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In Topic: Arcane Next Patch - Level your staff

06 December 2016 - 09:34 PM

was already nerfed back down to 5% before you even made this post ;)


nope, mage armor is pruned in 7.1.5 (along with frost armor and molten armor) in exchange for the class fantasy spec barriers which are both inferior to ice barrier as it is right now :)


arcane goes from having 25% magic debuff duration reduction all the time, to having 25% magic debuff duration reduction 2% of the time while your 180k absorb prismatic barrier is active #legionpvphype





Fuck it all then. Back to Dota

In Topic: mage in legion?

10 June 2016 - 03:43 AM

oh, and have fun farming warforged + titanforged gear from rng lootboxes to have the highest pvp ilevel possible exDee

Which is something i don't understand at all. If they want to make higher ilvl gear accessible as a little perk, then make it a secured chance to get it rather than a completely garbage random chance. They said ilvl differences are now 1:0.1%, which doesn't sound like much immediately going in, but then it begs the question of "What's the point?" Either the ilvl difference will only net a tiny increase in damage, or it will give you 10%+ which is actually pretty absurd.

In Topic: mage in legion?

20 April 2016 - 03:05 AM

The changes aren't final so let's not jump to conclu----LEGIONISAWFULSTOPPLAYINGWOW

This isn't about Legion. Look at all of the changes they've made since Cata. Every class has had some form of homogenization or another. Did Mages and Hunters really ever need Heroism? No. But because of the "if you want to down certain bosses easier, you need to bring X class" mentality prevailing in a small conference room with some guys wearing Cheeto-stained polo shirts and drinking diet soda so 'they can lose weight', that's what we have today.

In Topic: mage in legion?

19 April 2016 - 05:50 AM

Too early to talk about classes designs, but about the general PvP direction of the future Xpac, I think that the devs are in the right way, I 100% agree with their PvP philosophy, the blue post below might interest you :


The problem with that blue post is that they've fucked the game since Cata. Honestly PvP in WOTLK was probably the best in terms of "speed". Cooldowns meant something for both defensive and offensive situations. Healers actually had differences between them which helped set the tempo of how matches went, and only a handful of people had offensive dispels which meant that not every class was immediately buttfucked when using a big cooldown.

If they truly want to fix PvP, they need to address the consistent damage and spell creep. Revert dispels, nerf interrupt mechanics on melee, nerf anti-kiting abilities from all melee, etc. The changes they're making (talented 30s spell interrupt immunity?, more damage reduction mechanics, more stun/CC immunity, more instant casts) basically mean that they realize their mistakes in making all of these "kewl spelz" that are otherwise completely broken. But rather than admit "Hey, we fucked up by putting too many hard-hitting abilities that are completely impossible to avoid.", they'd rather keep adding more defensive cooldowns for classes to negate everything they just constructed .

They just need to slow things down. Stop granting 12 new abilities every expansion. Stop homogenizing abilities to try and force balance.

In Topic: mage in legion?

03 April 2016 - 11:50 PM

arcane looks better than anything happening right now but by a very slim margin

Arcane is going to be legit as fuck. With Mage Armor and the 3rd PvP trinket (passively reduce CC by 25%) it'll be like old-school Arcane where you only had to really worry about Blind and non-magic CC. 4,2,1 second Poly/Fear is fine by me. Plus it looks like they're trying to set us up with using Invis frequently to set up CC/hardcast again.