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Counter-pressure when being trained as mage

07 March 2014 - 04:45 PM

This is my first season playing a mage. I have a particularly hard time dealing damage when I am being trained, especially by teams like KFC. There are games in which I have to block within the first 15 seconds of the opener due to overwhelming pressure. I do not know how to pressure fast enough.

What I am doing (vs KFC):
Typically during the opener, I will pet nova and apply living bomb on the dps. I will blanket cs their healer and lance the hunter. Once I run out of procs I try to focus on kiting, spell stealing, and keeping LB on both DPS.

I rarely get an opportunity to build icicles by casting frostbolt. If we can get a target to around 50% I will usually have a CS ready for the healer to keep pressure high and force defensives. I think the main problem is getting reliable CC on the enemy team.

I try to lead the CC chain which causes me to spend too much time dying. I will juke the interrupt only to be stunned multiple times. By the time I can actually get any form of CC off, I need to back off and play defensive.

Unfortunately I am never able to catch any good streamers to learn from their gameplay. Maybe once a week I can catch a few games from Mitchjones or Jah. Should I focus less on trying to initialize CC and rely more on my teammates? How can I keep pressure up when I am being trained?