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#3138889 Warlocks

Posted by Pythe on 22 March 2011 - 04:50 PM

Ummm... it's about 15% of my life. if I have dots rolling on me, and im silenced for 5 seconds, with the possibility of being blanket silenced for another 4, you dont see how I might be concerned about an impending swap?

even if I dont get switched to, your burst blows, I get it, but if everyone on my team is suddenly at 70% from distributed pressure, with your primary target being lower as a result of my having been silenced for a minimum of 9 seconds, you have pressure that has snowballed almost to the point of no recovery. dispeling UA's is no longer an option or my team is dead.

thats just because you have no idea how DL works since cata :-/

"Drains the life from the target, causing 109 Shadow damage and restoring 2% of the caster's total health every 1 sec. Lasts 3 sec."


if you use drain life more....your healing will....go up more? that's all I meant by it, but by all means, continue playing the martyr, forced to suffer the hordes of ignorant people who just ******sigh****** dont understand the misery you endure by virtue of being a warlock
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#3130955 Is RMP overpowered right now?

Posted by Pythe on 18 March 2011 - 11:24 AM

The whole "pull a trinket then smoke bomb kidney shot" playstyle is way too easy to set up. it gives a win condition that is way too easy to execute given that either blind or deep RoF (instants) are likely to have to be trinketed, and that smoke bomb happens multiple times in a match anyway.

Sure the skill cap might be decently high, but who gives a fuck when you dont need to do anything out of the ordinary to excel with the above stratagem.
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#3116115 Warrior Damage Buffed

Posted by Pythe on 10 March 2011 - 02:37 PM

^ Warrior damage is nuts, but everyone knows it.

Meanwhile resto druids are the undisputed best healer for yet another season, rogues hit almost as hard as warriors with triple the mobility and survivability and utility, and frost mages are still the most undeservedly martyred class since s7 deathknights

and honestly, they arent that hard to kill or peel during cds.
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#3033215 Current warrior representation & nerfs

Posted by Pythe on 31 January 2011 - 01:52 PM

Don't really buy this.

If resilience affected cc durations, that would probably be true, but it's pretty simple for the most part. If you arent targeted frequently, thehn every game that you play gemmed for full resil is a waste of stats. Some players prefer to gem stuff that will buff their offensive power or utility for that reason.

for example, on my feral, Agi/crit #1, since more combo points = more cc, or more survivability, or quicker setups... as well as higher damage, more frequent burst, and dodge

I dont think warriors have anything that procs off of crits, and in conjunction with the fact that you will almost always get targeted a few times per game, makes resilience very attractive.
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#2936499 Purge nerf inc

Posted by Pythe on 30 December 2010 - 12:30 PM

if it needs a nerf, a short cd isnt the answer, all that will do is promote more random RNG.

make it have like. a 2 sec gcd as enh
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#2899765 The resource problem and whether or not it can be addressed

Posted by Pythe on 16 December 2010 - 05:01 PM

The way things are

In all aspects of this game, there are two resources that must be presupposed before a balanced quantity and regeneration rate can be set. There is the actual cost, whether it is mana, energy, runes, runic power, focus, combo points, rage, soul shards and holy power, and the amount of time (cast time, global cooldown, channeling) that it consumes.

There are essentially 4 different typer of resource that each class is forced to use, for the moment, disregard combo points and holy power.

Finite sustainable - A character uses mana, but has mechanics in place to regenerate as it goes. ie. meditation, sw:d restoring mana, short cooldown mana restorers

Finite depleteting - A caster has a set amount of mana, with no means of consistantly restoring it. May or may not have a few long cooldowns to potentially regain a large amount at once

Infinite mana - Life tap. Holy Paladins. (melee) Hybrids with a mechanic designed to never let them go oom for more than a few seconds

Infinite non-mana - Energy, rage, runic power, runes. Abilities that are throttled to have a limit so that you can dump it all very quickly and need to regain more, but is nonetheless potentially unlimited

The Problem

There is an inherent problem in the current design in which classes that have an infinite resource are given a second win condition, one that is virtually exclusive to them. This win condition is that if the opposing team's blue bar depletes, you win. Regardless of positional/situational/damage potential advantages. If you last long enough, whether or not you actually get close to scoring a kill, you win, because the players who do not have an infinite resource completely lose the capacity to fight back.

Now obviously, giving the mana users infinite mana is not the solution. we saw that in wrath. Non-mana resources are balanced around their limited usage in a short span of time. Mana is not. Nor can we directly alter the energy/focus/rage class damage dealing capability without breaking pve.

As I see it, finite mana that depletes and then doesnt come back is far more powerful in the short term, due to it being infinite (in the short term), and far too weak in the long term, due to your output potentially screeching to a halt as your mana expires.

While it has been minor in the past, is increasing as HP pools scale. Nobody wants to see S4 drain teams again.

