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#3891617 5.3 Frostmage gearing

Posted Crawthz on 25 May 2013 - 11:25 AM


I've given this alot of thought lately: "Which way is the best way to gear in 5.3?" So I decided to make a thread about my thoughts and what I think that maximizes the gear you have from damage PoV. Also one of the reasons is the heavily nerfed burst we have now (PvP Power gems and scaling + Incanter's Ward nerfs), I am trying to maximize my damage just to get most out of my Shatters.

We got fairly huge item budget to go with now that 5.3 hit Live and Resilience and got nerfed. For example, Int/Hit is now equal or even better than Int/Power.

So, first of all, gems.
Intellect in every single slot where the socket bonus doesn't give Intellect.
Ignore socket bonuses on Chest, Boots and Legs, because these give you less damage if you follow the socket bonus.
Int/Hit on blue (maybe even int/power, not sure about that yet)
Int/Mastery on yellow (or Int/Haste if you need to hit a certain haste breakpoint, more later)

Then, reforging.
You want to reforge 12.5% (5316 rating) haste, or more. Rest into Mastery. You should reforge all Crit away into Haste or Mastery while keeping Hitcap.

Why 12.5%? Because after that, you wont gain any damage at all. Highest Haste I've seen now is 15.5% and with that, Polymorph cast time is 0.05sec faster,  Frostbolt 0.02sec and Frostbomb 0.03sec. I don't think that is much of a reason to go full-out on Haste.
12.5% is also the only Haste Breakpoint you can reach with current gear on Living Bomb and Nether Tempest, without using Frost Armor and playing with Shadowpriest/Eleshaman, and you'd lose 3000 Mastery and reduction on magic CC OR 16% physical damage reduction.

And well, in my opinion; it's pointless to go too much above Haste Breakpoints, because you lose stats that could increase your damage. Then again, haste is lovely stat and I love faster casts, but you could ask yourselves: "Is 5 millisecond faster Frostbolt worth it when you shatter with Deep + Orb?" You wont gain 2nd Frostbolt anyways.
But if you love fasters casts with going full-out haste, it's perfectly viable way to go. Just from damage point of view, it's not worth it.

Right now, with nerfed PvP Power and Resilience gems, the best way is to go with anything that gives you 320int, but do remember that having Blacksmithing always turns out to be the best, just because you can choose what gem you put there. I run BS/Enchanting myself right now and it seems to be one of the best options.

Then again, if you want to go full out proc heavy style, use Tailoring and Engineering with PvP Proc and PvE Proc trinkets (Darkmoon card is prolly the best if 2/2 upgraded)

PvE gear
If you want to use any, you should use the Darkmoon Card; Relic of Yu'lon 2/2 upgraded. I think everything else is more or less nerfed.
Rest of the PvE gear is not worth it in my opinion, outside of the PvE legendary meta and the PvE head you need to use it with, but I'd stay full PvP gear for now.

What bomb
I wanted to add this into gearing aswell, because this is what affects your playstyle and gearing aswell, quite heavily infact.
I would go Living Bomb in any setup I am playing, unless the comp allows me to play Frostbomb. Nether Tempest is out of the equation from now on, that bastard wont break my polymorphs anymore!

If, however, you like to go full out haste and love the style, you should consider using double Hit/Haste rings, 491 2/2 upgraded Malevolent and Tyrannical one. These two can achieve the highest amount of haste possible.

If you have any points I might have missed out or if you feel that I am completely wrong, please write down below what you think about this.

Here's Haste Calculator for Living Bomb and Nether Tempest, it's very handy for haste calculations


#2800193 [3v3] 3v3 Cata beta vid

Posted Hendie on 09 November 2010 - 06:45 PM

As promised


A few clips thrown together from Cata Beta. Playing Enhance/Sv/Rdruid

Far from perfect play and isnt designed to show a showcase of skills, but more of an insight to arena in Cata and how resto druids are looking.

Hope you find it useful :)

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#2786308 Hello i need help!

Posted Powerslave on 04 November 2010 - 12:55 PM

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