way shorter. With the Glyph of Blindit's way easier for Rogues to blind anyone because the Glyph removes all DoT'sfrom the blinded target so it doesnt break from it. If possible, try to get aSap on the blinded target after.

Shadow Dance: The Ultimate of Subtlety. It lets you do every ability you actually just could do while stealthed for 8 seconds such as Sap, Ambush, Garrote and Cheap Shot( Just to mention the most important ones). This ability can be used in so many ways,either to help your mates by taking out the opponents or doing some heavy pressure on the main target.

Tips and Tricks

  • Shadow Dance can also be used to get a Sap onto your focus target after a blind or maybe a Smoke Bomb because when you're dropping a Smoke Bomb the healer has to run in and if he does that and it takes about 4-5 seconds until he reaches it you can very likely get a Sap on him.
  • Try to always know where your focus is standing at the moment because it can help you to kill your target or to get away when you're in trouble by using Shadowstep on your focus. This together with running around the pillar after the defensive Shadowstep can help you to survive in dangerous situations.
  • Communication is essential to be successful in PvP. Try to coordinate your CD's with your teammates in order to get a kill by using Shadow Dance + Smoke Bomb and maybe a Shadowfiend from your Priest and so on.
  • Tell your teammates about the usage of certain CD's of you and your opponents, both will help your team to win a game.
  • You should always know about the amount of defensive CD's left when you're about to go offensive, if you do not have Cloak against some MLS or any other Castercleave you shouldn't be that offensive and maybe run open field. Rather stay back and let them come and wait for more defensive CD's.

For further questions just leave a comment or u can whisper Maajty on talnivarr or me ingame. I will update this guide during the next weeks when all the new gear is available.

#3585952 What to spam as dk

Posted Guest on 14 December 2011 - 04:21 AM

View PostJomppaa, on 10 December 2011 - 06:23 PM, said:

123 keep everything on cooldown

View Postrizzy, on 10 December 2011 - 06:36 PM, said:


View PostPrecissle, on 10 December 2011 - 07:16 PM, said:

Spam Pet attack as unholy.
Spam Auto attack as frost.

View PostLewisxo, on 10 December 2011 - 07:57 PM, said:

1 Plague Strike
2 Necrotic Strike
3 Necrotic Strike

View PostBatenx, on 10 December 2011 - 08:32 PM, said:

Everything that glows up.

View PostPwnarii, on 11 December 2011 - 02:07 AM, said:

Bind everything with strike and death in its name and slam ur cock on the keyboard
This is why class forums should be restricted to the classes you received AJ access with.

#3372668 Winratio's explained seeing as 90% of the AJ browsers don't understan...

Posted Charred on 16 July 2011 - 12:01 PM

I see people everywhere complaining about:
"omg how can they get so high with a 50% winrate"
"omg a 2.8k rated team with 45% win."

If you find yourself saying this, you do not understand the current rating system fully.

I explained in a post a while ago how the MMR exploiters actually do it:


Of importance for this post is that TR gains/losses are based of your TMMR & as long as your TR isn't close to your TMMR, you will not lose any TR, only TMMR/MMR.
This means you can reach high ratings as long as your TMMR is even higher, evne with a sub 50% winrate.

Now to get to the core of this "issue":

If a team of 2400TMMR starts a new team at 0TR & for the sake of the argument, their team is intended to be at 2400TMMR AND they face equal rated teams only, they SHOULD exactly have a 50% winrate till they reach 2400TR.

Why should they have more than 50%? A 2400 team facing off against other 2400 teams (aka 2 equally skilled teams) has a mathematical chance of around 50% to win (excluding random factors).
When you go head to head with an equally skilled opponent, lets say mirror matches to keep this easy, you both have a 50% of winning.
!!! Now in a zero-sum system, such as the old TBC system, this would lead to both of you sitting on the same rating. In TBC, you'd start at 1500 rating, gain 15 if you'd win, lose 15 if you'd lose. So these 2 teams in TBC would sit on 1500 forever (in a closed system, where it's just the 2 of them), even though they are worth of 2400 rating.
This isn't how the current system works though. You both start at 0, lose 0 if you lose & gain 96 if you win, until your TR comes close enough to your TMMR, then the gains start decreasing slightly & you actually start to lose rating. Once these 2400 teams reach 2400 & they still go head to head, they will maintain a 50% winrate @2400.

