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#4327683 Tips needed Survival + Restor Druid 2s

Posted jidakra on 01 January 2015 - 08:36 PM

SV Hunter and Rdruid is probably the strongest 2s comp in the game right now.

Probably the single most important thing is patience. You will not win before deep dampening against any competent dd/healer comp, unless they play extremely aggressive. All you have to do when the enemy DD goes on your druid is focus on dealing as much damage as is humanly possible and ccing the healer with trap -> bash/binding shot -> trap -> possible clone and not wasting your knockback/freedom/sac (in deep dampening).

The most important thing is not to overextend in dampening. The CC is on your side. It might take 3 full cc chains to actually kill the enemy dps from 100->0, but it will eventually happen. The way you lose is if your druid is not healing enough and tries to clone too much or you arent coordinating your kiting abilities right, stacking displacer beast with freedom and the likes.
Realize that staying at as close as 100% life and avoiding actually taking damage is the most important thing in deep dampening for your comp.
The druid can take all the damage he wants in the early game, but around the 10 minute mark you have to avoid taking as much damage as possible and focus on staying as high hp as possible and only go for safe clones. Dont take any risks, the enemy team wont be able to top off their dps before the healer is in a full trap again.
Shift from chainccing and rotating clones (you can do that in the start) to kiting as effeciently as possible and chipping away at the enemy dps. The value of healing prevented vs damage avoided switches dramatically to damage avoided in deep dampening. Every point of damage you do not take is worth far more than a measly 6 second clone. The enemy healer cant possibly top off his dps in between traps in deep dampening. All you need to do is wear them down. Patience.

If the enemy dps goes on the hunter, you win by default. There is no way in hell the hunter can possibly die against a single dps and the druid is free to clone and drink.

Double frost dk - dont slow dk in any way, tunnel one of them, use bash and binding on the one you are focussing because you will get kited like crazy. Do NOT waste your roar of sacrifice on yourself, use deterrences!!! Your druid needs the roar!! This is the case against every double dps. Use roar only on your druid or as a last resort on yourself or in a mage/rogue opener.

#4081456 Day 3: PvP Live Tourny discussion thread

Posted Synkz on 16 March 2014 - 10:06 PM

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#4081411 Day 3: PvP Live Tourny discussion thread

Posted Flavours on 16 March 2014 - 09:40 PM


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#4078837 Wtf bro?

Posted Breadstick on 14 March 2014 - 01:51 AM

i deleted that thread because there was a ton of garbage in it, which is honestly what seems to happen every time jaime or whoever the fuck makes a thread. if people could stop accusing him of interrupt hacking/ddosing or whatever it'd be nice, because there's nothing we can do about it and it's already been posted so much that everyone who needs to know surely knows what you think about him

feel free to remake the thread for the video, but for the love of god people try your best to restrain yourselves from going full sperglord mode in it


View PostBreadstick, on 11 November 2013 - 10:01 PM, said:

holy fuck this whole abolished and jaime relationship thing is annoying as fuck

stop making dumb threads and reporting each other because you accused each other of ddosing, just stop being stupid in general

????????????????? hello


#4076902 Arena worth playing again?

Posted Flavours on 11 March 2014 - 07:33 PM

View PostDizzeeyo, on 11 March 2014 - 07:29 PM, said:

he probably started playing in cata/mop

Do you not understand the concept of more players = more queues? Old system allowed for dead bg's, and spilt the community into 9-10 different zones that could q into eachother, you could only play with people from your realm, and where confined to an arena team.

Now we have 1 big Zone, where everyone can play with eachother regardless of realm, and teams don't exsist. Participation is at it's highest ever.

It's super simple, the more football teams in a league, the more games they have to play. The more Starcraft players in a league, the more games they have to play. The more people in the Wow arena ladder, the more Wow arena games will get played.

#4075306 Finding Teams/Lack of Tool to do so

Posted rob-hype on 09 March 2014 - 08:39 PM

The issue with teamfind, or Arenajunkies outlets to find partners is simply because they havent gotten blizzards attention/resources.
If they promoted arena, or "would you like to find parnters for 3v3" within the client then itd be more popular. The sheer fact is newer players getting into pvp do not necessarily even know about AJ.
Side Idea/Solution for blizzard:
I think with the addition of Garrisons they should add a wing where it only allows you into each small instanced war-room based on past experience/accolades on account/class. 1800-2k 2100-2200  2300+  Multiglad/r1. Where players get certain benefits based on past accolades. This way newer players, and old have somthing to work for, and a place to physically find players of their calibur to improve as a team.

-Picture champions hall in stormwind, but instanced so that you are segregated to your own bracket "war-rooms". With this they could add somthing similar to fishing tournament but in the form of 1v1 once a day do a tournament of your class/spec for gold, higher accolades the more rewards (free repairs, enchanting mats for recent gladiators etc)

TLDR: They need somthing like Durotar/IF Gates type of area for players to gather/make teams instead of being stuck in a chat box. I know many people met arena partners back in tbc/wrath based off player made pvp specific areas such as these.

#4073587 Counter-pressure when being trained as mage

Posted Flavours on 07 March 2014 - 06:03 PM

As i play a Warrior and not a mage myself, i can only point you in the direction of a Mage guide which has alot of information about Mages in 5.4.7 and gameplay tips. http://www.arenajunk...mage-guide-547/

#4073491 Counter-pressure when being trained as mage

Posted Flavours on 07 March 2014 - 05:15 PM

What comp are you playing?

KFC is very strong, but blocking in the first 15 seconds? That shouldn't be happening.

You want to start invisible, and poly the enemy healer, or Rof etc, to get the CC rolling, then spend the rest of the arena Kiting the dps into bad positions, and lining the hunter. If you're stood in the open spamming lance, you're going to fall over.

Make sure you're playing Temporal shield, too.

Also, not to mention im worried about you saying you stuggled to get CC off as a mage? You have an instant CC via pom, you have Roots that are on a seperate DR, and CC on different Schools (poly/RoF) not to mention poly has no CD and can be spammed. Deep, which can be used for CC, to get a poly off, or for damage. Your class should never have trouble with landing CC.

#4073563 Counter-pressure when being trained as mage

Posted Flavours on 07 March 2014 - 05:41 PM

View PostEleswon, on 07 March 2014 - 05:24 PM, said:

Thanks for the reply. I am running WMD. I have been running blazing speed instead of PoM. Learning how to use roots more effectively is a priority I am working on. When I am kiting the dps, what should I be doing to get pressure out? What if CC'ing the healer out of invis puts me in a vulnerable position?

As far as burst goes, when my orb and procs are up I will let my warrior know about the switch. This is when I try to poly the healer or the other dps (depending on if my druid wants to clone the healer to help).

In practice, our team is trying to push damage and out pressure their dps. The enemy dps typically pop CDs and burst hard in the beginning. I suppose I could explore the idea of surviving the opening, kiting the warrior, and pillaring the hunter.

