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#4100982 Old Armoury Recreated

Posted mtagir1 on 14 April 2014 - 06:50 PM

Added Korean region.
Wow much warrior so skill.

#3821920 RBG 10v10 Face Off at 6PM PST / 9PM EST / 3AM CET

Posted Tosan on 15 December 2012 - 09:24 PM

LOL Bailamos can't win a game without ddos'ing, all Kollektiv's team needs to do is use skype proxies and they automatically win.

#3759885 No titles given out after tuesday reset

Posted ApplejackxD on 04 September 2012 - 11:03 PM

View Postinfectionx, on 04 September 2012 - 05:10 PM, said:

It's gonna be the opposite, if players lose their titles, especially some who got it legit i don't think they will want to continue, even if they had plans to play.

And just about how many hundred players are that? Maybe they rather have 5000 butthurt dwellers quit the game right now but instead bring back 2 000 000 of the ones who quit?

#3756226 First ever 5.01 3v33 tourny

Posted Dakkrothy on 01 September 2012 - 03:52 AM

ill put my money on the team with 33 ppl

#3743507 EU Regionals Tournament Bracket [GAMESCOM]

Posted Razorx on 13 August 2012 - 04:27 PM

Just praying that that random girl aint commentating it again

#3712523 Woundman 17

Posted Woundman on 10 June 2012 - 05:18 AM

Nothing amazing... Just some average footage I recorded on the Battle.net ATR. Kind of sad watching my game play in all honesty, I've really lost my ability play.

Anyways, hopefully you can enjoy it for what it is and learn from the mistakes I made. If you want to help support me, please follow me on twitch.tv/woundman. I haven't been streaming lately because of my internet, but that will change in a week! :)

#3700144 Arena Junkies Invitational Tournament brought by Curse and Alienware

Posted Imnotop on 08 May 2012 - 07:18 PM

I can't believe this community, you are NEVER happy! I am glad a big website like AJ is hosting an awesome tournament, and to get a sponsor like Alienware is even more amazing. I am very excited for this tournament great job, hope you guys continue like NAO has.

#3657906 Positioning as a Melee

Posted Vanguards on 07 March 2012 - 05:41 AM

Melee PvP Positioning

Positioning correctly is one of the most important things in PvP. Being in the right spot at the right time can make you survive what otherwise would've killed you, or get you an opportunity to finish the game. Some examples of excellent use of LoS are healers line of sighting CCs, Melee line of sighting casted damage, or Warlock staying in range of his port to get away in time.

Today I’ll be talking about positioning in PvP from the melee perspective.

Posted Image

You don't want to be this Warrior!

So what makes a melee character have good positioning? This is dictated by many different factors, some of the most common ones being:
  • What is your spec and role?
  • Who are you playing against?
  • The situation. Are the enemies using offensive cooldowns, or are they low on health and playing defensive? Are they trying to lure you in a bad spot?

Where are some of the general positions a melee should be in?
  • Being right on top of your opponent
  • Line of sighting with healers
  • Kiting towards your healer
  • Kiting away from your healer

Basic Positioning

The basics for a melee's positioning begins at #1. Just being where the opponent is. This is often most underestimated way to be in the right spot and deal the most damage, since if you aren't in melee range you can't use most of your abilities. However, sometimes this isn’t the best choice. There are many situations where you don’t want to be in range of the other team at all. Melee players at lower rating have a tendency to always position right on top of their opponent. This can be a huge problem.

Many melee players tend to get into a tunnel damage mode, and don’t want to back off. In other words they “Realz”. Understanding when this is right and wrong can drastically change how good a player is.

It may be the primitive basics of a melee to be in range to do damage, but in arena that alone doesn’t cut it. You have to pay attention to your healers as well. Not being in range of healers or not considering what is happening to them is one of the most common mistakes people make as a melee characters. It’s also not just your healers. You have to pay attention to your other teammates in 3s / 5s as well. If your other DPS is getting kited or CCd it’s usually not good to overextend your positioning and keep on staying in position #1. So when should you use position 2, 3, and 4?

A basic example:

Vanguards is playing versus a team of casters. The team of casters pulls back against Vanguards' team as the game starts. However, they manage to land a full Crowd Control on Sodahs (Disc Priest) as they head back.