As an illustration for those who know, this is exactly what the russian 3600 teams did. They grinded their MMR up skyhigh, then split even against eachother. Since they keep on gaining TR until they come close enough to their TMMR, they could easily reach 3600 rating by splitting even (after having abused their MMR up ofcourse).

The only teams that, in this very simplified theoritical example, should have more than 50% winrate are teams that either

1) Are below their TMMR indicates (example: http://eu.battle.net...NNYANNYANNYANN/ )
2) Face only lower rated teams
3) Are significantly above the rest of the ladder (ex, a 3600 worthy team on a ladder where except for them the highest team is 3000), mostly rank 1 contenders (example: http://eu.battle.net.../3v3/DNAW trio/ ).

Even if a team has a negative win/loss to their rating (example:http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/arena/kazzak/3v3/Pala%20Drunk%20GG/ ), it doesn't say anything about how good or bad their team actually is.
It can mean several things:

1) The average TMMR they faced upto grinding that rating was higher than their own TMMR.
2) Their TMMR was slightly higher than what they were worth off & because of that, they lost a few games more than they won until they established their actual TR.

So why do people have such issues with these winrates then?

First of all, this is because in every (e-)sport, teams that are considered good always have astonishing winratios. It's just what's common to people & what is considered "normal".
Secondly, the TBC MMR system was all about winratios. You could get high without a huge winratio. Top 20 teams would almost always have atleast 75%+ winrates. People still have this state of mind where they believe winratios matter for everybody & that you're worthless with something such as a 50% winrate.
Like I tried to explain, this isn't true at all, a team with a 45% winrate @ 2900TR, 2900TMMR can be amazingly good, yet they faced teams that on average had 3000TMMR.

#3280350 HC on 1.5 sec cast

Posted Bashel on 04 June 2011 - 09:41 AM

View Postrabbidon, on 01 June 2011 - 06:42 PM, said:

only thing ive read you saying is:
"why does everyone hate dks?"
"dks are balanced"
"i am good"

You're the exact problem why discussing dks end in flame fests. Talbadar IS essentially agreeing with lopez, and if anyone is saying there's a problem with dks, it's lopez.

Neither have I ever seen lopez claiming to be good (ofc I might have missed it though).

You just have a serious bias that prevents you from having a civilized discussing about dks, as do many others.

#3282972 You can no longer cast Hungering Cold while moving on the PTR

Posted Blacksheezy on 05 June 2011 - 06:47 PM

View PostSwiftful, on 05 June 2011 - 06:32 PM, said:

Why do people get so butthurt these days? certainly when you present shit that's pretty true and obvious.

QQ more, let's see if DK qq wins just like mage qq.


PS: if you really think HC is balanced (you're arguing & mad cuz you obviously think it is) then you're plain stupid.

No, I'm sick of people like you. The ever more prevailing poster who thinks his opinion suddenly matters because he's become a borderline gladiator rocking a fatty 60% W/L. People that have no fucking idea how the game works outside of their own class and really have no interest either. I've had enough of you and people like you and I figure I might as well advocate a Death Knight's point of view because Lopez is so terrible at it since he contradicts himself every other day of the week, thus further amplifying the problem. Take off your goggles and expand your horizons a bit my naive friend.

There's not one place where anyone has defended what frost death knights are, nor have I defended what hungering cold is. That said, hungering cold has been what it is ever since the inception of DKs and was never a problem until the damage became uncontrollably high. Problems that lie in the fact that pillar increases strength which we already have an abundance of by such an obscene amount which scales VERY well with abilities like necrotic strike. An ability that was not a problem until frost death knights got permanent death runes. The combination of all the above combined with HC is what makes it a problem, not the ability itself.