Well there are your answers right there. PoM > Blazing Speed in nearly all situations. Especially for Frost. Not to mention, you can't get CC off with a Warrior covering with 3x Stuns? And a Druid with Stun/Disorient/Clone?

When you're kiting do your rotation, run round pillars and get the DPS into bad places in LoS of their healers. Ccing out of invis could put you directly onto their DPS but you're a mage, you have instant huge damage, your team, especially as a WMD should have pressure all game. You can win in the opener.

Kiting and Pillaring are huge part of Arena. If the warrior follows you round a corner then you should be swapping immediately. If you're dying your team can peel with Cross cc, with one of your over 10 CCs. Your druid should be able to play offensive all game, and Clone the warrior off you etc. Especially if you're kiting them into bad positions.

#4071245 [WOD] Rhee's Resto Shaman Guide!

Posted Rhee on 04 March 2014 - 06:17 PM

Rhee’s WoD Resto Shaman Guide (6.02)

Hi there! I’m Rhee the shaman, and while I’m pretty new to the PvP scene of WoW, I believe I have found success in the shaman perspective of arena combat, allowing me to have ethos for a guide!

My first ever arena season was Malevolent season, where I played a hunter to around 2200 rating. Watching popular shaman streams like Flubbah, Kollektiv, and Cdew inspired me to play one!

My first season as a shaman was Tyrannical, where I found some success – achieving 2400+ rating as shatterplay – but I had to AFK mid-season, which resulted in an absence of any titles. First full season was Grievous, where I achieved R1 playing numerous comps, and I was very privileged to play with many talented players to get to this level.

Some people have been saying Shamans are terrible in 6.02 but after playing some games I have to say shamans still feel fine!

You are susceptible to cleaves as always, and I have found the best comps to include a hybrid. Boomkins, Ferals, Ret Paladins are your best friends.

Posted Image

This is pretty much the “Cookie Cutter” talent build to be an effective shaman. With the exception of the level 30 45, and 60 talent choices.

I’ll provide a rule of thumb, where you can swap out the “Cookie Cutter” talent for the marked ones above, and explain why.

Use Earthgrab Totem VS Rogues, or Warriors, or Monks, or DKs (Who are NOT paired with a Mage)

Ex) Monk / Spriest / Shaman

  Ex) Rogue / Warlock / Shaman

Posted Image

When used effectively, Earthgrab totem can save your life when the enemy players attempt to make a swap on you.
It disrupts the melee from making contact with you, buying you precious time to react appropriately. And it also disrupts the enemy team’s offensive cool down coordination. While the caster can still hurt you with his cool downs, the melee will have to suffer delay on his cool downs.

Against rogue / warlock or shadow priest teams, you can drop this totem when the rogue attempts to make a swap to you with a vanish or a step + shadow dance combo. It pulses, so dropping it when you know that the rogue is running at you with vanish up will root him in stealth when he gets near you, hopefully wasting his dance or shadow blades uptime.
Against warrior or monks + caster teams, it’s a lot easier to make use of this totem as you can visually see the swaps. Simply drop it when the monk or warrior gets near you and ghost wolf away!

I NEVER swap out Windwalk Totem verse any mage compositions because the freedom aura is simply too good for defensive and offensive reasons. Even against Rogue + Mage, I suggest you use Windwalk even though Earthgrab is extremely potent against Rogues.

Totemic Projection
This level 45 talent is really up to you. I personally never spec into it because my logic stands that double healing stream, grounding, tremor, freedom, and earthbind are just too good to give up.
However, when used effectively it can help your team out tremendously as you have absolute control of your totems.
If your team can use more CC, “throwing” Capacitor Totems can help your team out in that aspect.
Most shamans do not go this route, but Burbery, who is an extremely successful shaman always specs this, and is really known for this play style, so don’t be scared to try it out and adopt it.

Echo of the Elements
I have been playing with this level 60 talent quite a bit, and I have to say it has its uses against certain warlock/boomkin comps. Whenever you use a spell, you have a chance to proc Echo, which grants you double dispell or riptide or unleash. This talent paired with Glyph of Cleansing Waters will do wonders against a UA Lock when you will be able to constantly keep your team clean of dots. I could see this being extremely potent something like LSD2, but I wouldn't use it against a team with capable burst since you do sacrifice NS. You should keep NS for most caster/melee comps, and only go to Echo against wizard cleaves you feel comfortable enough to heal without NS.

Storm Elemental Totem
I really dislike our 100 talent.. But what am I gonna do right? I've seen shamans spec this but I dont find much use for it because you are going to need to drop other important air totems like Grounding/Capacitor that are on short cooldowns, limiting this totem's potential uptime and efficiency. You should play around with it though.

Cloud Burst totem has some uses but it isn't that strong. You can use it before openers and any time your healing stream or healing tide is on cool down. Stacking this shit with Ascendance is actually decent healing.


Posted Image

They edited our 4-piece so that it doesn't give us aura mastery from Spiritwalker's Grace anymore, so you will need to pick up Glyph of SG all the time.

Glyph of Ghost Wolf: Basically allows you to kite well when enemies target you. Shamans get targeted a lot, and this glyph is a must have when it comes to kiting and surviving.

!I will rarely switch this glyph out. But you can against certain double caster teams if you feel comfortable enough to survive without it. Something like Warlock/Boomkin, or Shadow Priest Warlock, etc. Especially if you have a another source of freedom from your team you can swap this glyph out for something more useful.

Situational Glyphs

Glyph of Healing Stream Totem: Even though they nerfed healing stream the 5% protection from certain schools of spells is still useful for fighting against frost mages or DKs. Healing Stream has decent up-time and is on a relatively short cool down so this glyph is still potent.

Glyph of Capacitor Totem: Great glyph to use to buy you time to recover since shamans are still really squishy in WOD. This glyph makes it so Capacitors are super easy to land.. I try to take advantage of teams stacking with this glyph as that triple stun will win you a game (seriously).

Tip: This glyph with Earthgrab Totem is a secret weapon of mine when it comes to dealing with melee + caster comps that will try constantly to make a deadly swap to you.
Ex) Against Rogue / Warlock, drop Earthgrab Totem first for the root when the rogue connects with you, step forward a bit, then drop Capacitor Totem so the rogue is not in range to kill it. Watch him get helplessly stunned and then smile since you lived!

Glyph of Cleansing Waters: Great glyph to use against DoT cleaves such as Boomkin / Warlock / Healer, or Ele Shaman / Warlock / Healer. Even greater when used with the talent "Echo of the Elements" as you will have 2 dispells, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of this glyph.

Glyph of Hex: Okay glyph to use when the other team does not have a de-curse for your hex, or if your team is lacking CC. I don’t use this glyph that much because usually I will be occupied enough to have Hex back off cooldown when I really need it. But it can be extremely effective if your partner’s CC is roughly on the same cool down as Hex with this glyph.