Posted Image

Good and bad ways to move

Unless the situation is such that Vanguard's team is very close to a kill, for Vanguards to chase the enemy team would likely be the wrong choice. Vanguards would be line of sighting Sodahs, and most likely end up out of range too. This effectively CCs Sodahs longer than his duration of CC. Also taking damage while your healer is CCd automatically puts you behind. This kind of “Realzing” is bad.

So what is the right choice here? Where should you position?

Some things to consider when your teammate is CCd; who are you against and your situation. Who you’re against? Two casters that have high burst cooldowns. Your situation? Your healer is CCd and the casters are trying to lure you into a horrible positioning. This is when melee players need to make the right play, and go into the right position. It’s time to line of sight. It’s time to do position #2.

Awareness and Positioning

Posted Image

Pay attention to other things!

Awareness will be the key to having good positioning. In my last example, a melee with good awareness will notice his healer is Crowd Controlled and position himself out of line of sight of the enemy team. As a melee fighting any ranged damage you should always try to be ready to line of sight. Don’t worry about topping the arena damage charts, those don't matter when you lose. As soon as your healer communicates he’s CCd or you see those ranged DPS use offensive cooldowns or on use trinkets, get ready to run and get into an position where your healer can have a easier time to heal you and line of sight that damage.

However, this is when things get tricky. So when is it right to be tunneling something down? When is it right to run into two casters' faces? When is it right to run away from your healer rather than running to them? How would you position against other melee?

This is what makes PvP so awesome. Everything is situational. Nothing is truly scripted. While it’s most likely bad to run into two casters on Ruins of Lordaeron, it’s not always true. I mean how can you score a kill if all you do is run away?

Points to Consider for Positioning:

  • Cooldowns. Do you have your cooldowns up? Do you have cooldowns such as Cloak of Shadows, Divine Shield, Shield Wall, Shamanistic Rage, Anti-Magic Shell or Barkskin to get yourself out of an iffy situation? Is that even enough?
    • If you don’t have your defensive cooldowns it’s probably not a good idea to get into a position where you line of sight your healer or go out of range of him. Not having a big defensive cooldown and running in when your healer is CC’d or running out of range is going to kill you.
    • If you don’t have your offensive cooldowns it’s probably not even worth it to risk your defensive cooldown. Say you do have Cloak of Shadows or Divine Shield up, but you don’t have Shadow Dance, Avenging Wrath, or Recklessness up. Is there even a point to run out of range of your healer to deal some small amount of damage? No!
    • You have to consider the enemy cooldowns as well, is forcing a Warlock to port making you lose Divine Shield or Avenging Wrath worth it? Does the other team have a Discipline Priest to Mass Dispel Divine Shield, or a Rogue to Disarm you before you Shield Wall? Do they have the offensive cooldowns to follow up on that?
    • This is still just the glimpse of what you should consider for cooldowns. Basically be aware! Know your enemy, know yourself and win a hundred battles. Learn the important cooldowns and buff icons for every class, learn what your teammates are capable of doing, and make the best choice for every situation.
  • Health. A simple enough thing to judge. If the enemy is at full health and you have low health it might be a good idea to just line of sight, or else you're likely to lose the game right there. On the other hand, if you're high on health and the enemy healer is about to die, it might be worth it to try to go for the kill.
  • Opponent's positioning. Are you having a hard time landing CCs on that Shaman hanging in the back throwing heals on your opponents? Maybe it is time to pull back behind a pillar and lure them in. Luring people in out of line of sight of their heals is the same as CCing the healer himself!
  • When to run into your healer, when to run away. It’s not always good to run into your healer when your healer is CC'd. This can just lead your healer to eat more CCs as your opponents follow you! This point depends a lot on your opponent's class and their cooldowns. Running into your healer against a Warlock with a full non-dr Howl of Terror ready is probably not a good idea. Running into your healer and bringing him within cyclone range is a horrible idea versus Feral Druids. (I learned this the hard way!)
  • Kiting and Ranging. When is this the right choice? This is especially important when you are focused while playing against other melee teams. As a melee you’re effectively CCing yourself when you’re doing this. But there are times when you have to give up that damage to survive. Ask your healer to Freedom you, ask your hunter to Freedom you, or find a way to get out of slows and kite the two melee as your second DPS sets up his damage on someone else. This is almost always a good thing as it throws the enemy team off guard. Most arena teams these days are very tunnel oriented, if they are on you there’s a good chance they are going to try staying on you even as you kite. Avoiding damage via kiting is just as good as using Divine Shield!
  • When to Realz! The fun time as melee. When I say Realz here, I don’t really mean to “tunnel one person.” I mean to tunnel some damage. When is this the right choice?
    If your healer is not CC’d and you guys' health is topped off, this is probably a perfect time to blow some offensive Cooldowns and Realz. There’s a reason why you see so many melee cleave teams start off with huge CDs. It’s usually because melees don’t get these opportunities too often, and they might as well use the opening seconds of the game to get the most pressure out.
    Even if your healer is sitting in a full CC like in my example in Ruins, it’s not always wrong to Realz. If your opponent is extremely low on health, and you have all the right conditions from my above points (cooldowns are up etc) you should still go for the kill.
  • Taking advantage of the enemy's weakness. Are you a melee cleave fighting a team with little peels for their healers? A situation like that is the perfect opportunity to get on the enemy healer and to kill him as quickly as possible as the enemy team won't have many tools to peel you.
  • Mind games. It’s not good to do the same strats and be in the same positioning all the time, and I’ve noticed this to be particularly true with melee teams. If you’ve been fighting the same team 50 times throughout the season, you need to change your strategies over and over again unless your team is a lot better than the other team and you also counter them. Get in their heads, Realz their healer down once game, overextend your position all the way and go for the gold. Run in throw a stun, use big offensive cooldowns and kill their healer one game. Play passively and smart the next one. Line of sight hard. Run in stun him, pretend like you're going to kill him to make him trinket and instead run away and reset, and be in position to LoS until your stun comes back up. Play with your enemy, get in their head. If your enemy makes little mistakes, force them to make more, capitalize on being ahead on cooldowns and use your hard gained momentum to win the game.
Positioning - Make the Best Choice

