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#3070061 15% buff to resto heals?

Posted by Daara on 17 February 2011 - 02:51 AM

Hotfix is in just probably not reflected in the tooltip yet.

For any of you who say this isn't a needed change you're probably retarded. This is an intended change to put Shaman on par with other healers in terms of healing output. This isn't just a PvE change but a change that is meant for PvP too. It also looks like they are going to address out lack of a defensive cooldown for all 3 specs. This is the biggest thing we need. That being said I'll gladly take a hit to cleansing waters to get rid of the bs that is instant cast heals.

What resto really needs:

Healing on par with other healers: check

A defensive cooldown for self and for allies: in progress

Should be done by giving a new ability castable on self normally, and on allies via resto talents.

Spiritwalker's Grace to not suck: Add a damage reduction component, a ghost wolf movement effect to it, and make it undispellable.

Better offensive damage output: reduce cast time on lightning bolt via telluric currents to do this

Less reliability on Cleansing Waters: change cleansing waters to a stacking hot for each dispel (stacking 3 times max)

Purge to be worth using again:
reduce mana cost by ~40%

Mana Tide to not suck: add a new glyph that gives back ~8% max mana if the totem is stomped (like always)

Focused Insight to include windshear: only if you land an interrupt.
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#2062499 I got bored...so I made a video

Posted by Daara on 11 April 2010 - 02:16 AM

In light of recent events I think this video sums up how I feel.

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