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#4620028 Arcane Next Patch - Level your staff

Posted by Tyumbra on 06 December 2016 - 09:34 PM

was already nerfed back down to 5% before you even made this post ;)


nope, mage armor is pruned in 7.1.5 (along with frost armor and molten armor) in exchange for the class fantasy spec barriers which are both inferior to ice barrier as it is right now :)


arcane goes from having 25% magic debuff duration reduction all the time, to having 25% magic debuff duration reduction 2% of the time while your 180k absorb prismatic barrier is active #legionpvphype





Fuck it all then. Back to Dota

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#4619995 Arcane Next Patch - Level your staff

Posted by Tyumbra on 06 December 2016 - 04:50 PM

If you haven't checked the PTR notes regarding Arcane, it looks like it'll be pretty dominant in PvP. Biggest changes and combinations:


Ice Barrier replaced with Prismatic Barrier - same absorption but reduces magic damage taken by 15% AND reduces duration of magical effects (AKA: Dots, poly, and fear) by 25%


Paired with Mage Armor (which should be additive reduction in this case) giving you 50% magic duration reduction. 8 second poly turns into 4. Pick up Relentless for another 20% reduction and poly now lasts 2.4 (70% reduction in total) seconds. I could be wrong, but I was pretty sure duration reductions are added together instead of multiplied. If it's multiplied it's a 55% reduction which is still great.


Prismatic Barrier has a 30 second cooldown. With Mana Shield (new talent) it doesn't have a cooldown meaning you can spam it nonstop at the cost of having 20% of the damage drain your mana. If you're getting tunneled into the ground, you can spam this almost non-stop for several minutes.


Overpowered was dramatically changed and buffed - now it grants 70% increased damage and an additional 70% mana cost reduction. With the increase in mana cost on Arcane Blast, this will offset the total mana spent pretty significantly. Within a burst window, you can easily spam 500k hit ABs. With Unstable Magic you'll get another 250k on proc. 


Time Anomaly went from a shitty 5% proc to a massive 50% proc. Partnered with Overpowered, you have considerably more uptime to do damage now. 


Pretty sure this is going to make Arcane incredibly viable, if not the dominant spec.

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#4577007 mage in legion?

Posted by Tyumbra on 19 April 2016 - 05:50 AM

Too early to talk about classes designs, but about the general PvP direction of the future Xpac, I think that the devs are in the right way, I 100% agree with their PvP philosophy, the blue post below might interest you :


The problem with that blue post is that they've fucked the game since Cata. Honestly PvP in WOTLK was probably the best in terms of "speed". Cooldowns meant something for both defensive and offensive situations. Healers actually had differences between them which helped set the tempo of how matches went, and only a handful of people had offensive dispels which meant that not every class was immediately buttfucked when using a big cooldown.

If they truly want to fix PvP, they need to address the consistent damage and spell creep. Revert dispels, nerf interrupt mechanics on melee, nerf anti-kiting abilities from all melee, etc. The changes they're making (talented 30s spell interrupt immunity?, more damage reduction mechanics, more stun/CC immunity, more instant casts) basically mean that they realize their mistakes in making all of these "kewl spelz" that are otherwise completely broken. But rather than admit "Hey, we fucked up by putting too many hard-hitting abilities that are completely impossible to avoid.", they'd rather keep adding more defensive cooldowns for classes to negate everything they just constructed .

They just need to slow things down. Stop granting 12 new abilities every expansion. Stop homogenizing abilities to try and force balance.
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#4387128 Flameglow needs a nerf.

Posted by Tyumbra on 14 February 2015 - 04:14 AM

If Flameglow gets nerfed, IB needs a massive buff. With the amount of dispels available to everyone, it almost never absorbs to full duration. No dispel + no GCD make Flameglow strong, not the amount it absorbs. It's still strong vs. dots, but it's shit against big damage.
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#4376758 Ice Nova changes in 6.1

Posted by Tyumbra on 30 January 2015 - 05:17 AM

Good changes, ice nova as another pseudo-interrupt was fucking stupid.

Now to remove anti-kiting methods and self-heals from DPS classes, which are equally (if not more) fucking stupid.
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#4333578 Fire viable?

Posted by Tyumbra on 05 January 2015 - 04:48 PM

I played Fire for a very long time, but this xpac I think it's in a pretty awful place. It's easily outpaced by Frost. The biggest problem is that Scorch damage was nerfed into the ground. Apparently in their infinite wisdom, Blizzard decided that Scorch just wasn't 'fun enough', so to make us cast Fireballs in PvP, they gave us the 4-piece bonus (Scorch provides 15% Haste on Fireball, stacks 3 times) and raped the damage on Scorch to make it not worth using for more than the movespeed buff and for casting Fireballs.

If they fix the damage on Scorch and bring it back to normal, Fire might be viable again. Crit is still your de facto priority stat.

