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In Topic: human or dwarf?

Today, 03:29 AM

Is a mastery trinket with versatility even worth it now? Or whatever other bastardized trinkets we have now.

In Topic: moonkin 3s combs

Yesterday, 09:57 AM

I can see some nasty triple dps comps popping up.

spriest/lock/owl (god help us)


In Topic: Moonkin hunter?

Yesterday, 09:54 AM

Technically it could work. But if it doesn't you only need a few things for scumbag feral.

In Topic: 100 Feral Shiz

Yesterday, 05:23 AM

If you're playing a rushdown comp, Inc is the thing to do. If you're playing something like FLS where you're not in a hurry, definitely try sotf.

For berserk, I'd probably pool to full, zerk, then follow up with TF. It's less up front damage in zerk but it's more consistent damage, and you won't be running around white hitting for 20 seconds. Your mileage may vary.

Wild charge has no substitute for feral. If he's zooming around, bear charge him for the root.

Savagery glyph makes it a ton easier to keep Rip up. Rip stays up for like ever, and is a dmg modifier for shred, therefore is good if you can keep it up. Rake is nice but falls off, Rip makes rogues almost as mad as frost fever or fairie fire.

Shirvallah seems like the best talent ever, at least for pvp. Even if you do look ridiculous.

Crit is great, makes feral feel more like sub. A friend says sub feels more like feral now, since his bleeds hit hard. Role reversal?

All commentary is my humble non-glad ex-feral opinion and not to be taken all that seriously. Video games aren't to be taken all that seriously either.

Hope this helps :)

In Topic: does mark of the frostwolf enchant work with dual wield?

Yesterday, 05:13 AM

Doesn't every other enchant ever work like that? Pretty sure you're safe. Not so sure it matters til we all get purple weapons though.