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#3166466 I can't believe people still consider dks to be OP

Posted by Magdain on 04 April 2011 - 11:40 PM

  • ^ Necrotic Strike.
  • Desecration is a complete joke. Passively snare the entire arena.
  • DKs don't need snare resistance. A melee class being able to kite other melee for infinity (on top of otherwise already good survivability) is retarded.

That isn't to say warriors are balanced either.
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#1022419 Adding spells to InterruptBar

Posted by Magdain on 06 July 2009 - 10:14 PM

Line 67:

cd.noomnicc = true


cd.noCooldownCount = true

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#675088 Thiras' Two-Pass Xvid Rendering Guide w/ Compressed Audio [for Sony Vegas]

Posted by Magdain on 17 March 2009 - 07:39 PM

Final production

Download VirtualDubMod. Open VirtualDubMod.exe.

Posted Image

Select File -> Open Video File. Navigate to your second pass .avi file. This is important. Make sure you remember which is your second pass.

Posted Image

You should see the first frame of your video, like above. Once you've opened it and see something similar, go to the navigation bar and select Streams -> Stream List

Posted Image

You should again see something similar. This is your uncompressed audio track from the avi render. What we want to do is insert your compressed .mp3 audio from the last vegas render.

Double click on all of the entries on that screen.

Posted Image

They should all have slashes through them, meaning they're disabled. Once that's done, look to the buttons on the right and select Add.

Posted Image

Navigate to the location of your .mp3 render from vegas, as shown above. Once you've selected the mp3 click Open

Posted Image

You should now see all of your disabled tracks with the slashes, along with the newly added file. Leave that alone and click OK on the right.

You'll be back at seeing your video track. On the navigation bar select Video then select Direct stream copy

Posted Image

Should look exactly as above, with Direct stream copy enabled. You can close that menu, go to File -> Save as... and save to wherever.

Posted Image

The save might take a little while but it shouldn't be long at all. The result is your final rendered video and the quality should be extremely close to your raw video.
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#490785 Useful Info for Gear Decisions

Posted by Magdain on 28 November 2008 - 02:09 PM

Resilience Rating:
82 Rating = -1% chance to be crit and -1% dot damage, -2.2% crit damage

Resilience Cap: 1230
Resilience to cap Cheat Death: 922

Hit Rating:
32.77 Rating = 1% Chance to hit.

Without Precision:

Special attacks = 164 Hit Rating
White attacks = 787 Hit Rating

With Precision:

Special attacks = 0 Hit Rating
White attacks = 623 Hit Rating

These are all base numbers. A mage with 5/5 Arctic Winds requires another 163.85 Hit Rating to cap. Scorpid Sting on you requires another 98.31 Hit rating to cap. I haven't included these in the final values because gearing towards capping under very specific circumstances isn't particularly smart. The numbers are here if you're interested though.

Expertise Rating:
32.79 Rating = 1% Dodge & Parry reduction.

Crit Rating:
45.91 Rating = 1% Chance to crit.
83.3 Agility = 1% Chance to crit. (For a rogue. Agi:Crit varies by class, number may not be accurate for all classes)

Armor Penetration Rating:
15.39 Rating = 1% Armor Ignore.

Haste Rating:
32.79 Rating = 1% Haste

Stats w/ Deadly Gear:
The follow are the expected stats with full deadly gear and all pvp accessories, without gems and enchants.

note: approximate values, also excludes stat-affecting talents

22,064 Health
25.79% Crit (includes crit from agi)
2421 Attack Power (includes ap from agi)
682 Agility
775 Resilience
171 Hit
3854 Armor

				[b]Agi[/b]	[b]Stam[/b]	[b]Resil[/b]	[b]Attack Power[/b]	[b]Crit[/b]	[b]Hit[/b]	[b]Armor[/b]
[b]Base Stats[/b] (Undead)		106	106		439		7.49%		374				
[b]5 Pc Deadly[/b]			386	515	286	424		226		2350		
[b]2 Pc Deadly Set Bonus[/b]				50			
[b]Deadly Off Pieces[/b]		190	236	135	206		122		976		
[b]Deadly Jwlry&Cloak*[/b]		325	144	436			38	76	
[b]Medallion of the Horde[/b]				84
[b]Battlemaster*[/b]									95
[b]Deadly Weapons & Ranged[/b]			176	76	234		79		

[b]TOTAL[/b]				682	1358	775	1739		465	171	3854

*Elaboration on gear (hover over the link for name & stats):
Neck - http://www.wowdb.com...m.aspx?id=42028
Cloak - http://www.wowdb.com...m.aspx?id=42067
Ring1 - http://www.wowdb.com...m.aspx?id=42115
Ring2 - http://www.wowdb.com...m.aspx?id=42112
Battlemasters - http://www.wowdb.com...m.aspx?id=42129
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#133003 Rupture Spell Alert

Posted by Magdain on 14 April 2008 - 12:07 PM

Could you explain how i can move it up a bit, tried and it stopped working all together had to re-install it.

Please & thanks

Open core.lua and navigate to line 108:

SpellAlert:SetPoint("CENTER", 0, 95)

The 95 is the vertical position. Higher number = further up on your screen, lower number is further down.
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