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#3514636 Over Moderation

Posted zephah on 12 October 2011 - 10:23 AM

Some of the stuff you guys are claiming are 'over moderation' are just ridiculous..

That Kushxx guy saying he 'normally posts constructive posts' why lie? We all see what you post, the mods can see every post you ever posted.. The mod in that exact conversation wasn't even telling you that you were going to be banned, just that you were on strike FOUR and could still post despite your obvious rule breaking.

Other people aren't banned because after strike one, some people actually take that as discipline and stop posting garbage.

You're wondering why the Vindication forums were ostracized? Really though?

You think an entire sub-forum of a WoW bg, which included CONSTANT trash talking, swearing, posting of half-naked pictures, real life information and drama every single post, and various other problems.. you think that was wrong to delete?

It's incredibly obvious that the entirety of the Vindication forum was just people starving for attention posting stuff that really didn't belong on AJ every single post.. That's not over-moderation, that's the community being stupid.

Obviously my opinion, but as of right now, I'd rather the forum be updated a whole lot less, but having the DISCUSSION actually pick up. What makes me tired of logging into this website is when I go into a thread and the very first comment is not only non-constructive but is just genuine attacking of the person who posted, often times when the person simply asked a question.

#3512917 The WoW PVP community

Posted ApplejackxD on 10 October 2011 - 02:59 PM

Let's cut the bullcrap and just admit we will all be playing this game still in 10 years :)

#3509869 Just wanted to say something

Posted mangravy_6536194 on 07 October 2011 - 05:13 AM

I still have fun in this game.  I love this game a lot, I haven't gotten gladiator, which is something I want so bad, but im trying.  I still log in, que for arena, alt tab while I wait for ques to pop, and still have a lot of fun.

I do raid occasionally, im pretty good at starting pugs, I play on a populated server so its all easy.  (Except horde are very outnumbered on darkspear these days) :(

#3512440 4.3 PvP Necessary Changes

Posted Tosan on 10 October 2011 - 12:32 AM

It's impossible to take Zyox seriously.

#3510094 Get your ArenaJunkies Shirt from J!NX!

Posted Rapture on 07 October 2011 - 02:16 PM

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#3501165 Forum Rules and Moderation

Posted Rapture on 28 September 2011 - 03:30 PM

It has always been and always will be the goal of ArenaJunkies to foster a constructive community for PvP and Arena. It's for this reason we are tightening down moderation across the board and making some changes to the rules for our BG forums.

The Battle Group forums were established to allow conversation among rivals and teammates on your BG. This inevitably leads to trash talking and as long as you're just interacting with your fellow players and keeping the conversation reasonable, a little back and forth is all right. However, lately certain threads have become nothing but non-constructive, over the top insult threads. Myself and the moderation team are sick of it. Please refrain from derailing the threads too much and insulting users.

We are changing the rules so that the BG forums are no longer categorically immune to 1 point infractions. Yes, it will continue to be more lenient than the rest of the forums, but moderators will use their judgement to determine if a post is  harmful to the community.

It's your responsibility to post constructively and in a way that contributes to the community. I recommend everyone review the updated rules. I would also like to remind everyone to Posted Image report any post or thread you see as being harmful to the community.

#3493620 Woundman's Farewell

Posted Woundman on 21 September 2011 - 09:31 PM

I've decided to quit WoW. As a parting gift, take my configuration. I hope you find it useful.

Woundman's Config 9-21-11

You'll need WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract the file.

Shout out & Special thanks to Milkofamnsia, Gotrez, Lifendeath, Ransom, Dutche, Nhem, Johnny, Ampt, Yog, Douja, Azael, Cdew, Wigwam, Entrop, Special, Diziet, Alex Jenkins, Neilyo, Karl, Gary Hartmann, Out of Line, Impervious, and EG.

Apologies to Douja, Yog, Reckful, Sodah, Snutz, Toes, and Venruki.

Thanks for the memories and see you at BlizzCon.

#3482048 script/addon that shows arena team statistics (rating/mmr changes)

Posted Askin on 12 September 2011 - 02:08 PM

View Postriccod, on 12 September 2011 - 11:16 AM, said:

Any chances to get

/script teamName,oldTeamRating,newTeamRating, teamRating=GetBattlefieldTeamInfo(0);SendChatMessage(teamName .. " (now: " .. newTeamRating .. "; before: " .. oldTeamRating .. "; mmr: " .. teamRating .. ")", "PARTY");


/script teamName,oldTeamRating,newTeamRating, teamRating=GetBattlefieldTeamInfo(1);SendChatMessage(teamName .. " (now: " .. newTeamRating .. "; before: " .. oldTeamRating .. "; mmr: " .. teamRating .. ")", "PARTY");

in one macro?

You could try:

/script for i=0,1 do teamName,oldTeamRating,newTeamRating, teamRating=GetBattlefieldTeamInfo(i);SendChatMessage(teamName .. " (now: " .. newTeamRating .. "; before: " .. oldTeamRating .. "; mmr: " .. teamRating .. ")", "PARTY"); end

Tell me if it works, i had no time to test it in arena, yet.

#3471661 Broken my Razer Naga

Posted Thedream on 05 September 2011 - 01:11 AM

if only you could left click to return flags????????


Posted donttank on 01 September 2011 - 04:28 AM

All warriors should not tank anything pve until they fix us in pvp! We have lower damage then all other melee and far less utility. Our arena representation has taken a huge dive in anything over 1900 and we had only one warrior team in all three invitationals. Broken is broken!