I haven't really played around with stats since in WoD your stats are fixed in a sense that reforging doesn't exist. However you can still prioritize stats by buying certain off-pieces or dropping a 5th set-piece for a piece that gives better stats (since you only need 4 pieces of the set to get the bonus).

#1 Mastery: Mastery seems amazing in WoD. Mastery paired with crit enables you to top your partners off no problem when you do have to cast. This is because mastery allows your heals to be more potent when your partners are lower on HP. This paired with crit will make your casted heals amazing.

#2 Crit: Crit rating scales extremely well with shamans because our heals are amazing when they crit. Since we actually have to cast now (with the nerf to passive healing via totems) crit rating is a big factor.

#3 Versatility: Versatility seems to be our next best stat since it increases your healing done, and decreases your damage taken. Perfect for squishy blues!


You should get the 4-piece and buy the chest piece that isn't part of the 5-piece set. The chest piece that is part of the 5 set gives poor stats, meanwhile the off-set chest piece provides you with mastery & crit.

For enchants, go full mastery.


I've tested both PvP trinkets (one used to get out of CC), one which provides spirit and one which provides crit rating.

I have to say that I like the spirit one because it helps with mana management. Since we don't have mana-tide totem anymore, you have to be some what cautious of burning mana.

For our second trinket slot, I would go with the on-use trinket which passively gives mastery and gives versatility on-use. Battlemaster Trinkets have been nerfed where the HP gain is minimal, and the extra mastery really does help.

-How to be an effective Resto Shaman-

Shamans are great when it comes to keeping their team-mates up with potent healing and support. Our toolkit, mainly Wind Shear, Grounding Totem, Windwalk Totem, and Tremor Totem allow our partners to stay out of CC and sustain offensive pressure by disrupting the enemy team.

However, Shamans are weak when it comes to survival and you will always be the weakest link of your comp. Shamans are pretty much susceptible to death in any given moment to any given comp. Therefore, you will need to build the skillset of surviving on top of having effective grounding totems, shears, and the like.

Rule #1: Always pretend you are in trouble.
- As I’ve stated before, we are susceptible to death at literally any given moment because we have no defensives while stunned or silenced.
- Learning to be defensively aware should be your top priority.
- Get in the habit of keeping a mental timer on enemy stuns and silences.
- Get in the habit of constantly checking enemy positioning vs yours. As you get more experience you will able to tell easily when the enemy wants to push up for a swap if you position yourself adequately.

Rule #2: Learn to be preemptive
- Our major defensive cool downs require us having to trinket, so learning not to trinket by being preemptive will substantially increase your chances of survival.
- Practice swapping Earth Shield + Riptide before you get swapped to. It can be hard at first, but trust me even the smallest things like this can go a long way for your survival.
- Practice dropping totems preemptively before the enemy team swaps on you. A fresh healing stream will do wonders before a swap lands, and a healing tide will be even better too.

Rule #3: Don’t panic
- Once you get the hang of managing your defensives and get used to the overall damage of arena, the panic will go away when scary swaps come, but I feel like this is often so easily overlooked when I watch other aspiring shamans.
- If you don’t panic, and look at exactly the offensive cool downs of the other team, you won’t waste unnecessary defensives, and therefore increase your time of survival.
- Using your trinket inefficiently and in panic will most likely lead to a loss.

Rule #4: Have a strong presence
-  Opposed to other healers like Resto druids, Hpals, or even Monks, Resto Shamans lack CC as our Hex is on a fairly long cooldown.
-  Effective healers (druids, hpals, monks) abuse their ability to CC and definitely pronounce their presence in the arena.
-  Mediocre shamans have a defensive mindset because they think our class lack the tools to have a strong presence. Top tier shamans use everything to their advantage (shocks, shear, hex) to disrupt the enemy team and declare their presence.
-  Don't waste your hex. Try to look for certain situations so that your hex actually does something meaningful and affect the outcome of the game. An example is to look for hexes on the off-target when the enemy player able to decurse is stuck in a minor CC, even something like a DR stun. Its great to hex an enemy mage's partner especially if he is being heavly pressured because it uses the mage's global. You can also hex to stop important casts when your wind shear is on CD. Hexing a enemy healer when he is low is EXTREMELY potent and not used often. The damage threshold to break a Hex is actually pretty high.
- Look for situations to land a capacitor stun. I always look for a situation to land a triple capacitor if the enemy team is stacking up defensively.

Our Defensives (Listed with importance)

!There is something wrong with our Healing-Tide totem or Healing Stream, as both ticks for relatively the same amount in full pvp gear (around 6.17k per tick). As of right now Healing-Tide is your worst cool-down, so don't be afraid to just use it when you are behind on healing and your healing-stream is on cooldown. Hopefully we see a fix for this soon.

Spirit Link Totem
PvP Trinket
Ascendance / Aura Mastery
NS or Ancestral Swiftness
Healing Tide

The idea here is to generally use certain defensives first before using the others as each provides higher percentage of survival. With the exception of healing stream of course as you should be using it almost off-cooldown. Its up there due to its potency as a passive healing source.

So, you should look to use NS frequently when the enemy team has ways to interrupt your cast or when your teammate is hovering around 30~50% for a quick heal. Always look to Unleash Elements into a NS Greater Healing Wave, as NS without Unleash won't heal for anything.

Tip: Against teams that are not spread pressure, but rather single target killers, you can use Ascendance before you NS for the extra heal to guarantee that they will most likely be topped off.

Tip: Against teams with obvious patterned CC like Hunter / Melee / X, you can Ascendance before you get put into a scatter shot, and the healing bonus will be applied to HoTs you have active on your partners. Sometimes against hunters I'll just pop ascendance before I know I will get Scatter Shot and throw an unleash riptide on my partner, and they will have a huge HoT when I'm CCd.

Tip: It is FINE to Unleash Elements + Riptide! Its extremely effective when you need a quick heal before you know you will be CCd because it can crit for decent healing, and provide that big HoT. Its super effective verse spread pressure teams, and I believe its one of the most underrated spell combos shamans can do.

Always try to preserve your PvP trinket by coordinating partner cool downs first as the absence of your trinket just makes you a juicy target for 2 whole minutes. I generally like to hold my PvP trinket until I have to Spirit Link, but of course it all depends on the situation.

The general rule of thumb is that when you use your PvP trinket, use a defensive following right after it.
Some examples are:
Trinket -> Spirit Link Totem
Trinket -> Healing Tide
Trinket -> Aura Mastery w/ Ascendance

-Useful tips-

Tremor/Avoiding Fear Tips

!!WoD has reworked Tremor Totem (I actually kind of like this change). You can't tremor DURING a fear. So now you have to "pre-tremor" Warrior fears, Warlock fears, and Priest fears. These classes will try to mind-game you but you should be able to sense when the fear is needed depending on the situation of the game. Obviously just drop tremor if your team is behind and you see the Warlock running at you.

1) Always remember that its better to waste a tremor (being faked to drop it) than trying to not be faked and being full feared. Dont risk it!

