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#3868094 round 2

Posted Shawir on 28 March 2013 - 05:35 PM

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#3868052 noo...

Posted Shawir on 28 March 2013 - 04:52 PM

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#3804463 No fake : Permanently banned for "Queue Manipulation"

Posted Batenx on 13 November 2012 - 09:21 PM



#3752536 PROOF @hydrahacked

Posted Nisslol on 28 August 2012 - 12:36 AM

Okay, I think justice needs to be done and I will call Blizz and do the same thing to Xandyn's account. Do you think this will pass?

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#3474381 Priest PvP Scripts and Macros

Posted Guest on 07 September 2011 - 05:50 AM

Hey, a lot of players have been asking which scripts and macro I use to create my UI.
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I'll just make a BIG list of the macros I use here for those who want them.

Show Enemy Arena Frames Outside of Arena
/run ArenaEnemyFrame1:Show();ArenaEnemyFrame2:Show();ArenaEnemyFrame3:Show()
/run LoadAddOn("Blizzard_ArenaUI");ArenaEnemyFrames:Show();ArenaEnemyFrame1:Show();ArenaEnemyFrame2:Show();ArenaEnemyFrame3:Show();ArenaEnemyFrame1CastingBar:Show()

Move and Resize Enemy Arena Frames
/run ArenaEnemyFrame1:ClearAllPoints()
/run ArenaEnemyFrame1:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", -1035, -40)
/run ArenaEnemyFrame1:SetScale(1.23)
/run ArenaEnemyFrame2:SetScale(1.23)
/run ArenaEnemyFrame3:SetScale(1.23)
*Change the numbers on each to move their position or change the scale. This goes for all the macros.*

Shrink the Main Menu Bar and Main Action Bar and Move and Rescale the Bars Above the Main Action Bar. Also, hides the Error Frame completely.
Macro 1:
/run MainMenuBar:SetScale(.05)
/run MultiBarBottomLeft:SetPoint("TOPLEFT",-220,-50000)
/run UIErrorsFrame:SetAlpha(0)
/run MultiBarBottomLeft:SetScale(15)
Macro 2:
/run ActionButton1:SetPoint("TOPLEFT",-250,125)
/run MultiBarBottomRight:SetScale(15)
/run MultiBarBottomRight:SetPoint("TOPLEFT",-220,102)

Resize and Move Cast Bar
/run CastingBarFrame:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT",490,69)
/run CastingBarFrame:SetScale(1.23)

Class Portraits on Frames
Macro 1:
/run UFP="UnitFramePortrait_Update" UICC="Interface\\TargetingFrame\\UI-Classes-Circles" CIT=CLASS_ICON_TCOORDS UC=UnitClass
Macro 2:
/run hooksecurefunc(UFP,function(self) if self.portrait then t=CIT[select(2,UC(self.unit))] if t and UnitIsPlayer(self.unit) then self.portrait:SetTexture(UICC) self.portrait:SetTexCoord(unpack(t)) else self.portrait:SetTexCoord(0,1,0,1) end end end)

Remove Background on Stopwatch and Change Position
/run StopwatchFrame:SetScale(.01)
/run StopwatchFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT",81000,0)
/run StopwatchTicker:SetScale(100)
/run StopwatchTicker:SetPoint("TOPLEFT",-430,-730)
/run StopwatchFrame:SetMovable(false)

Move and Resize the Cast Bar
/run CastingBarFrame:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT",490,69)
/run CastingBarFrame:SetScale(1.23)

Remove Keybind Icon on Action Bars
/run for i = 1, 12 do _G["BonusActionButton"..i.."HotKey"]:Hide() end
/run for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarBottomLeftButton"..i.."HotKey"]:Hide() end
/run for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarBottomRightButton"..i.."HotKey"]:Hide() end

Remove Macro Text from Action Bars
/run for i = 1, 12 do _G["BonusActionButton"..i.."Name"]:Hide() end
/run for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarBottomLeftButton"..i.."Name"]:Hide() end
/run for i = 1, 12 do _G["MultiBarBottomRightButton"..i.."Name"]:Hide() end

Show Percent HP AND Health Number on Target and Focus Frame
Macro 1:
/run TF=CreateFrame("Frame")TFHB=TargetFrameHealthBar.TextString;TTSB=TextStatusBar_CapDisplayOfNumericValue
/run FF=CreateFrame("Frame")FFHB=FocusFrameHealthBar.TextString;TTSB=TextStatusBar_CapDisplayOfNumericValue
Macro 2:
/run TF:SetScript("OnUpdate", function(target)TFHB:SetText(TTSB(UnitHealth("target")).."/"..TTSB(UnitHealthMax("target")).." ("..format("%.0f", ((UnitHealth("target")/UnitHealthMax("target"))*100)).."%)") end)
Macro 3:
/run FF:SetScript("OnUpdate", function(focus)FFHB:SetText(TTSB(UnitHealth("focus")).."/"..TTSB(UnitHealthMax("focus")).." ("..format("%.0f", ((UnitHealth("focus")/UnitHealthMax("focus"))*100)).."%)") end)

Move Arena Enemy Cast Bars (all at once). This also resizes the Enemy Arena Frame to 1.23 scale.
/run V={B="ArenaEnemyFrame"} for i=1,5 do _G[V.B..i]:SetScale(1.23); _G[V.B..i.."CastingBar"]:SetPoint("RIGHT",95,0); end;

That's it for the UI Macros. I'll leave some other macros as well that others may be interested in.

Stopwatch Timer Macro:
/script Stopwatch_Play()
/sw :56

Shadowfiend Macro
#showtooltip Shadowfiend
/cast [nopet] Shadowfiend
/cast shadowcrawl

PoM Target - If Target Not in Party PoM Self
#showtooltip Prayer of Mending
/cast [raid] Prayer of mending
/cast [noraid,target=player] Prayer of Mending
/cast [raid,target=player] Prayer of Mending

Shackle Ebon Gargoyle
#showtooltip Shackle Undead
/target [harm] Ebon Gargoyle
/cast Shackle Undead

Mouseover Shackle
/cast [target=mouseover] Shackle Undead

People have asked for my SWP/DP Macro: Here it is.
#showtooltip [nomod] Shadow Word: Pain; [mod:shift] Dispel Magic; [mod:ctrl] Devouring Plague; [mod:alt] Shadow Word: Pain
/cast [mod: ctrl] Devouring Plague
/cast [mod: shift] Dispel Magic
/cast [nomod] Shadow Word: Pain

Spammable Attack Button
/startattack [mod:ctrl]
(take the mod out if you like)

Spammable Mind Flay/Sear
#showtooltip Mind Flay
/cast [nochanneling:mind flay] Mind flay

#showtooltip Mind Sear
/cast [nochanneling:mind sear] mind sear

Spammable Resurrection/Mass Dispel/Shadowform
#showtooltip Resurrection
/cast !Resurrection

#showtooltip Mass Dispel
/cast !Mass Dispel

#showtooltip Shadowform
/cast !Shadowform

Leap of Faith Party Members
#showtooltip Leap of Faith
/cast [target=party1] Leap of Faith

#showtooltip Leap of Faith
/cast [target=party2] Leap of Faith

Fear Ward Healer
#showtooltip Fear Ward
/cast [target=Cdewx] Fear Ward
(change the name "Cdewx" to your healer)

There's been questions about my trinket macro: Here it is.
#showtooltip 13
/use 13

And of course feel free to watch my stream!
WoW Arena, Dragon Nest 1v1 PvP, Firelands, and other stuff :)
Link here