The best choice may not always be the same, as that’s what makes PvP so fun. Make sure to always be aware of the situation around you, be ready to line of sight those Cyclones  or Frost Bolts, and don’t line of sight your healers when you’re low on health! Know when to get into a position to tunnel damage, and when to avoid damage from the enemy team. Learn from playing, learn from your mistakes and make the best choice. Position it right!

#3614843 Jewelcrafting

Posted GLopez on 15 January 2012 - 06:22 PM

MVPs are completely worthless. Not a good source.

#3601626 Looking for an Editor

Posted Hydrixia on 29 December 2011 - 11:35 AM

conradical knows a good editor

#3594781 How to Become a Gladiator - Introduction

Posted Guest on 21 December 2011 - 08:27 PM

Why should you become a Gladiator?

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Rodney "Talbadar" Pare, and I've been a member of the Arenajunkies community for a long time. I've gotten Gladiator on a priest from Season 3 through Season 10, and I've  participated in multiple MLGs and Blizzcon 2010/2011 3v3 Arena Tournaments. Arenajunkies has asked me to help write a guide on how any player can improve and become a prestigious Gladiator. This guide will be written over the coming weeks and will include a lot of content on a variety of topics going over what it takes to become a Gladiator. Before we go over any specifics - let's ask ourselves a very important question: Why should I want to become a Gladiator?

Let's face it, most players don't try to become Gladiators just to have those sweet blue (or red!) helmets
Posted Image
Players try to get Gladiator because they know that being a Gladiator means that they are one of the most prestigious WoW players.

Benefits of being a Gladiator

-You're known and recognized as a great player in the long term, regardless of your class, spec, gear or current season.
Most active players know what the Gladiator title means. It means you spent hours and hours playing on a top notch team and succeeded against other top players in arena. It doesn't matter what composition you played or what bracket of arena you played in - everyone will know that you are a better player than the rest. Players will send you messages on your Gladiator characters asking for tips and even recognize your alts.