2) Against a warlock, its sometimes good to drop tremor offensively so the warlock can't peel his or her teammates. Be cautious though, only do this when you know the kill is secured.

3) Always watch positioning of fear classes, and react to them. Frost shock them, drop earthbind totem, tell your partners to make their lives hell in trying to reach you for a fear. This awareness and reactiveness will help you not waste a tremor, and actually use one effectively.

Grounding Tips

Grounding Totem is your best friend when it comes to survival. Spam grounding totem when you are stuck in a stun like deep freeze in an attempt to ground the silence effect that is always followed up.

1) !!:With WoD changes, there are more spells that you can Ground since categorizations have been simplified. One example is that you can ground Binding Shot.

2) !!: Grounding Totem will only ground magical effects like Counterspell, Spell Lock, and Silence. Won't work for a rogue garrote. You can also spam Aura Mastery during your stun so that when the effect expires you can immune the silence effect.

3) !!: In certain situations, you can use grounding totem as a cover from magical interrupts to get a cast off. Do this when in a do-or-die situation (when you obviously don't have aura-mastery). Just drop grounding and cast, and hopefully you can ground windshear or a CS.

4) The biggest tip I can give with grounding totem is that it is on a very short cooldown relative to its potency. Take the risk and drop grounding totem when you "feel" a spell incoming. Don't ever be scared to drop grounding totem.

Surviving Tips

If you play a shaman, you will get trained, and you will sometimes fall over. However you can prolong the game by surviving, which enables your team to have more of a chance to secure a kill.

MELEE CLEAVES (Warriors, Ferals, Combat Rogues, and other foul creatures)

1) Glyph of Ghost Wolf, Glyph of Spirit Walker's Grace ALWAYS.
   - Glyph of Capacitor Totem is used most of the time, but I don't go this route IF my team already    has a lot of stuns / double stuns.
   - Glyph of Grounding Totem is used against Ferals or Ret Paladins, IF you have enough stuns. You can reflect Hammer of Justice, or Cyclones, giving you precious time to top yourself off.
   - Glyph of Healing Stream Totem for DKs if you have enough stuns.


Trying to juke two melee is one of the most time consuming and risky maneuvers to do. This is because your instant healing will always be lower than the damage the two melee is putting out. This is why every global needs to be spent wisely.

- In between fake casts, refresh Earth Shield & Riptide.

- In between fake casts, don't be scared to unleash + Riptide. (Do it moderately high health)

- Whenever the two melee are caught in the tiniest CC, you need to EITHER create space or cast.

- Creating Space means dropping earthbind totem + freedom totem + unleashing (bonus speed) + ghost wolfing around the pillar or across the entire map if the CC on the melee is long enough. You do this if you are moderately high HP, and if the two are stuck in long CC with no outs.

- Cast when you are low as hell, and the two are caught in CC long enough for your healing surge to be casted. YOU NEED TO BE AWARE of the CC duration on the two melee so you dont waste precious time trying to make space (stepping forward), or unleashing (wasting a global second), then casting, at which point the melee will be out of CC and kick you.

3) Things to do when locked out

- Create space. Jumping off is actually good, it buys you a bit of time to take less damage.

- Prep your totems.

- Use versatility on-use trinket. (Take less damage)

- Use racial.

- Use Ascendance. This is so damn good to do if you need to use the cooldown. Ascendance wastes a global, and if you want to Ascendance + NS to get topped, this is a useful thing to do when locked out.

4) Cooldown Usage

- NS is your strongest cooldown against a melee cleave, this is because it is so damn difficult to cast with two of them sitting on you. I would say NS is bigger than link because most of the time the melee can kill SLTotem extremely fast (since they are right on you), and can damage through the cooldown as well.

- Spirit Walker's Grace is a potent cooldown as well, but you need to be extremely aware of what skills the two melee have used. You need to make sure stuns (shockwave, feral bash/stuns, kidney) are out of the way, as well as CC that can interrupt your SWC (Blind, Warrior Fear).

- The general idea is to counter their offensive cooldowns with your own. But you need to make sure not to overuse cooldowns as a melee cleave can kill you when both of their kicks are up.

- I generally counter immense offensive cooldowns (Reck, Incarnation, Killing Spree, Wings) with an Ascendance + NS, then move on to use SWC effectively.

- Unless you have a ret paladin as your team mate, you have to trinket the stun where the melee cleave pops major offensive cool-downs, UNLESS your teammates assure peels.

- In between rotating your cooldowns effectively, you need to rotate the cooldowns your teammates offer you as well. This includes something like Hunter's Roar of Sacrifice, Ret's Sac or BoP, and etc.

- You CAN'T stack defensives needlessly, and the basic idea is to have some form of defensive from either you or your team for every enemy offensive cooldown.


You have to take advantage of the fact that the two melees are tunnel-visioning in killing you. PUT THEM IN A BAD SPOT.

- Drag them back behind a pillar, which will  
  A ) Force the enemy healer into a bad spot for easy control, or a potential kill target.
  B ) Limit healing received to both melees, making them take more damage, and back-off.

- Keep rotating between pillars across the map so that they are consistently forced to be in a bad spot. When the melee has no trinket, and you manage to land a stun on it behind a pillar, it will die.

- Kite across the map with Ghost Wolf + Unleash+ Freedom Totem.

MELEE + CASTER Teams (Rogue/Warlock, Feral/Warlock, Rogue/Mage, etc.)

1) For your third glyph, use Cleansing Waters vs Warlocks, Healing Stream vs Mages  


- As the game progresses, you will feel the enemy team trying to pull you out to the open as you are always a viable kill target. Swaps are often times very obvious with the enemy team physically pushing in and CCing your teammates. Swaps are oriented around offensive cooldowns so keep a mental timer on the melee's offensive cooldowns as most swaps are coordinated with them.

- Be ready to quickly swap Earthshield, and always keep a riptide on yourself as these two hots will help in keeping you alive.

- You need to practice preemptively (before being stunned) dropping Capacitor Totems, and Healing Stream/Tide as these totems will require the melee to swap off for a second to kill them, buying you time to not take damage in the stun.

3) Against Melee + Caster Teams you need to make sure to coordinate your team's defensives prioritizing your security.

- This means to not waste YOUR cooldowns on your teammates unless its really needed, or vice-versa.

- This bascially means to let your teammates use their defensives first before you use trinket or a major defensive like Spirit Link Totem to save your teammates.


Before you get swapped to, you need to shear, drop grounding, or drop tremor totem so that your partners can help you.

- The enemy team will eventually get your teammates' trinkets, especially if they have spammable CC. You need to drop totems and keep your teammates out of CC before being stunned or silenced.

- If you failed to preemptively stop CC, use your pvp trinket and get them out. You will be surprised what your team mates can do for you. Prioritize dispelling the teammate with either more control or defensives for you.


Probably the easiest comps to play against and survive against since our tool-kit is designed to annoy wizards.

