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In Topic: Arena Tracking Websites?

07 February 2016 - 05:46 PM

View PostNicholaes92, on 07 February 2016 - 03:32 AM, said:


That's the site I use to use to see comps but it's down

Wasn't that but that'd be nice too.

In Topic: Scripted PvP

17 November 2015 - 02:28 PM

I had the feeling that Blizzard was aiming to simplify gameplay to better appeal to the moba crowd with WoD. I wasn't sure that it would be such a bad thing at the outset, in hindsight- that concept really cannot apply to the MMO platform. Arena has no draft pick, 3v3 is kind of too small a bracket for draft to necessarily solve the problem even if they added it- and most importantly many players don't have the time or desire to learn and upkeep several classes to have the option of multiple picks anyways (me).

Post is heading in the right direction though. While warrior felt "cleaner" with the simplifications it received moving from wrath into cataclysm (and a similar feeling occurred again, transitioning into WoD from mists- not that I've played much of these last two xpacs at all), it also felt less rewarding. I think Blizzard needs to find ways to make those QoL changes where they're really necessary (e.g. removing hamstring from GCD as they did, and fixing charge jumping), WITHOUT baking the hell out of the abilities just for the sake of removing buttons.

Cataclysm for me struck a balance between fun and "well this is easy, watching hoodrych on stream is like watching myself play" (<--- very much unlike when I played in wrath), WoD, for what little time I've spent with it has been both frustrating (feeling out of options in certain scenarios) and overly easy (got my first glad title and played very casually, not having to practice my class much but rather trying to just direct the overall strategy). In-fact, getting gladiator in WoD S1 felt SO unrewarding even as my first title that I couldn't be bothered to go through the strain of trying to find partners and organize play times again for the second season after that ridiculous gear re-grind and with such a small population of arena-players to choose from.

In Topic: [Warrior] Arms/Fury Reflect+Intervene/Positioning Help.

08 July 2015 - 04:34 AM

There's a solid difference between healers who position for MRs and those who don't, so it is partially on him, but you also don't wanna dive behind pillars or something. Sometimes you'll notice (if you're tracking trap cd with omnibar or something) that the hunter will try to kite you out into the open, then they'll usually disengage towards your healer to root you while trapping. Just either don't take the bait if your healer can't come out (so swap to the melee that is presumably playing with the hunter, to stay slightly out of disengage root range) or communicate that he's setting up and you want to continue pressuring the hunter, so your healer should move into reflect range.

I've done it with paladins so it's not the class. Also he may want to be kind of rotating around you to get to the enemy healer for hojs anyways, this means you can stormbolt the hunter immediately once rooted to interrupt his setup and maybe give yourself a chance to grab a dispel or freedom before he tries for trap.

Similar concept with mages, they'll drag you out in order to nova -> sprint -> maybe blink to your healer. I've found sometimes it's best to just have the healer not pillar unless they're trying to kill him, if he pillars the mage will just use it to line you when you're trying to stop the poly out of deep.

You just need to make sure to maintain pressure or have cc interrupts / defensives available when doing this. Occasionally if the games are going on for a bit you may have to do some cheesy shit like leap and pillar hump the dps while your healer is in CC, hopefully not though.