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Yet another priest thread.

04 August 2015 - 04:01 AM

Hey guys, i wanted to start off by saying its obvious that priest's are completely useless now after the 15% nerf to all healing + shields,

Also to be completely honest i don't think a post on AJ really determines what PvP Master Holinka adds or removes which basically got me thinking are we not making threads about this or causing a rant because we've simply given up on the fact that blizzard won't do anything ive been playing RMP at around 2700 mmr generally hovering between 2500-2700 max after that it becomes nearly impossible unless godly queue's

anyway i just wanted to add my list of issues with the class and maybe how blizzard can improve the class *if they even care*

1. Healing vs Warlocks - [WLS/Lock/Shaman/X] this is a nightmare you pretty much have to spam heal for dear life until you go out of mana and if you get locked on a cast well its a loss

2. Healing in general - Basically healing when im not in cc using my rotation which is ofcourse situational but i usually go "Shield,Penance,Savingx2,Flash heal" now even though i do this and i get 0 interupts on me my partners are having to use their defensives to live even when the enemy isn't using a cd or any cd at all "turbo cleaves" / "jungle" or anything else with brute force damage basically the healing just isn't enough no matter what.

3. Glyphs + talents are your class - Ok there is so much outdated stuff that just needs to be baseline [Penance Glyph being baseline] - Good change *wont happen*
[Glyph Of Mass Dispel] Now most people tell me oh why do you bring a priest fear is semi useless vs most things so you obviously bring mass dispel but having to glyph to actually make it work is alittle stupid however i think glyph of mass dispel should be a shadow only glyph and baseline for Disc/Holy
[Glyph of Shadow Magic (aura mastery] Horrible straight horrible it's on fade which completely ruins the talent Phantasm that you play when two melee's are training you, So you basically can't go aura mastery since it will increase Fade CD which basically increases your self freedom cd aswell "pretty cool right" ..

4. Useless spells..
Barrier - Horrible my partners don't even treat it as a real Cooldown actually nobody does people run out of it because it basically does nothing

A good redesign Idea for barrier which i heard from Hydra's Stream is that instead of what barrier does right now it should push people out so if two melee is on you, you barrier and they can't get in for 10 seconds however you can still be cc'd in barrier *not a bubble*

Pain Suppression - I'm going to explain why i put this in the useless spells category with a scenario that happened last time i queue'd so i am in a deep my mage and rogue can't stop the poly on me that the enemy mage is casting "opposing team is none other than Shattercomp", So i pain suppression him he's about 80% as i go into this CC, He should be fine right.. WRONG they force a block anyway so more or less the spell is completely useless

Prayer of Healing - If this spell actually healed for something maybe we can deal with spread pressure damage but it heals for a measly 23,000 with a 2.3sec cast time*with haste*

Holy Nova - Good for killing snakes takes two casts to actually kill them should take 1 cast of it to kill snakes because lets be honest hunter snakes are cancer.

Divine Star - Good for flash heal proc's it heals for nothing im fairly certain it actually healed for a decent amount in MoP

Prayer of Mending - No longer instant cast ?? why.. ?????? it heals for nothing i honestly cast it out of habit i mean sure its good but if it was instant it wouldn't be gamebreaking lets be honest..

Overall what i think should happen personally is Reduce Saving grace healing so you aren't reliant on it and buff all other healing spells "Flash heal, Penance, Shield Absorb,Divine Star,Heal,

I would also like to see these spells added back "renew,divine hymn,hymn of hope,original death(holy fire sucks sorry).

Anyway if anyone actually read my rant feel free to give your feedback i wrote this all randomly because i was bored and felt like ranting and i also don't expect everyone to agree with everything i said or whatever..

ashran hahahaha

01 July 2015 - 06:15 PM

Ashran is good so this season is saved as ashran is more active, however we will completely ignore the fact that we are forcing our players to do it. - Blizzard 2015


#fuckashran "get it trending"

Artist - 1

04 February 2015 - 04:49 AM

Hey guys ive recorded alot of footage in the last season of MoP and ive been intending to release a movie for quite some time so now that we're in wod i figured id release something its not the best editing ever or anything of that sort its mainly just good games i recorded and put into a movie anyway all feedback is appreciated and yes there will probably be bad plays mistakes its not perfect but its just something enjoy :)