-You're better at PvE. You have good situational awareness, you do more DPS, more healing, tank better and get invited to more advanced guilds.
If you went through the narrow victories, crushing defeats and learning experiences of becoming a Gladiator, then other players will know that you have great potential. Playing the game at a high level of arena or PvE requires many of the same basic concepts: good positioning, good situational awareness, high DPS, good healing, good communication and good listening skills. Having a Gladiator title will allow you to raid with better players and get invited to top-tier guilds on your server.

-You obtain the best of the best PvP Gear and receive rare and respected titles/mounts.
Gladiators wear the best PvP gear available. Gladiators who play throughout the season will not only have the best PvP gear, but they will have it faster than everyone else. Gladiators also have access to the tier 2 PvP gear with different skins and higher item level weapons. And last but certainly not least Gladiators get the 'Gladiator' title to show off to other players as well as the exclusive mount that can only be obtained once for each season of arena.

Posted Image
A prestigious Gladiator Epic Flying Mount

-Gladiators get to play with other Gladiators.
If you've obtained the Gladiator title then other Gladiators and maybe even Rank 1 players will want to play with you. You don't have to go searching for partners not knowing if they are as good as they say - good players will come to you!

-You have fun with your team and win more arenas and battlegrounds.
Gladiators have more fun because they know what to do in PvP and make less mistakes. When you make less mistakes you win more often and when you win more often you have more fun. Gladiators also win more fights in battlegrounds which can lead to faster honor and quicker victories.

Now that you understand what the benefits are to being a Gladiator let's go over what this post is all about!

What is the 'How to Become a Gladiator' Series?

Each week a new article (maybe even video!) will be released giving you, the players, insight on how to become a better player. We, the Arenajunkies Content Management Team, will go over topics including (but not limited to):
  • Keybindings and UI suggestions
  • Findings teammates to stick with
  • Communication and constructive criticism
  • Target swapping
  • What to do when 'X' happens in arena
  • Positioning as a healer, melee, or caster on all maps
  • Much more!
Even experienced Gladiators will want to read this series as we build a strong foundation for all players to work towards. With the upcoming season and MMR reset, you will want to follow along as everyone starts fresh and increase your chances of achieving Gladiator this season and seasons coming.

I'd like to conclude the first article of the Gladiator series with this final statement. You don't have to be a Gladiator to want to improve and become a better player in World of Warcraft. However, players who want to improve and become a better player should strive to become a Gladiator. Why? Because there are so many difficult aspects of the game you will learn by becoming a Gladiator that will make you a stronger player. You will learn about: better positioning, better keybindings, better macros, better DPS rotations, what to do when you get counter-spelled, what to do when your healer gets controlled, how to coordinate with your partners, how to find partners, what setups to run, how to communicate, how to take constructive criticism, when to swap targets and many more essential topics. How do you become a Gladiator, you ask? You'll find out more next week!

Also be sure to follow ArenaJunkies on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date!

#3535977 People using kick hacks?

Posted Zoness on 02 November 2011 - 03:51 AM

if you want to heal cast a shadow spell

if you want to do shadow damage cast a healing spell

#3532294 OMG would not have won Blizzcon if it was played with Ruthless gear

Posted Animalcrackr on 28 October 2011 - 09:59 PM

View PostToitles, on 28 October 2011 - 09:41 PM, said:

I have another warlock on emberstorm I try to queue on every day.

Posted Image

I said I don't know how it was possible, but there's a screenshot of whatever combat log addon she uses from when we got out of that match.

well i already see your problem.

#3490507 Feral pvp

Posted Tarukimo on 19 September 2011 - 05:19 AM

Wow...terrible advice about macros from athlete...

You do not want to make a castsequence macro. Saving that free ravage for a few seconds after charging can be huge. For example...charge, shred, rake falls off, tf, rake, rip, free ravage, and boom it had tf boost!, and now you have a 5 point tf'ed rip up, and 2 cps up immediately afterwards.

As far as stat shit goes, he's right about most of it.

For me, I went with 7% hit because I don't like having a 2% chance to miss every nightelf I run into. I also got 20 expertise (600 rating, 5%) so that casters can't dodge my stuns.

#3514887 How to choose a perfect class for yourself

Posted Hyuru on 12 October 2011 - 05:04 PM