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Owls in WoD

19 October 2014 - 05:25 PM

Since other classes had one. Just some thoughts for discussion/trolling.

-100 talents are all interesting in their own way. Looking forward mostly to euphoria, but BoP and StF look pretty hot too. Any preferences from beta testers? The pve crowd are mostly on board with stellar flare. My preference for Euphoria comes from lunar/solar empowerment, getting three hardcasts off in a row is huge, and the faster the better. BoP looks amazing for rbg's possibly, and stellar looks good all around.

-Typhoon. It kida sucks now, and we can get fairie fire back in that tier. It's just really hard to give up typhoon. :(

-Treants vs. Incarnation. I really like treants. That being said, 15% damage for 30 sec is ridiculous. Stacking that with the 20% boost from CA makes us feel like feathered warriors with laser beams. But I really hate to give up the utility from FoN.

-Starfall. Holy shit. It hits everything in a city block, and hits for a lot. Also well used in LFR with a cancelaura macro and shadowmeld.

-Is it me or are we back to moonfire spam? With a couple melee hanging off me like barnacles in bg's or TB or whatever, all i can really do is starfall and moon/sunfire sometimes. But it still seems to kill everyone.

-Starsurge without the perk is balls. Trying to get one off with a warrior in your face reminds me of trying to hardcast pyroblast or soul fire.

-People who let us hardcast get their shit pushed in. SS for lunar empowerment and 2 starfires does a crapton of damage. Especially with moonfire and starfall ticking. So it looks like we're going to be punching bags again. Hurray!

-I never liked mastery in MoP, but with the new eclipse system it's more or less straight up dmg increase. Not sure about what stat is secondary, but haste seems like a good idea. Any thoughts? PVE is Mastery>Crit>Haste more or less, and since both haste and crit help shooting stars (more crits vs. faster ticks) I feel like haste will be better for quality of life overall.