How do we fix it?

What I propose therefore, is modeled after the shaman restoration mastery: deep healing. A system in which output increases as remaining primary resources (of all types) decrease. 10% mana remaining? X% greater output. 100% mana left, output remains the same.

This sort of system would allow for a greater skill element in both pve, and pvp, and would severely lesten the advantages of mana users who just have infinite mana. It would be advantageous to adhere to a strategy of brinksmanship, rewarding those who plan their resource usage accordingly, and who actually use it to it's full potential, rather than being able to completely ignore such a huge aspect of character control.

Across the table, PvE, battlegrounds, and arena, It is my belief that such a change (drastic though it may be) would further increase the amount of awareness a player would need to display. The classes that are having such tremendous mana problems would gain strength, as they would be just as dangerous (if not more so) with 30% mana remaining, warriors would not be crippled by being rage starved, rogues and ferals would do far more burst on a finisher that finishes your energy, Elemental, Balance and Shadow might be less inclined to spend their lives drinking, and mages would be incentivised to not use their mana gems on cooldown.

I can predict two big problems with this system. 1. warlocks, life tap is far too good in this proposed system since it lets you choose exactly the level of mana you want to maintain. 2. Arcane mages would hit far too hard.

I'm aware that this post, both my proposal, and my presentation of the problem lack perfect clarity, if the community has any interest in discussing it, I'll work on it further.
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#2863209 Vote for Frst (Blizzard contest thing)

Posted by Pythe on 02 December 2010 - 12:41 AM

voted. support the aj community fo shizzle.
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#2830797 Ele/Resto on beta

Posted by Pythe on 20 November 2010 - 06:13 PM

Not really, NG is pretty crap, it raises your MAX hp by 5% which is pretty useless. Also, the goal in this spec is not purely tank, it is more or less a heal heavy spec that is reliant on lava burst for assist burst, and perhaps a cl in there /em LB. It's priority isn't to be tanky, it's to be healing efficient, being tanky is more or less just additional benefits from playing with this spec, and the damage reduction is amazing.

Close! The goal of this spec is to be able to heal efficiently, to the point where cc'ing the healer is not enough, they have to cc me as well. Typically, the favoured choice isnt to cc an ele shaman, it's to sit on him. That's where tanky comes in. Warriors have the best peels in the game right now, and ele burst is still very high. The idea is to force them to attack me. 15% increased healing received along with the damage redux makes me much easier to keep alive, it's that simple.

And yeah, NG is shit. 40% more sp from flametongue, and an extra 10% damage on a lava burst is WAY better. as it stands, at a 20% increase untalented, it's almost not worth the global

and the entire point of the spec is reliant on your flame shocks not being dispelled and spec'ing into resto magically solving the "holy shit im completely oom after 6 casts" problem

Soooo should I just do what the rest of the community seems to be doing, keep doing everything the same way, and then just cry that I'm going oom and that it's not fair? It doesnt really solve the ooming problem anyway, it just makes my heals as inefficient as my damage spells. Pricey, but at least affordable, as opposed to completely unuseable. With a standard spec right now, bandages do almost double an ele shaman's maximum hps. And are free and useable by anyone.

Also no, my spec isnt reliant on my flame shocks not getting dispelled, because at 85, a healer CANNOT keep someone alive through an arms warrior while keeping all negative buffs off. If they dispel one, I get 30% more haste, which makes my other flame shocks tick 30% faster, I'll have the same amount of ticks as if I had 3 flame shocks at normal speed. It also increases the likely hood that I'll be able to squeeze out spells while being trained, as well as making throwing greater healing waves viable.

If I get the bonus haste and throw two GHW, someone is pretty much going up by 50% of their hp, the wounded state, and therefore, any pressure the opposing team may have gained is lost.
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#2829889 Ele/Resto on beta

Posted by Pythe on 20 November 2010 - 04:57 AM



This is currently the build I plan to use. Water shield pretty much all the time. Built around covering everything in flame shocks, offhealing FREQUENTLY, as my mana should be able to cope with it, and spamming lava burst from all the surge procs.

Prioritizing Mastery and Haste, probably using a bit more haste than mastery.

Wearing 2 pc resto, 3 pc ele, since the tradeoff is 40 int and 1.5s on grounding for 400 resil.

Basically, I'm a tank when they're on me. Throwing up rockbiter, I have 5% reduced from that, 26% from resil 8% reduced from magic, and so long as im casting anything, 10% aditional reduced damage. I receive 15% more healing, and without swapping wep enchants, I can crit myself for about 26k with healing surges that cost 2k mana.

I decided that it's unrealistic (given crap itemizational trends like forced crit on pvp gear) to keep resisting this spirit -> hit talent that they obviously want us to take. After dropping rolling thunder and fulm, it was easy to find the points, and to be honest, I gained a TON of stats.