For anyone wondering, Scorch does about 1100 damage a hit. That is .0049% (or 1/205) of a 225k target's life. It used to be roughly 70% of a Fireball and now it's about useless for anything but keeping the move-speed buff and getting short Fireballs. With sufficiently high crit, you might be able to chain Pyroblasts pretty easily through Scorch alone, but that IMO gimps the spec.
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#4329066 So.. haste, multistrike or versality?

Posted by Tyumbra on 02 January 2015 - 06:35 PM

Yes, 30% multistrike chance will add 9% damage. But look at it this way: 1% multistrike adds 0.3% extra damage, 1% versatility adds, well, 1% extra damage. You'd need the stat weight to be more than three times as heavy to make multistrike competetive with versatility.

I threw together a quick Haskell program to do the calculation for me, you can edit the numbers at the top and run it to see how good are these stats for your character (and also check if I didn't mess up, haha). Here's the link: ideone.com/fjc45B

The default configuration with my stats (18.48% crit with Dalaran Brilliance, 26.44% multistrike and 3.35% versatility) gives:

  • 4.16% damage increase for 1000 crit
  • 4.91% damage increase for 1000 crit with Shatter
  • 4.42% damage increase for 1000 multistrike
  • 7.44% damage increase for 1000 versatility
Like I mentioned before, I'm not disagreeing with the math, and essentially we can have about 10% Versatility (I'm getting 1248 Versatility rating from gear + enchants, and an additional 1.05% for being Human for 10.65% total Versatility non-PvP combat), but what I'm looking more at is how it plays out in actual combat. In a sustained damage situation, the Versatility will win overall, no doubts about it. But, considering it's VASTLY easier to get Multistrike to much higher numbers (I'm at 31% base right now in PvP, I have 60% with Mark of Frostwolf buff, and could do the Glyph of Icy Veins and I'd be at 90% Multistrike).

I think with all buffs popped in PvP, I could probably get about 17-18% Versatility vs. almost 100% Multistrike. We can always reset fights and nuke someone, which is precisely how our damage is right now. It's almost like having a permanent Arcane Power buff at that point.

Edit: To clarify, I can get about 17-18% Versatility with buffs popped and NOT in combat. I'm not actually sure what the 690 gear stats would have, my numbers were based on it being 660 (just went to the vendor and added it up manually), being Human, and enchants. I think that if we are in full Versatility gear and are sitting around 20% buffed and in combat, it could be a worthwhile tradeoff from our 2/4-piece and from having nearly 100% Multistrike.
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#4328436 So.. haste, multistrike or versality?

Posted by Tyumbra on 02 January 2015 - 10:55 AM

What's your math behind your reasoning? I was under the impression that a 30% chance to Multistrike for 30% more damage = 9% damage increase (.03 x .03). With the stat weight of Versatility being twice as heavy as Multistrike, you can expect roughly half the damage increase from Versatility.

In fact, I'd argue that having more Multistrike is better because your model is based on overall DPS, and having Multistrike helps with bursting people down. Two crit multistrike Ice Novas on a target is about 120k damage, whereas having 10% Versatility would only garner about 100k on a target on two crit Ice Novas.
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#4297440 What mechanics would make mage fun to you right now? What should they reasona...

Posted by Tyumbra on 13 December 2014 - 04:23 PM

I think people are overlooking a lot of the other issues concerning Mages right now; chiefly mobility in relation to melee uptime. Howl of Terror has an interesting mechanic on it that I would like to see implemented on Blazing Speed: "Being hit by a damaging attack lowers the cooldown of Blazing Speed by 1 second".

Thinking about that, it would mean focusing us would be fine, as long as it gives us a suitable escape from the damage. Right now, if a Feral, Rogue, or DK wants to get on you, they're going to be on top of you permanently and you're not getting away. We also already know that Hunters are going to be on you forever, too, so it gives us the capability of positioning properly.

Frostbolt needs more damage; easily another 60% more damage. Frostbolt's damage is actually pretty laughable right now, both in PvP and PvE. One of the teams I was up against last night literally ignored me and focused my other DPS because Frostbolt spams are just a joke.

Flameglow and Ice Barrier both need buffs. Flameglow has a cool idea behind it, and it's a good ability against DoT classes, but it's still a little weak and conceptually more utilized for PvE situations. If they made it a flat 30% damage reduction, it would be vastly more useful as an ability, though that does sound a little high, so maybe 25%. Ice Barrier could be buffed to maybe 1.5 times what it's currently at, which would then give it a strong contender status against Flameglow. You could either then take less overall damage through the course of a match, or have a big-damage stopping ability.

Ice Nova is actually fine where it is. With everything popped and 20% Incanter's Flow, I think you can get about a 50k crit on it. For a 25 second cooldown, that's pretty reasonable.

Lower base cast-time of Poly back to 1.5 for now and scale it back up later. This isn't WOTLK or Cata and I don't have 30% passive Haste.