With the change to tremor totem, most wizard cleaves won't even target you for a kill, but attempt to put you in a bad spot for control

Something like God Comp can take advantage of the new Tremor Totem since they can chain CC us when we are feared into a terrible spot.


Easier said than done, but fear is the start of infinite CC because it will often put you out of positioning.

Shamans weren't scared of fear before since we could tremor to break fear and just wind shear or ground the follow up CC.

- Against Shadow Priests, when you know fear is coming up, adjust your positioning, as well as your team's positioning so the priest doesnt get a "free" fear. If you see a priest darting at you, then guising, tell your team to pull back.

- Make the the Priest's life hell by creating space between, snaring the priest with Frost Shock and Earth Bind, as well as other snares/slows from your team.

- Always let your team know if you don't have tremor so they can play and position accordingly.


Unless you know you are going to secure a kill, don't Wind Shear random shit just because your mind/reaction wants you to.

- Shear CC; Try not to shear casted damage, or casted heals. (Unless its for the secured kill or you have grounding)

- Even if you have some offensive momentum going, shearing a heal opens up opportunities for the casters to CC. Even if you have Grounding Totem, it is super easy to get rid of because casters have numerous abilities, and Grounding Totem won't stop two CCs targeted at you.


Abusing a pillar means to hide behind a pillar so that the casters can't CC you, and only poking out to heal or purge.

- Abusing a pillar enables you to save wind shear/grounding since you can just side step to be out of Line of Sight.

- Abusing a pillar makes it harder for them to swap to you.

- Abusing a pillar sometimes forces the casters to push in to CC, putting them in a bad spot, dragging the enemy healer out for more control.


1) Memorize the totem placement pattern.

Fire totems don’t matter, but be wary that your Earth Totems drop on your front-right, your Air Totems drop on your bottom-left, and that your Water Totems drop on your bottom-right.
Posted Image

Learn to hide your healing streams behind pillars as decent players will always look to kill them. So just position yourself so that the pillar is behind you to the right and drop a healing stream, which will hide it from enemy LoS. Healing streams work through walls and z-axis too.
- On a map like Blade's Edge with z-axis, you can drop your healing stream or healing tide underneath the bridge to protect it from being killed and it will heal your partners up top.

Since you know that your Tremor Totem (an Earth Totem), will drop on your front-right, make sure to position yourself to get your partners out of fears or wyvern stings since the range on Tremor is only 30 yards. I’ve seen many shamans “miss” their tremors because its not in range, and weren’t aware of the totem’s position.

Same with your healing stream, you can hide your Grounding Totem against hunter teams to protect yourself for 20 seconds from getting trapped. Same logic, hide it behind a pillar so that you are the only one getting protected from the grounding aura, while your partners are pushed up.

Last but not least. Now you know that your Spirit Link Totem will drop on your bottom left, you can “aim” Spirit Link to make sure your partners will get the health distribution.
Ex) Your partner is a bit far from you, and requires spirit link to survive. You run towards him, and you can jump, and rotate your camera around, and strafe in the air so that your left backside is facing your partner to guarantee the Spirit Link to “hit” your partner. This will allow you to link faster since you won’t have to run to him as much. I essentially call this “throwing your link”.

2) Totem Prepping

If you need to prep your totems for another tremor, make sure to just use and drop all your active totems like earthbind, freedom, grounding, healing stream, and even capacitor. Wasting any of the above is a big no-no. Sometimes I land random Capacitors with this strategy.

3) Rogues

Against a rogue, never trinket the first stun unless you want to spirit link, or if you are at the stage of the game where your defensives are limited or you are likely to die. The idea is to trinket the DR stun and then use your aura-mastery to immune the garrote. Be wary though, rogues will triple DR stun you for a kill.

A rogue will always try to gouge your aura-mastery heals. Just pop it, and run the direction the rogue is facing, also spin your camera around like a maniac if you think he is going to sprint or step gouge.

Be aware that rogues WILL use Blind to stop your aura-mastery heals.

Drop your fire-elemental totem early vs. a rogue to keep you in combat, and thus protect you from saps.

4) Healing Stream Totem

Don't waste healing-stream by just dropping it off-cooldown. Its best to try to drop it before the next CC lands on you so your partners have the stream to heal them while you are CCd. Same logic goes for Healing Tide. I always try to healing stream or tide (based on enemy offensives used) before I get stuck in a long CC chain, so against a hunter I will try to drop these before he even lands the scatter shot, which will be followed up by another stun or a freezing trap, into a silence.

Hide your Healing Stream Totems behind pillars to stop them from being destroyed.

5) Toolkit

SHOCK!!! and I mean it. Frost Shock slows enemy players, and Flame Shock can be used for reflects, and dark sims. This is probably the most distinguishing characteristic between a successful shaman and a decent one.

PURGE!!!! Learn to have a habit of constantly purging. It will improve you tremendously as a resto shaman. Keeping a mage “clean” of buffs will allow you to sometimes instantly purge NS or offensive buffs. But learn to be mana-efficient with it as well, purging is high mana-cost.

**Purge will get rid of enemy shaman’s grounding totem or any other similar effects.


Wind shear will “eat” the reflect effect of warriors, but its better to flame shock so that your shear can be used for a cast instead.

If you shear a mage on a polymorph cast, just hex his ass (mage can’t use Counsterspell if you lock them out on poly) if your hex isn’t that crucial to your team’s CC. Often times, mages will just cast a ring of frost after the lockout and you can’t do anything about it. So hexing to stop a cast is extremely good.

Try to fake Counterspell from casters with a casted hex instead of heals. I found that in my experience casters tend to respond with CS for hex rather than a heal.

If your PvP trinket is on cooldown, and the enemy is obviously trying to kill you soon, and your teammates are out of utility, it doesn’t hurt to be “clutch” as it will most likely pay off.  Try to preemptively spirit link, healing tide, healing stream, tremor to increase your chance at survival because once that stun lands you are most likely dead anyway.


Some macros that I believe are essential as a resto shaman.
Replace the 1 with 2 and 3 for arena 1~3 macros that will aid you.

#showtooltip wind shear
/cast [nomod, target=arena1] wind shear
/cast [mod:ctrl,target=arena1] hex
/cast [mod:alt,target=arena1] frost shock
- Doesn’t have to be this format exactly, but just have your wind shear, hex, and shock for arena 1~3 bound.

#showtooltip Cobo Cola
/click TotemFrameTotem2 RightButton
/use Cobo Cola
- Destroys your fire elemental totem to go for drinks

/cast [@arena1] Flame Shock

/cast Grounding Totem

/cast [@arena1] Flame Shock

#showtooltip riptide
/cast [nomod] riptide
/cast [mod:ctrl, @player] riptide
- I have self riptide bound so that I don’t have to waste time swapping targets to pre-hot myself before a potential swap.

#showtooltip Water Shield
/cast [nomod] Earth Shield
/cast [mod:shift] Water Shield
/cast [mod:ctrl, @player] Earth Shield
- Same concept as above for earth shield.