I think http://cata.wowhead.com/item=60233
is going to be a must, but honestly, if they do ANYTHING to adress our mana problems, without killing this spec, I think this is what I plan to run (as ele arms holy)
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#2825495 Ele/Resto on beta

Posted by Pythe on 18 November 2010 - 05:13 PM

Heals are trash on beta...utter trash for a shadowpriest.

Really? I mean I know the numbers were nothing special, but your mana can support it, and it definitely seems effective.

Atm, playing ele on beta, I can only afford to heal that way if I spec ele/resto and dont pick up imp ghostwolf.

I'm not saying this in a "stfu spriests r fine, healing is OP" kind of way. More along the lines of "hmmmm, spriests have managed to survive by having good pressure and good offhealing ability, maybe I dont need ghost wolf, after all, spriest mobility is pretty bad

As it is, if I do spec resto, after a shock and a crit (say lvb), I can throw a GHW or Healing surge for about 2k mana. without unleashing it, I can get a GHW to crit for like 35k. WITH unleash, I can get a 40k crit heal for 2k mana, which definitely is tempting.

So my question, since Spriest arena deeps and ele deeps are pretty comparable. Is this model of Hybrid nuker and offhealer viable if your mana can support it

Basically, shamelessly copying what I wrote in another thread and posting it here, since it's more likely to be read by people who actually care enough to provide input.

TLDR; I can get 32-37k GHW crits (ON MYSELF) for 2k mana as elemental. In exchange, I have to give up instant ghost wolf.

spec was http://wowtal.com/#k...wy1y.a8t.shaman.

Using lightning shield with rolling thunder and glyph, so that if you get trained to stop the heals, you deal some damage to leg humpers. With ele warding and ancestral resolve, and throwing up rockbiter, survivability is VERY good. Shocks and self heals mean you'll be very hard to take down, and if they swap targets, alternating flame shocks, lava bursts, swapping wep enchants as necessary and empowering weapons means a very lava burst n heal spammy spec with mana (I can confirm from beta) supporting it very well.

But it costs ghost wolf. Which SUCKS. I <3 gw, but shocking a warrior leg humper, earthbinding, taking a step away, and throwing an almost free healing surge that crits for 25k on myself makes me a real tough target to kill
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#2773034 The Balance Problem: Crowd Control

Posted by Pythe on 30 October 2010 - 03:25 PM

While I agree that the ability to spam a cc takes a HUGE chunk out of the strategic element of the game, it is almost a necessity because of a serious pro you forgot to list on the melee side.

You can lock out a caster for a hell of a lot longer than four out of every ten seconds. A rogue can keep me from casting for more than 50% of his time on me through stuns, incapacitates, interrupts and silences.Death knights are just as bad. A warrior can charge, intercept, (used to UA), pummel or spell reflect. A feral druid....I cant be bothered to think about it, cause in the game's current state, it doesnt matter and you're dead from bleeds anyway.

then, to top it off, you can run through the casts. It doesnt matter how good you are, if you arent in a position to snare a a melee target, you will get run through every once in a while. This, coupled with facing being server side, and latency being a fluctuating, unpredictable variable, means that even the best players, should they be forced to stand in one spot and cast at a melee doing the sprint n asdsawdadsadawdas dance will get run through periodically.

except for shadow priests or affliction locks of course.

Caster's are being given near indefinite amounts of cc because without it, we just cant get the casts off. Go fight an ele shaman right now. without ghost wolf, kiting isnt possible and I guarantee that almost all of the damage you take, will be flame shock, lightning shield, searing totem, and our one instant lava burst. They just wont get to cast anything unless they juke the pummel, juke the spell reflect, land the hex, and have you not trinket it.

Just because melee doesnt have a 1.5s cast that cc's and can be spammed indefinitely, doesnt mean your cc is any less present. I would argue that you have almost as much cc as a caster, only all of it can be used to kill a target that is being cc'd.

The problem therefore, if we reach a point in that casters and melee have approximately similar amounts of cc, is balancing it so that it's all around the same level of power.

The Wizards
A warlock's fear can range from being the most powerful cc in the game, to the worst spamable cc depending on the lock's opponents. Coupled with what I personally believe is the best interrupt in the game (on the felpuppy), and potential for either howl of terror being instant, or shadowfury being ...incessant, Warlocks are definitely not a class lacking in cc.