Increase Cone of Cold damage by 200% and change the glyph to be either be a guaranteed root when using CoC, or have it lower the cooldown of Comet Storm by 5 seconds per target of CoC. In a 3s situation, that means you'll at most have around a 20 second reduction if CoC hits 4 targets (3 players and a pet, or 2 players and 2 pets, etc.) which isn't really that big of a deal, because Comet Storm's damage is fucking awful. Speaking of which:

All level 100 talents need a complete rework. Every single one of them is fucking garbage. Thermal Void is completely dependent on you not having Icy Veins dispelled, which makes it a PvE oriented talent. Prismatic Crystal requires the enemies to be near the object, which isn't a big deal because it splits the damage between them anyway. You literally might as well cast Blizzard on them because you might get lucky with a FoF proc. Comet Storm is a lackluster ability but a cool idea. If they lowered the CD, increased the damage, increased the duration, or gave it some other benefit (maybe bonus haste per target it hits, maybe a 30% FoF proc) it could be seen more as an awesome ability.

Deep Freeze needs to go back to where it was before, it was our version of Kidney Shot and actually let us do damage into a target (while getting a breather from damage), and now it's just our version of Scatter Shot.
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#4068629 X-Mog!!! Let's See'em Boysc

Posted by Tyumbra on 01 March 2014 - 02:47 AM

Posted Image

Posted Image
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#3927442 Did they just nerf Frostbolt?

Posted by Tyumbra on 17 August 2013 - 11:26 AM

When did Blizzard ever do/change something that makes sense? :<

When they made Scorch castable on the move.
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#3927002 Did they just nerf Frostbolt?

Posted by Tyumbra on 16 August 2013 - 04:55 AM

I never thought I'd say this, but I miss WotLK's Arcane the most.
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#3869931 Nazari 1 lost scenes

Posted by Tyumbra on 02 April 2013 - 06:29 AM

Dubstep - check
Copious amounts of unnecessary editing - check
Arena Only PvP - check

This video pretty much sums up everything about why I quit this shithole game.
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#3613738 Mastery vs. Int

Posted by Tyumbra on 14 January 2012 - 04:42 AM

You appear to be incorrect with your math, though I may be, but here's why.

Using a random, well-geared player, I found this: http://us.battle.net...oxikflow/simple

His main stats here are: 13.30 Mastery (2025 rating or 11.30 extra mastery = 33.25% damage increase) and 9488 Spell Power. Notice he's using full 50 int gems in all of his sockets other than shoulders (because it's easy to see that 35 sp/25 mastery > 50 int).

Just from his gems alone, he has 575 more intellect. Int to SP is 1:1.1 = 632.5 sp from the gems

If he regemmed everything to Mastery (pretending using 50 mastery gems), his stats would be: 16.50 (2600 rating or 14.50 = 41.25% damage increase ) and 8855 spell power.

Now, doing very basic math: 9488*33.25% = 12642 effective spellpower (without factoring coefficients).
And the same for gemming mastery: 8855*41.25% = 12507 effective spellpower (again, not factoring coefficients).

What is effective spellpower? That would be the damage if you had 0 mastery entirely and instead had more spellpower to offset the difference.

As you can see, the damage is slightly lower while mastery stacking, not to mention the lost crit (almost 1%) and lost extra absorbtion. 1 point of Mastery = 179.28 mastery rating.

Now, just to make sure, I used his template on Chardev and followed what you believed to be accurate and put: 25/25s into red spots, 50 mastery in yellow, and 25/25s into blue (because his template has hit cap, there's no sense getting more hit). The numbers I came up with:

Normal setup: 9488 SP and 13.30 Mastery = 12642 effective spellpower
Your "ideal" setup: 9131 SP and 15.25 Mastery = 12612 effective spellpower

And just to ensure, I plugged both of these stats into that damage calculator you were linked to.
Your setup casting Frostbolt: 14173 (29196)|23491 (48392)|14173 (29196). Numbers listed in the () are crits.
Real setup casting Frostbolt: 14678 (30236)|23470 (48348)|14678 (30236).

I was genuinely surprised to see that stacking 25/25s would be so close, and in fact out damage stacking pure Int, however, the damage is clearly so minute (not this 100-200 damage you were proclaiming), more so after resilience, that you're STILL better off stacking pure Int for the extra stats it gives you. Not everything you cast will be a shatter, and the 20 damage difference on a shatter is literally entirely negligible. Much of your damage will be coming from non-shatters, not to mention Mage Ward, Ice Barrier, and Mana Shield absorbs. That extra 500-900 damage on a non-crit non-shatter Frostbolt might be all the damage you need to score the kill.
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#3592899 Mage Chardev's s11

Posted by Tyumbra on 20 December 2011 - 04:33 AM

wow thats the worst fucking setup ive seen

How so? Haste is still an exceptional stat for Frost. At 20% passive haste, your Frostbolts are 1.65 seconds. Your Poly is 1.4 - with IV (and if you're lucky enough to get PI) you'll be at a .8 poly (1 second GCD) and 1.18 Frostbolt. That's 3 Frostbolts + 1 Icelance into a DF'd target.

If you use the trinket when bursting (with his setup) you're at 12.5k SP - you'll easily do more damage than someone stacking mastery.
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