#showtooltip Ancestral Swiftness
/cast ancestral swiftness
/cast blood fury
/cast greater healing wave
/p NS!

/script function CompactUnitFrame_UtilShouldDisplayBuff(a,b,c)local _,_,_,_,_,d,_,e,_,f,_,g=UnitBuff(a,b,c)if UnitAffectingCombat("player") then return (e=="player" or e=="pet") and not f and d > 0 and g; else return g end end
- The above script shows your water shield on default raid party frames.


I feel like many beginners tend to clutter their user interface with a lot of information because they are not comfortable with their level of awareness yet. However I strongly recommend keeping it as simple as possible. Using addons is fine to start off, but don't go overboard with it and start with one at a time to get used to them.

Try to keep your field of vision clear so that you can start to be aware of enemy positioning as well as yours and your teammates'.

This is my UI, inspired from Kollektiv's that grants me good field of vision, focus buffs / debuffs, targets buffs / debuffs, my totem frames, and arena 1~3 cast bars.

Posted Image


I hope you have enjoyed the guide, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me in-game Rheey-Tichondrius, I’m always willing to help out or message me on twitch at username Rhee1.

Resto shamans are a great class once you get used to its weak points, and is definitely one of the most constantly effective and potent healers in 3v3 arena.

I don’t stream unfortunately, but you should check out these streams for high level shaman content that you could learn a lot from. Practice and watching streams is how I progressed pretty fast too.

Cdew – twitch.tv/cdewx
Flubbah – twitch.tv/flubbah
Takenotezz – twitch.tv/jakenotezz
Eeluminati – twitch.tv/eeluminati
Kaska – twitch.tv/kaskatv

These guys seriously rock, and studying their globals, and trying to adopt them into your play style or imitating them will seriously improve your level of play in no time.

#4071536 Ddos lord wintrade 5v5 scumbag ownx finally caught red handed

Posted Covlol on 05 March 2014 - 12:43 AM

oh boy..

#4023751 RMX opener

Posted stalebagel on 03 January 2014 - 05:36 PM

assuming everything goes correctly I usually icy veins on-use pet nova living bomb>frost orb>fire blast(to get my proc trinket to activate without using any fingers) as soon as my proc trinket activates I call for tricks. Finally with every valuable damage modifier excluding incanter's I altertime and proceed to barrage my victim with ruthless 100k icelances.

#4069271 Frost Mage Guide 5.4.7

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View PostPouptis, on 01 March 2014 - 09:57 PM, said:

As I said I haven't tested it yet, but if I recall, even if incanters doesn't break, it gives a 9% dmg bonus reguardless
tested it in stormwind 10 seconds ago, if you dont take any damage you don't receive the damage buff

#4069073 Frost Mage Guide 5.4.7

Posted dominera on 01 March 2014 - 05:19 PM


I have noticed there arent really that many guides for frost mages, or mages in general, thats directed to PvP that are updated at the moment. With the break between S14-15 I was pretty bored since you couldnt do any rated PvP, and therefore I thought I could spend some time doing a guide directed to the community. Im not the best mage thats WoW have seen but being gladiator and 2.4k+ I feel like I have atleast some understanding of the class and therefore I think I can help atleast new mages with some directives on how to spec, gem, glyph etc. This guide is mostly aimed towards people thats new to the mage class but my hope is that everyone might learn something new. Without further delay:

1. Talents
2. Glyphs
3. Stats, gems and enchants
4. Macros
5. General gameplay and tips

1. Talents

Posted Image

Level 15: Against most comps you will be running with PoM. PoM + Alter combo is really powerful and a well timed poly on the healer - alter back - RoF on the dps can put up alot of pressure on the enemy team. PoM have a big range of usage, you can use it to get a clutch PoM poly on the healer or you could use it to tripple RoF the whole enemy team.Sometimes I play Blazing Speed against heavy melee comps that will train you all game or certain melee/caster setups. Normally I go with PoM against melee teams as well cause of the simple reason that it can give your team alot of momentum. Its abit harder to use PoM correctly so if you are feeling you just getting roflstomped I would suggest to try using Blazing cause of the good opportunity to create distance.

Posted Image

Level 30: Temporal Shield is an obvious choice in 3s. Its not only a damage reduction but it will also heal back a certain amount when it expires. Its able to use it while you are stunned, slept, feared, frozen and incapacitated and this combined with the fact that its NOT on GCD makes it a really powerful tool. However, cause of its short duration and how it works its alot harder to use it than Ice Barrier. It requires some practice to get really good with it, a perfectly timed Temporal Shield could save your team from a block, link, guardian or w/e - so its definitely a talent worth using! The only time I go with Ice Barrier is when I duel, doing bgs or queing 2s (in other words where I dont have a healer).

Posted Image

Level 45: Ring of Frost is the best choice here and its what I use as my standard spec against most comps. Its a very powerful spell especially combined with PoM and I would recommend it in most situations. Ice Ward is also a good talent and even if I go with RoF most of the times there are some situations where Ice Ward comes to use. If you are facing a melee team that will cleave you down for example it could be wise to use Ice Ward if you feel it will create some distance. Normally I just use it in duels or 2s.

Posted Image

Level 60: Cold Snap is the obvious winner. Heals you for 30% of your HP and resets the CD of your block. It can be used in any CC as well as in your current block. It will also reset the lockout on frost for Ice Block. Now, if you happen to get into this situation you have done something terrible wrong, getting kicked on frost on low HP and die before you can block is really !@#$ing bad. However, if you do for some reason get into this situation you should know that Cold Snap will "reset" the lockout. So if you have block but get kicked on frost while your healer is in some CC or whatnot and you judge you are going to die before the lockout expires you could, as a final solution, use Cold Snap to reset block and use it. But as I said, this is a situation you shouldnt get into, if you play correctly, keeping track of enemy CDs and atleast have some small knowledge about your enemy you could easily anticipate things like this. But if you get into a worst case scenario you should know there is a way out.

Posted Image

Level 75: Best choice for arena is Living Bomb. It doesnt brake CC as easy as NT and it will deal good damage. Remember to use frost nova before you apply Living Bomb since LB will benefit from it even when nova expires/breaks. And when you are going ham you should always use nova, icy veins + on use (ideally with procs), THEN Living Bomb. The only time I go Nether Tempest is when Im doing rbgs.

Posted Image

Level 90: Incanter's Ward is the best. It gives you not only passive damage increase but after the shield is broken it gives you up to 15% damage increase. This is obviously one of your biggest offensive CDs you have. I see alot of mages that uses this quite randomly and/or mages that will alter before they have Incanter's Ward up. I used to do this myself but when I learned how to use it correctly I gained alot, so simply by learning how to use Incanter's Ward properly you can increase your gameplay alot. Since the CD is only 25 sec its really good to use it when you are doing swaps combined with Deep/Silence combo. So make sure you are utilizing it to the fullest!

