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#3999745 so it has come to this

Posted stalebagel on 25 November 2013 - 08:34 PM

i would drag my balls through miles of serrated blades and shark teeth under the scorching hot sands of the arabian desert if it meant i could even have the possibility of sharing a tv dinner with ann_ayo over a skype call with dial up internet.

#3997486 Lee Enhancement Shaman PVP "TurboCleave"

Posted Leeqt on 21 November 2013 - 02:22 AM

The games i've thrown together and put into a video are just for fun and for entertainment, i'm not sure why people hate so much it's just a game after all. I've been playing enhance for a long time and enhance had always been the under dog class and it never used to have ascendance, honestly i would have liked it if they had of given us a different ability but we ended up with a mongo 1 shot button 3 min cool down which has given my class the most hate. At least they've toned down damage from enhance since 5.3 whilst in ascendance and out. The sad thing to see is people telling me to 'go kill myself' just because i put a video up for fun, because i enjoy editing. I don't want to re-roll my class and i won't because i've been playing enhance for sometime and i play to have fun not to please others.

Thanks for those who watched the video and thought it was cool or enjoyed it i appreciate it.


#3943186 My Dissapointment in Blizzard – Where is the spirit of Fair Play?

Posted Hotted on 18 September 2013 - 05:43 PM

Posting in behalf of Braindeadly:

On tuesday 17th september I get news that blizzards esports team invites blukstack’s team to the Blizzcon tournament and not us. Here’s the full story:
Me, Hydra and Wowdruid sat the whole day on the last day of arena pass to make sure we finished top 2, and we did.
As it came close to the end of arena pass, we managed to secure around 2447 rating by around 2:30AM WoW time. Blukstacks team was around 15 rating behind us and was not able to get any queue pops.
The server then shuts down at, I believe, 4am CET – We were in an arena game on our alts at this time and everyone just started running on the spot. This signified to us that rated phase officially ended. It was relieving after having to sit down for 16 hours, watching every team like a hawk.
Me and others were worried as they didn’t shutdown arena pass completely and it was still up the following day. Guess what – Blukstack queues up *after* arena pass rated phase ended and goes over our rating. OK. This worried us. So we tweet Zarhym etc.. whoever possibly can confirm that rated phase did infact end on 27th (technically 28th @ 3-4am) normal server shutdown time. Zarhym, Nakatoir and many others confirmed this via twitter and I believe there were other sources of confirmation.
So it comes to 17th september, Minpojke’s team gets an invite, then Blukstacks gets an invite. To me, sadly, this shows ignorance on blizzard’s behalf. I’m assuming they did not check the time stamps of arena games and we are not sure why they would count arena games that occured the next day AFTER the rated phase ended.
My prediction is that Blizzard won’t do anything about this. They will sit tight and do nothing and say it was ‘intentional’ to cover up their mistake, whereas in reality they messed up. Don’t do that Blizzard – do the RIGHT thing. It is obvious that they intended to invite the top 2 teams on EU. It was NOT the top 2 teams as one of those teams gained rating after rated phase ended. Please do not do this Blizzard, I know that it is a legality saying ‘we will invite 2 of the top’ but we know in reality you invite the top 2.
This has left me feeling very dissapointed with Blizzard and I’m seriously considering to quit this game as, if there is no spirit of fair play in this game, and this is the only tournament then there is no point in me playing this game anymore.


#3872110 Sallice I - My first official movie

Posted salice on 07 April 2013 - 08:51 PM

I produced my first movie finally after enough people have asked me to make one.  I hope you enjoy it.  The fraps are over just a couple days so they aren't exactly the best where I do everything perfect but I like that anyways.  You can find alot of the information on the WCM info for addons track list etc.  Any criticism is appreciated, it's my first movie and I know I can make things better/cleaner for the future.  Cheers and enjoy!


#3871576 Blessedlól 3 Preview

Posted Warac on 06 April 2013 - 01:59 AM

Not bad blessed (:

Opening scene made me giggle

two thumbs up!

#3870165 Blessedlól 3 Preview

Posted Minpojke on 02 April 2013 - 06:06 PM

Bug grip with wall is all i have to say.

#3870174 Blessedlól 3 Preview

Posted Z4muZ on 02 April 2013 - 06:28 PM

"Move close to wall to bug grip"?

"Get IP of opponent" next?