#3460726 Need a combat text script

Posted Thaya on 29 August 2011 - 05:18 AM

local frame = CreateFrame("FRAME")

frame:SetScript("OnEvent", function()
	COMBAT_TEXT_TYPE_INFO["PERIODIC_HEAL"] = {var = nil, show = nil};
	COMBAT_TEXT_TYPE_INFO["HEAL_CRIT"] = {var = nil, show = nil};
	COMBAT_TEXT_TYPE_INFO["HEAL"] = {var = nil, show = nil};
	COMBAT_TEXT_TYPE_INFO["PERIODIC_HEAL_ABSORB"] = {var = nil, show = nil};
	COMBAT_TEXT_TYPE_INFO["HEAL_CRIT_ABSORB"] = {var = nil, show = nil};
	COMBAT_TEXT_TYPE_INFO["HEAL_ABSORB"] = {var = nil, show = nil};

	COMBAT_TEXT_TYPE_INFO["DAMAGE_CRIT"] = {var = nil, show = nil};
	COMBAT_TEXT_TYPE_INFO["DAMAGE"] = {var = nil, show = nil};
	COMBAT_TEXT_TYPE_INFO["SPELL_DAMAGE_CRIT"] = {var = nil, show = nil};
	COMBAT_TEXT_TYPE_INFO["SPELL_DAMAGE"] = {var = nil, show = nil};

If you posted this in the UI forum (where it should be) I would reply a lot earlier :)

Edit: oh and since you probably want macros and not mods:
/run CTTI=COMBAT_TEXT_TYPE_INFO CTTI.PERIODIC_HEAL={var=nil,show=nil} CTTI.HEAL_CRIT={var=nil,show=nil} CTTI.HEAL={var=nil,show=nil} CTTI.PERIODIC_HEAL_ABSORB={var=nil,show=nil} CTTI.HEAL_CRIT_ABSORB={var=nil,show=nil} CTTI.HEAL_ABSORB={var=nil,show=nil}
/run CTTI=COMBAT_TEXT_TYPE_INFO CTTI.DAMAGE_CRIT={var=nil,show=nil} CTTI.DAMAGE={var=nil,show=nil} CTTI.SPELL_DAMAGE_CRIT={var=nil,show=nil} CTTI.SPELL_DAMAGE={var=nil,show=nil}

#3444320 This is what Resto Druids really need

Posted The goat said no on 19 August 2011 - 02:31 PM

View PostCobradn, on 19 August 2011 - 01:36 PM, said:

Here are some changes that I think would balance the resto druid class. I have spoken with many other glad/r1 resto druids/players and they have agreed that these would be fair changes. The main reason why it is hard for blizzard to change resto druids right now is because they are so powerful in pve. So the balances would have to not effect pve in anyway so straight up buffing there healing would not be useful.

So here are some of my suggestions, and keep in mind I am not saying I want all of these changes for that would prolly make druids op. What I am hoping is that someone from blizzard will maybe implement a couple of these ideas to make druids an all together more balanced class. So firstly we could change perseverance 6% spell dmg reduction to a 10%dmg reduction like many other classes have. Give druids a thing like soul swap which is on a 1minute cd or so to help with people getting swapped to and blown up.

Since you have to use 6gcds to get all your hots rolling. I know this is sort of copying other classes, but  maybe give druids a aura mastery. I mean come on blizzard has enough overlapping spells already 1 or 2 more isn’t going to really make that big of a difference. Give druids multi target lifebloom lets say just 2 targets even would be fine, but you would only get it from the pvp 4 set bonus so it would not affect pve.

I mean come on shamans healing stream totem heals for about the same as lifebloom but on multiple targets and only costs 1 gcd! Glyph of empowered growth – Wild growth now hits 2 targets instead of 5 while increasing the healing out put by 75%. Increase the healing of regrowth!! Lets just think about this logically when my spriest a dps tosses me a flash heal in arena it hits for 17k non crit and about 26k crit.

Now my regrowth hits for about 8-9k non crit and about 17k crit at the cost of 6-7k mana how is this even fair. My suggestion would be to get rid of the hot part of regrowth and add it to its initial healing then also maybe a 5% buff to its overall healing would be nice. Change the cooldown of nature’s swiftness to 2mins instead of 3. Now we get into cyclone. In my opinion increasing the range on clone would be a little to op.

The whole thing about clone is you have a spammable cc but you have to have good positioning and be ready to get swapped to if you want to take that change of getting a cc out. Increasing the range would mean you could just sit on the pillar all day cloning people with out any penalty besides maybe a counterspell.

I don’t think this change would positively affect the game. I think blizzard should either one reduce the cast time of clone slightly or get rid of the pushpack you have while casting it. Some of the last changes would be making tol a buff where you can swap in and out of forms while in it so you get the benefits of tree while still being able to kite. Lastly maybe reduce the gcd of lb. Well that is all I have to say about changes to the druid class.

Comment and tell me what you think about it. Now remember I don’t want all of these changes but maybe a couple of them would be a nice balance to the resto druid.

I randomly went through and used my enter key.

#3247993 war / healer vs frostdk / healer

Posted loony on 19 May 2011 - 03:52 PM

You know it was the opposite pre patch? Then we saw backpeddling warriors instead of dks

#3433443 Are you satisfied with your $15/month?

Posted paniczone on 13 August 2011 - 03:55 PM

how about instead of making these threads you just cancel your account?

#3419682 2011 Regionals Predictions

Posted Mavrei on 07 August 2011 - 04:12 AM

why the fuck isn't leyla banned by now