2. Glyphs

Posted Image

Glyph of Armors, Glyph of Polymorph and Glyph of Deep Freeze are normally what most mages use as the standard spec in 3s. Glyph of Armors is a must in all matchups as well as Glyph of Polymorph (most of the time atleast). The only glyph spot that you really can choose from and experiment with is the Glyph of Deep Freeze. Running with this glyph gives you the most damage compared to if you would not have the glyph, its not that huge of a difference but it gives you a slightly higher burst. Its also really good to get quick deeps off, especially against druids since they will have time to shift the novas if you have a GCD on it.

Glyph of Deep Freeze: Even if its the best overall to go with Glyph of Deep Freeze there are situations and comps where it could be more beneficial to go with some other glyph. If you play a comp that relies on the mages damage to land kills or a comp where you just wanna pump out as much damage as possibly, then you should play with Glyph of Deep Freeze since with the GCD removed you will be able to do slightly more damage. If you play a comp that requires you to coordinate damage with your teammate in order to score kills then it could be wise to go with another glyph, cause even if you will do slightly worse damage the 5 sec Deep Freeze stun will buy your teammate 1 more sec to do damage, which obviously is really good - especially if you swap to the healer. A good example of this would be Godcomp, the comp still works if you play with the glyph but I find that you will have more success in scoring kills without the glyph since 1 additional sec will be very beneficial to your shadowpriest.

Its also a very good idea to not have the Glyph of Deep Freeze if you play a comp where you will use deep mostly as a CC. If you play RMP or RMD you mostly kill someone in a kidney/cheap shot anyway, and since Prey on the Weak will be beneficial to you as well its very common to use Deep as a CC on the healer, which of course will be best without the glyph since the longer the stun is the better it will be as a CC. Its also based alot on personal preference, I have played with and without the glyph alot and there are pros and cons with both ways, if you play a comp where you can choose its mostly what you like playing with.

Glyph of Ice Block: Except for the above mentioned glyphs you could also choose between Glyph of Evocation and Glyph of Ice Block. The rest of the glyphs doesnt really have any place in the arenas, maybe Glyph of Ice Lance could be used in rbgs but I would 99% of the time use any of the 5 mentioned glyphs above. Glyph of Ice Block is obviously really good if you face a spellcleave sicne the 3 sec immunity will allow you to freecast whatever you want, set up some damage or just buy your healer some time to top you up without you having to worry about getting killed or interrupted. You can use this glyph in many ways, the immunity will also be more forgiving to offensive blocks. If you have all your procs up while you are in the block you could alter with the immunity buff up while you are unleashing your damage, and then altering back with all the procs again + immunity buff. Doing this will practically make you an unstoppable killing machine for 6 sec. You could also alter with the immunity buff up if your healer is in a CC without trinket and you judge you will die before he gets out. Obviously its best to use alter when you are going ham with all procs up but it could be used defensively as well, and this is one way of doing it.

Glyph of Evocation: I normally just use Glyph of Evocation in duels and 2s but it has its place in 3s as well, provided you dont run with the Glyph of Deep Freeze or Glyph of Ice Block. There isnt really much to say about it, its nice to have as an extra backup if you feel you need it. But I think Glyph of Ice Block is best in most cases if you want a defensive glyph, going up against melee/caster it will do some good and even against double melee sometimes cause of the free frost nova. If its a ret or DK it could also save you from some small amount of damage. I guess this choice is also based on personal preference to some point.

3. Stats, gems and enchants

Stat priority goes 6% hit > Int > haste > mastery > crit.Mastery used to be really good but after the change its not really that great anymore. Icicles is decent but faster polys, rings etc is more valuable which is the reason to why you wanna go with haste. Also, the more haste you have the faster frostbolts which will make it able to stack icicles faster which will give more damage. A little farfetched but you get the point.

For gems you wanna use:

Yellow: +80 Int and + 160 Haste
Red: + 160 Int
Blue: +80 Int and +80 PvP Power
Meta: +216 Int and +3% Crit

As far as enchants go you want:

Shoulder: +200 Int and +100 Crit
Cloak: +180 Int
Chest: +80 All stats
Bracer: +180 Int
Gloves: + 170 Haste
Legs: +285 Int and +165 Crit
Boots: +140 mastery and speed boost
Wep: Jade Spirit
OH: +165 Int

4. Macros

Posted Image

Arena target and focus macros:

Target and Focus arena 1-2-3 is essential for a mage. Its really important for all classes but its especially vital for a mage because you will be swapping target and focus alot in arenas when you are double CC and spellstealing stuff etc.

/target arena1
/target arena2
/target arena3

/focus arena1
/focus arena2
/focus arena3

Polymorph + Counterspell Arena 1-2-3:

This is something extremely important. Its really good not only for the simple reason to poly someone without having them as target/focus, but also because it allows you to peel effectively. Macros like these allows you to spam poly on the whole enemy team, and playing a mage you will abuse poly alot. Its also vital to have CS bound to arena 1-2-3 so you could instantly interrupt a mages opener for example.When the game starts you wont be able to have time to focus him first and then cast CS, its easier to just spam CS 2 or CS 3 (depending on which spot he is on) and when he comes out of invis trying to poly your healer or something you could just instantly interrupt his cast.

This is good for all kinds of fast reactions, if a priest spectral guise in order to fear you could spam CS 1 and as soon as he comes out he will be silenced. The same goes for every thing that requires fast interrupts, if you are having a hunter as target and the healer on focus and you see the third player is about to CC your healer you could just press CS 3 instead of first focusing him and then CS him. This macro is not only good for being fast but also for the reason that you sometimes dont wanna change focus cause you are keeping track of debuffs/buffs so by having Arena 1-2-3 macros you could increase your awareness since you wont have to change focus all the time for a CC.

/cast [@arena1] polymorph

/cast [@arena2] polymorph

/cast [@arena3] polymorph

/cast [@arena1] counterspell

/cast [@arena2] counterspell

/cast [@arena3] counterspell

CS and Focus CS, just as the above:

/cast counterspell

/cast [@focus] counterspell

Focus deep and focus poly:

/cast [@focus] deep freeze

/cast [@focus] polymorph

Spellsteal macro:

Spellsteal macro with cancelaura. If you are facing a fire mage and spellsteals pyro proc you wanna dispel it so he doesnt steal it back from you, and you also want cancelaura for sac since even if you take it away from your target it will still have the same effect on you, so if you steal it from a hunter and they deal damage to you the pala will come out of poly even though the hunter doesnt have sac:

/cast Spellsteal
/cancelaura Hand of Sacrifice
/cancelaura Pyroblast!

/cast [@focus] Spellsteal
/cancelaura Hand of Sacrifice
/cancelaura Pyroblast!