A shaman is probably the best anti caster cc in the game, with wind shear being low cd, and nearly spamable, tstorm being useable to force Los, and grounding, while not really a cc, still takes an enemy caster out of the fight for a gcd. Hex however is probably still the worst casted cc in the game. Earthgrab is a VERY powerful ability for kiting melee, but I dont know if I'd count it as cc cause it only seems to really affect warriors. Everyone else gets out of it immediately. The design plan for an ele shaman's cc appears to be "great anti caster, poor melee control, but enough armor to tank them a bit"

Mages. argued by many to be the worse offenders of the lot. Polymorphs that are rendered nearly undispellable by stacking debuffs. 36 yard range. Uses non primary school. No Cooldown. Deep freeze, more novas in a match than a person can easily count, and an incredibly powerful silence on a short cooldown, and now another spamable cc with the advent of cataclysm. My personal thoughts on the matter is that it is excessive given that frost mages also have incredibly good survivability. The ability to reset indefinitely, while it certainly does play to the control style of design that's clearly envisioned for mages, tends not to be very much fun to play against.

Boomkins. I suffer from the same stigma as many long time players in that I dont really take them seriously. Cyclone is a bitch, It's so insanely powerful, but it's really the only one, and it's not hard to prevent. I think that the glyph of entangling roots was a mistake and crossed the line a little bit, and that solar beam is most definitely retarded in it's current form, but I cant imagine that hitting live in it's current state.

While I dont agree with all of the OP's comments because I think some of it is being filtered through the FOTM AJ lenses of OMGIHATEWIZARDSS8WORSTSEASONEVER, I do agree that spamable cc's could be removed from the game and it wouldnt cripple the classes losing them. Priests and shamans are both casters without spamable cc and we do better than average by representation.

Removing spam cc's would have to come at a cost though. I realize that if you cant stick to a target as a melee (not counting Unholy) you cant do damage, but the same is pretty much true for casters. If you want to achieve parity between the crowd control and dps uptime of the classes in the game, we need to reach a state where melee can be on a caster for about 50% of the time, and the other 50% of the time, the caster is able to get away. This means 70% snares need to go. sprints with dispellers need to go. Frost nova (all of them) need to be reduced.

that's all for now, I need breakfast.
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Posted by Pythe on 25 October 2010 - 03:20 PM

I'm starting to think AJ should split into two websites, one per continent :P

I Agree. Can I join the European AJ please?

It seems to me as though this blind irrational hatred of Wizards, while championing all RMP and WLD teams as paragons of skill is coming from the US servers.

On 9 or it doesnt matter right? Not everyone was born, by the grace of god in california, we cant all play top tier with 200 ms.

aAa played a fantastic game. Absolutely unparalleled play by both druid and ele, and as for the lock, I'm sure he'd have seemed fabulous too if he hadnt spent his entire life in a sheep, fear, or cyclone respectively.

Get over the wiz cleave hate, and get over this idea that because people in another country were better at capitalizing on a growing trend in wow arena. The hate is pointless, and it's unfair. In a matchup with baubles floating around everywhere, landing a kill as a double caster cleave is pretty much impossible, and requires FAR more coordination than a WLD's inevitable damage, or a rogue caster X stunlock one, poly another until there's no CD's left.
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#2395663 Whats the difference between a good ele sham, and a great one?

Posted by Pythe on 12 July 2010 - 02:24 AM

a good ele will be aware of stuff he isnt actively tring to kill. for example, earthgrabbing in such a way that the dps target and healer are LoS. Using tstorm to interrupt, and moreover, gain advantage with positioning (maybe los), and not just as a means of being lololol on z-axis maps.

A good ele will be actively shocking lots of stuff, not just the person he set as focus.

a GREAT ele will be able to protect himself from a mage's cc while still trying to put out offensive pressure. Mages make me rage just as hard as im sure I make them rage.

Offhealing. Matters alot. do it. Using lava flows, not just to tunnel bolts, but say, flame shocking a dispel happy healer, and then using the subsequent lava flows to sneak a hex passed that polymorph-happy mage
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#2392114 Elemental shaman help!

Posted by Pythe on 11 July 2010 - 02:50 AM

I had a few questions regarding elemental shamans:

1. What do you do against a shadow priest in a duel? I've seen many who just got 123'd by sp's but is there actually anything you can try to do?

2. In what order should I use the damaging spells in arena? I grasped that Lava Burst, Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt are the main attacks but still which order? Imagine you are on something someone and want to switch to a target, which would you use in what order to do most burst?

3. When you play pala/war/ele and you meet a priest/mage do you bother purging so the warrior can train it witout shields at all? I mean purging only shields not every single buff they have but mages spam it sometimes and I wondered if shamans purge it instead of dpsing since war could solo it then anyway. I am guessing as LSD people die even if they had two shields so nvm purge.

actually the purge is more important in lsd. I mean dont get me wrong, either way, shields have to go down, but casters, for all their WTFCRAZYburst, tend to not be able to finish a kill once they unload, whereas a warrior can anyway
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#1988078 Haste for Ele PvP?

Posted by Pythe on 23 March 2010 - 10:26 PM

yes. it's worth stacking. Just dont sacrifice sp for it
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