It's rather obvious something needs to be addressed. Nobody has EVER denied that like you ignorant fucks seem to think. It's the fact of the matter that a cast time with the amount of interrupts present in the game effectively A) Makes hungering cold an almost impossibility to get off since you now need to be stationary to get it off and B ) not only locks out spells, but our core MELEE ability. The ability the whole fucking spec is built on. The ability that has no range.

As has been brought up countless times before, all that was ever needed was an increase of cooldowns on some abilities. Nothing more. Another possibility in the vein of somewhat homogenization is, as awesome as necrotic strike is as a unique mechanic, to just say fuck it and give it the mortal strike treatment. Make it reduce healing by a set percentage and give it a marginal cooldown and a damage boost and remove the anti-heal/casting speed debuff mechanic entirely. Compensate that with a marginal damage increase on said ability. The fact that NS goes through shields and immunities such as shield wall is pretty fucking retarded as it is.

End of the day though, unless it's RMP, it's skilless in the eyes of majority of the AJ community.

#3203695 Talbadar what comp is he gonna play?

Posted Filovirus on 26 April 2011 - 03:11 AM

View PostLowDeeps, on 26 April 2011 - 03:07 AM, said:

He'll be disc or leveling a lock within the next two weeks.

Oh god quit your whining, all you do is bitch about shadow priests sucking in every fucking thread

#3196468 Is WoW dying?

Posted Zilea on 21 April 2011 - 09:33 PM

sup brohans

i don't post on AJ almost at all anymore but every once in a while I'll check in to see what's shakin.

my two cents and a little background on sixjaxgaming/world of ming:
for months now i have been dissuaded from playing wow much at all mostly because of the state of balance (which seems to always be the case), but this time it had more to do with paladins being so atrocious and only getting worse as the meta game develops. i won't lie that the last few articles i wrote on sixjaxgaming were extremely difficult to do because i was hardly logging on at all (you could say i was turning into jasi etc etc). but there's more to it, the lack of real funding provided by sixjaxgaming (ming was paying out of pocket and the rate per article was at an all-time low, i was mostly still writing as loyalty to ming for the great opportunity he gave me the last few years), but just like myself, ming was losing interest in the game fast, and wasn't logging on much either.

additionally, sixjaxgaming was extremely difficult to work with and the updates the site needed took ages to occur, which was unacceptable. There was even the problem with getting the domain 'worldofming.com' to redirect to sixjaxgaming.com, which is, believe it or not, a really big deal because even to this day it receives traffic (so, on a traffic point of view, that's another reason why it seems like sixjaxgaming had little traffic). but sixjax won't die out, they are fairly active now in the sc2 scene, they now sponsor even Artosis of GSL (who is a pretty damn good player), ViBe, and a couple others I think.

like i already mentioned, I personally have found little reason to continue to play wow. Starcraft 2 has filled that 'void' for me in terms of tournaments, competitiveness, etc, and it is a hell of a lot more balanced than WoW will ever be. The esports scene for sc2 is phenomenal , tournaments are occurring like wild fire. GSL all year long, Team Liquid's tournament called TSL3, North American Star League (NASL) which just started up, teamliquid streams ALL day which get 3-4000 a piece for each top player, the list goes on.

There are even cathartic reasons why I enjoy sc2, namely the fact that a lot of players in wow started to have this strange viewpoint that i wasn't a very good wow player, despite winning blizzcon, which, trust me, i completely understand, wow is not a very difficult game, but I have found that "catharsis" in sc2. I'm closing in on top 10 in my division as master league and hey, who knows, maybe one day you guys will see me at an SC2 tournament raping face =P

back on the wow topic, it probably seems so bad of me to say this, but yeah, I don't think there should be a wow arena tournament realm anymore and I honestly don't think Blizard will host another one after this year. It's still extremely likely that blizzard will still do it for this year because they already said they would in an interview earlier this year so they will honor their word. but yeah, i think it's time to move on for the sake of esports. WoW most likely will never go mainstream ever again for tournaments like MLG, and people understand why. WoW is still extremely popular, but it's time for the esports scene to move on. I hope people respect my viewpoint on this