Living bomb macro:

LB macro for target and focus, good for taking down groundings etc:

/cast [modifier:alt, @focus] living bomb; living bomb

PoM ring:

/cast presence of mind
/cast ring of frost

Orb with on use macroed into it:

#showtooltip frozen orb
/use 13
/cast frozen orb

Pet Freeze + Summon Water Elemental:

This macro will allow you to cast pet nova if its alive, but if your pet is dead it will cast Summon Water Elemental:

#showtooltip freeze
/cast [nopet][@pet,dead]Summon Water Elemental;Freeze

Ice Block macro + cancelaura:

Allows you to spam block without being able to cancel it:

/cast !ice block

Since you have a spammable block you need to put cancelaura for it in some other spell, myself I use it on ice lance:

/cast ice lance
/cancelaura ice block

Mark macro:

I recommend macro marking in your buffs. When you use mirror image you will lose your mark, therefore its good to be able to reapply it:

/cast dalaran brilliance
/script SetRaidTarget("Foxztar",6)
/script SetRaidTarget("HEALER",5)
/script SetRaidTarget("DPS",7)


Decurse macro for healer + DPS. Definitely a must:

/cast [@DPS] remove curse
/cast [@HEALER] remove curse

Alter Time macro + cancelaura:

Allows you to spam Alter Time without cancel its effect. You could set "reset" to 10 if you want which makes it completely spammable, but then you need another bind for activating it. My macro will allow you to spam it but also using it for activating Alter. You wanna put /use 1 in order to stop flamestrike AoE circle:

/castsequence reset=1 alter time, flamestrike
/use 1

Cancelaura for Alter Time. If you get topped off or if you will get into a really bad spot it might be a good idea to cancel it:

/cancelaura alter time

Pet dismiss + control macros:

You can use this to unsummon your pet. Its nothing you really have to use, but I think its nice to have. Long ago you could resummon your pet to reset the CD of freeze. You are obviously not able to do that now but its a handy macro in case your pet gets stuck in a bad spot:

/script PetDismiss();

Last but not least, the pet control macros. This is something very useful to have. I see alot of mages that macros /petattack into frostbolt etc, and while this might be a convenient solution its best to have separate binds for that. You will have better DPS by controlling your pet alongside with your own spells, also pet move to is crucial to have as a mage. If you are low on HP and are kiting around a pillar you could control your pet to the other side and nova your follower and evo/getting topped off. You could also use it the other way around, if your enemy with low HP is kiting you just send pet the other way around and nova him so you can come around and finnish him off:

"Pet move to"
/click PetActionButton3LeftButton



5. General gameplay and tips

Mirror Image is more of an utility spell rather than a burst CD. While it does increase your damage its not by that much for you to start playing around it, especially with the long CD. Its better to use it as an utility spell to get snares on the enemy team, keep people in combat, drop target and focus or just to dodge CC.

As I mentioned above you always wanna apply your Living Bomb while your target is frozen. You could achieve this through pet nova, frost nova or RoF. Even after the frost nova breaks your LB will benefit from the damage increase.

Playing as a mage you have a really high burst, but you are very dependent on your CDs to achieve anything. As most already know you wont do that much damage if you dont have any CDs or procs, but having orb, deep and full procs you will deal a !@#$ ton of damage. Thats why its very important not only to use your CDs wisely, but learn how to play around them.

I guess you could say that you have two big phases or conditions as a mage in arena. The first one is the damage phase where you will pump out as much damage as you can using orb, deep, blanket, and procs etc. Most of your damage will come every 1 minute when you have orb + deep up but you could also deal good damage every 30 sec with deep/pet nova/incanter's.

The second phase is when you dont have any damage going, when you dont have any procs and your pet nova, deep etc is on CD. This is where alot of mages dont do that much of use. Its really easy to deal damage as a mage with all your CDs, but playing good and keeping pressure and momentum without any procs/CDs is abit harder. You could probably say that the second phase is more of an controlling phase where you wanna aim to control your enemy team with CC and setting up for your next burst. One way to do this is spellstealing, using this spell is really important as a mage. Inbetween your burst windows its really good utilizing this spell in order to make it easier to score a kill next time you have your burst. Its also vital to spellsteal things like fear ward, sac and big buffs. When you are going ham you obviosuly dont want to spend your precious time spellstealing stuff, but you need to learn how and when to use it. You must judge if the globals and time spent on spellstealing is worth it.

Using polymorph is really important, not only as a CC on the healer. As a mage you should literally spam poly on the whole enemy team, especially when you are inbetween your bursts. You should always try to have one target in sheep at all times, and if you play with a druid you could cycle your poly/clones on the healer and DPS so that you try to cross CC the enemy team as much as possible, 1 target in clone and the other in sheep, and when dr strikes you just shift it etc... Spamming poly is also good when you wanna peel for your team since dispel is on a CD, and in some cases you could force trinkets when abusing poly. You could also use poly solely for the reason to force a dispel.

While fakecasting is important you shouldnt get obsessed by it. As a mage you have plenty of tools to deal instant CC/damage but since our change to mastery we need to stack icicles, which comes from FFB and casting FB. Its good to fakecast, but due to it being like 2k interrupts in the game along with all the instant CC its not worth spending a huge amount of time trying to fake cast something thats always gonna have a back up interrupt. Fakecast maybe once or twice and if he doesnt kick you just go for it, dont try and juke for an eternity - it just takes time and you lose momentum. And if you do get kicked you can always cast from the other school. If you juke poly and he doesnt kick you and you decide to go for it and get kicked you can just cast frostbolt or a ring, provided you have juked atleast 1 of his interrupts. Getting kicked on frost will allow you to cast poly or spellsteal.

While Frost Armor will give you most damage you rarely use it in arenas. Sometimes you could switch to it but overall you will go with the following armors:

Double melee: Molten Armor
Melee/Caster: Molten Armor
Double Caster: Mage Armor



Those are probably the best mages atm that streams pretty often, if you wanna improve you could learn alot from them.

I think this sums up the guide, I might add more later but I think this cover the basics pretty well. If you have any questions or so feel free to ask.

#4045019 Mage Assistance/Priorities

Posted dominera on 31 January 2014 - 05:28 PM

View PostNinelivesxx, on 29 January 2014 - 05:56 AM, said:

Any tips on positioning? Just pillar hump / stay near druid circle?

Its very situational obviously and also very comp based. Against some comps you need to play more defensive already from the start and against some comps you will be allowed to move around freely and play more aggressive. But even if the playstyle, in terms of positioning, is different from comp to comp there are always gonna be situations where you have to play more defensive/offensive. Even if you can move freely around the map spamming dmg/cc there are still moments where you might have to kite and play more defensive with how you positioning yourself.

Against KFC for example where you will be the target you will probably have to play very defensive and play by your healer, but there are also situations in this matchup where it can be beneficial to push in and play more aggressive. Just make sure you are max 1 blink away from your healer/pillar so if it goes to hell you can just blink to safety. If you have blink on CD and/or are too far away you will probably have to block or the healer have to use major CDs which will loose the game for you.

Positioning is something thats very hard to master, but its really worth spending time always trying to improve this. Talbadar once said that the single most important thing that has the biggest impact on your gameplay is positioning. I agree with him, you will gain alot by having proper positioning.