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afflicted3 broken since recently

16 September 2015 - 10:56 AM

I haven't used Afflicted since early August and when I turned it on today it no longer works.

Does anyone have a fix for it or do I have to make the unfortunate transition to omnibar?

Thanks :)

6.2 script help: Dispellable Debuff Border Glow

25 June 2015 - 09:22 AM

Hi, I'm looking for a script that shows dispellable magic debuffs with that glowy border that Mages have.

The 2 scripts I used previously before 6.2 were:

Macro 1

/run b = 'Buff' st = 'Stealable' mM = 'Magic' mB = maxBuffs TFUA = 'TargetFrame_UpdateAuras' PFu = PlayerFrame.unit MTB = MAX_TARGET_BUFFS UB = UnitBuff UIE = UnitIsEnemy

and Macro 2

/run hooksecurefunc(TFUA,function(s) for i=1,MTB do ,,ic,_,dT=UB(s.unit,i) if(ic and (not s.mB or i<=s.mB)) then fS=_G[s:GetName()..b..i..st] if (UIE(PFu,s.unit) and dT==mM) then fS:Show() else fS:Hide() end end end end)

however this broke for me in 6.2. I tried using the below macro in place of macro 2 but it still doesn't work

Macro 3

/run hooksecurefunc(TFUA,function(s) sN=s:GetName() iE=UIE(PFu, s.unit) for i=1,MTB do ,,ic,_,dT = UB(s.unit,i) fN=sN..b..i if(ic and(not s.mB or i<=s.mB))then fS=_G[fN..st] if(iE and dT==mM)then fS:Show() else fS:Hide() end end end end)

If anyone can help me fix it would be greatly appreciated, ty =)