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Idea for versa offpieces

06 July 2015 - 05:26 AM

Why not use arena/rbg rating as a gate for versa offpieces on the vendor? You can even keep the stupid rng system to shut the casuals up, but let the people who care to push rating have something aside from transmog gear to look forward to?

I don't think wotlk system is the best way to gate this particular season, since not every spec/class has the same bis pieces... but for future seasons this might be a good way to go. Make shoulders the best piece like they used to be, and gate them at 2k. Everyone gets transmog gear at 2k anyway, but a bis piece would make more people (I know I'd give a fuck again) actually want to log on and que.

And you guys want people to log on and que right? Even if the super special ashran vendor is only 1800 required to unlock, it ought to make for a healthier game.

Just an idea, assuming Blizz still cares about us non-raider types.

Tell me how bad my idea is, how bad I am, how gay I am, etc.