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#4390674 favourite wow movies?

Posted Wallirik on 21 February 2015 - 01:47 AM

All-time favourite has got to be world of roguecraft.

Then for some reason i just love this one (and the music)

Wow movies used to be the way I found new music, as well as many others I'm sure (checking WCM frequently for new movies, back in the days. Hell, WCM is still my 5th bookmark even though I never go there anymore)

good times

edit: how do i embed youtube videos? thanks breadstick

#3969637 Nerf Bladestorm Now Plz

Posted mirox on 21 October 2013 - 12:53 PM

View PostPinka, on 21 October 2013 - 12:42 PM, said:

Not before they remove rogues opening with garrote, cheapshot.
Or just pop evasion and you get 0 dmg.
Ye, I see how that can be a problem for a warrior, garrote over cheapshot and you cant cast spells,right? Also, if rogue pops evasion vs you as a warrior and you don't know how to deal with it, then my heart just breaks for you. From just a simple maneuvers like, geee I dont know, dont attack rogue for 10 sec and then smash his face with higher bleed damage then rogue sustained damage? To a bit more serious moves, like stun him with shockwave through evasion(yes it works!can you imagine?go spread the word!), or stun him with stormbolt through 100% evasion because it also works! And lastly, you can dps him through evasion with your primary source of damage which is an auto applied bleed  and overpowers(hint: the button that glows when your mortal strike gets dodged). If you are still having problems with evasion, I suggest you read the game manual that you got when you bought the game and start from there.

#3880863 Dakkroth video thread

Posted Dakkrothy on 26 April 2013 - 11:23 PM

#3876187 Glyph of Garrote and Glyph of Cheap Shot nerfed

Posted Ayume on 16 April 2013 - 05:44 PM

You can take subterfuge, cheapshot glyph, garrote glyph, and increase the energy cost of ambush during dance, and even remove shuriken toss. But please, please, give rogues a way to live a single stun. I cannot count the number of times I've feinted or pre walled(and partially stacked) a stun and died 100-0 in a blanket on my healer. What rogues need is less burst, more sustain and more survivability.

#3839275 Why Warriors will suck in s13 5.2 ptr footage

Posted Wallirik on 22 January 2013 - 06:03 PM

omg no more infinite damage resource while being unkillable gods?

to the fucking ground with warrior scum

#3839273 Why Warriors will suck in s13 5.2 ptr footage

Posted Claynz on 22 January 2013 - 05:57 PM

This reminds me about the old "World of Roguecraft" videos were rogues were OP back in vanila wow and Mute said:

"When Blizzard finally began to buff the other classes to be on par. The suck players, who could barely understand two buttons, only saw that they were losing more often.  they would not admit, "Hey maybe i destroyed everyone because of my class. And now that the classes are more balanced I'm losing because i was never a good player to begin with." No, the only possibility in their minds is that rogues were broken.  And all other classes are overpowered.
How else could a elite video game master lose to noobs?"

When there is a Warrior in 9/10 top arena comps represented in the 3v3 bracket(here)
and higest represented class in arena, you think that warriors are fine, and will be TOTAL useless next patch?
sure they will maybe not be the top tier 1 class anymore so what? you will not be the worst. Will still be viable it will just get harder.

#3839222 Why Warriors will suck in s13 5.2 ptr footage

Posted Braindance on 22 January 2013 - 04:14 PM

So many clueless non warriors posting w/e comes into their minds

#3839158 Why Warriors will suck in s13 5.2 ptr footage

Posted Tsx on 22 January 2013 - 02:21 PM

so now wars have to swap stances?damn thats some effort right there

#3835064 The best WoW expansion ever!

Posted Flöt on 14 January 2013 - 05:18 PM

The later half of WotLK was the most enjoyable for me I'd say. I enjoyed both pve and pvp at that time.

#1909938 Good totem management addon?

Posted Eowynnz on 04 March 2010 - 09:13 AM

When i ahve to keybind my calls i just log in with the default ui, much easier to make sure it works.

#1769883 Season 8 is not this week

Posted Liljeholm on 26 January 2010 - 05:08 PM

Zanders said:

hehu read my second post


#1743615 The Complete R1 List

Posted Akaforty on 20 January 2010 - 09:25 AM

Battlegroup, 3v3(Top Rating) / 5v5(Top Rating)


Blackout , 1(2744) / 2(2675) = 12 Relentless Gladiators
Blutdurst , 3(2860) / 2(2736) = 17 Relentless Gladiators
Cataclysme/Cataclysm, 2(2823) / 1(2651) = 10 Relentless Gladiators
Cruelty/Crueldad, 3(2723) / 1(2644) = 12 Relentless Gladiators
Cyclone/Wirbelsturm, 2(2816) / 2(2701) = 15 Relentless Gladiators
Embuscade/Hinterhalt, 3(2805) / 1(2513) = 14 Relentless Gladiators
Glutstorm/Emberstorm, 1(2874) / 3(2579) = 15 Relentless Gladiators
Misery, 1(2792) / 2(2651) = 13 Relentless Gladiators
Rampage/Saccage, 1(2787) / 1(2709) =7 Relentless Gladiators
Raserei/Frenzy, 1(2809) / 3(2620) = 18 Relentless Gladiators
Reckoning/Abrechnung, 1(2772) / 2(2605) = 12 Relentless Gladiators
Sturmangriff/Charge, 2(2773) / 1(2396) = 11 Relentless Gladiators
Vengeance/Rache, 6(2767) / 1(2611) = 17 Relentless Gladiators
Vindication, 2(2776) / 1(2499) = 11 Relentless Gladiators
Вихрь, 1(2572) / 1(2721) = 8 Relentless Gladiators
Шквал, 1 (2719)/ 1(2925) = 6 Relentless Gladiators


Bloodlust, 1(3011) / 2(2792) = 13 Relentless Gladiators
Cyclone, 4(2776) / 1(2697) = 16 Relentless Gladiators
Emberstorm, 1(2852) / 1(2669) = 10 Relentless Gladiators
Nightfall, 3(2816) / 2(2716) = 15 Relentless Gladiators
Rampage, 2(2791) / 1(2749) = 11 Relentless Gladiators
Reckoning, 1(2780) / 1(2704) = 5 Relentless Gladiators
Retaliation, 1(2773) / 1(2601) =8 Relentless Gladiators
Ruin, 1(2832) / 1(2729) = 8 Relentless Gladiators
Shadowburn, 1(2862) / 2(2770) = 10 Relentless Gladiators
Stormstrike, 2(2824) / 1(2817) = 8 Relentless Gladiators
Vengeance, 2(2810) / 2(2666) = 13 Relentless Gladiators
Vindication, 1(2816) / 1(2683) = 8 Relentless Gladiators
Whirlwind, 1(2878) / 1(2702) = 7 Relentless Gladiators

EU =  196 Relentless Gladiators
US =  132 Relentless Gladiators

Scanned and counted the eligible players in each team.

Class breakdowns: http://www.arenajunk...d.php?p=1809222

I made this by myself, if it helped, +rep is welcome ^^

#1739915 Get your rank, quick and easy.

Posted Schnorki on 19 January 2010 - 07:41 PM

Despite the armory being broken as hell, for those interested, you can view your team's current rank despite not seeing anything in the pvp tab.

Specifically, this gives you the in-game ranking (updated as of this maintenance) for the given teams, meaning this is NOT counting out inactive teams yet. (Not all of them anyways...maintenance update catches some, but not all of them. So usually your 'real' rank for purpose of cutoff determination will be a tad bit lower than the one shown here)

Also, it shows you your personal rating and % of total games played, just in case you forgot and aren't sure if you even qualify anymore. ;)

The actual macro:
/script for i=1,3 do t,s,r,_,_,tp,_,_,pp,ra,p=GetArenaTeam(i) pl=(floor((pp/tp*100*10^2)+0.5))/10^2 ChatFrame1:AddMessage(""..s.."v"..s..": Team <"..t.."> is rank "..ra.." with "..r.." rating. ("..p.." personal, "..pl.."% played)") end

changed it a bit
(thx to Cyaxeres for the idea to just check all 3 teams at a time.. =p)

#1676250 sharing r1

Posted Mutual on 04 January 2010 - 11:44 AM

byirdman420 said:

Don't mention it in game bad mouther each other in game and talk over skype vent msn etc,thats where good win traders do work.

[2. Trade] [Zbelf]: Yeah you're so shit we beaten you x times, you're too scared to queue aren't you.
[2. Trade] [Rank1]: no you're terrible our priest dced in that series and we're queuing atm but it won't pop
[2. Trade] [Zbelf]: REALLY? CHICKEN!11
[2. Trade] [Random]: FIGHT FIGHT

Later on MSN

Zbelf says (10:34): Jk love you
Rank1 says (10:35): Yeah love you too

Sounds like a plan.