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Posted ottishen on Today, 11:53 AM

Right, can people just stop being retards and actually understand that two imbalances does not make a right?
Some1 saying "Rogue op!" - "BUT... BUT... DKS ARE ALSO OP!"
Some1 saying "Life cocoon op!" - "BUT...BUT... PRIESTS ARE ALSO OP!"
Some1 saying "Ret op!" - "BUT...BUT... HUNTERS ARE ALSO OP!"

Since when does any of this ever justify shit being retarded? If it is dumb it should go and if other stuff is dumb then that should go too. It is not an argument in favour of keeping both the dumb shit in the game.

#4301235 Hotfixes: December 15

Posted Silentlol on Yesterday, 01:28 AM

Monks dont need damage buffs. They need defensives.


Posted Lord Xar on Today, 08:47 AM

Hey - give us an alternate spec then - because I just tried sub and it is atrociously bad in it's damage. It is nothing, does nothing. It warrants NO trinkets, it doesn't force anything. 4-6k backstabs.... 10k ambushes.. really? So yeah, love me some combat - let the naysayers complain. Combat is a fun spec, rewards "setting things up"... and again - their 2minute cooldown can be killed just by pushing 40k damage into it.. most other classes do that in a global.

When RET, HUNTER, DK, are nerfed along with hybrid healing.. sure, nerf combat - till then, suck it.

#4303071 Patch 6.0.3 - opinions so far?

Posted Ickz on Today, 02:14 AM

View PostLintrix, on 16 December 2014 - 09:55 PM, said:

8 second kidney and red buff killing spree still exist so...

Kidney, yes broken and op and should be removed asap along with SR cc. But complaining about red buff KS? Pleeeease.


Posted Torapants on Today, 04:20 AM

Can't tell if AJ is worse as it is now, or as it was when only Junkies could post.

This is getting as bad as the official forums now.

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Posted Dills on Yesterday, 09:20 PM

View PostGlink, on 16 December 2014 - 07:30 PM, said:

What do you mean I cry so much lmao Ive never made a thread like this before.

How am I a hypocrite? I never said hunters were totally balanced either, but I also dont see random 2k hunters farming everyone at 2500+ with a cookie cutter comp. It seems like the majority of people here are from EU which I guess is quite different because here all you que into are combat rogues and warlocks past a certain mmr.

So other than Dilly talking shit to me out of nowhere and starting shit because hes insecure, why is everyone so up in arms about me? What did I say is inaccurate? Imp dispell isn't broken at all and combat rogues are working as intended?

Its quote obvious that many of you have some bias/hatred against me, which is fine, but at least don't let it cloud your vision of the subject matter.

You can't actually be serious...

There are 2k hunters at 2500, they play ret bm disc this season. Last season they played MW beast.

People agree with the points that the comp is broken, but for you to say that these comps are the worst things that have existed or that it's totally out of line blah blah blah missing 30 kicks, like what's the difference between nessper missing 30 kicks and you missing 30 traps. People are just calling you out for saying those players are shit because you're exactly the same.

No one disagreed with the subject, everyone did agree that combat rogues were dumb, it's just kind of funny that you're literally complaining about players who are just as retarded as you.

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Posted Kelberot on Yesterday, 12:53 PM

View Postzzatbrah, on 16 December 2014 - 12:00 PM, said:

this event is the sole reason wow died as an esport
yep, that and the 20 minute spellcleave mirrors

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Posted Raak on Yesterday, 01:09 PM

Combat is disgusting but hunters, and specially hunters who play disc/ret/hunter can go fuck themselves.

#4301424 Hotfixes: December 15 - Class Tuning

Posted Lolflay on Yesterday, 04:11 AM

View PostBawn, on 16 December 2014 - 03:46 AM, said:

all this class tuning is purely based off pve, i wouldn't be surprised if ret pallies get buffed next patch

won't happen - Kargath, Twins, Tectus, Emperor are all Ret/Windwalker/Unholy friendly fights, and all of said specs are also very very good on Butcher and Ko'ragh ( no clue about Brackenspore ), so I don't see any buffs going their way until Foundry gets released ( depending on fights there, too )

This basically means WW's will keep getting nerfed, while casters will either be buffed by direct buffs or nerfs to melee classes. Interestingly enough, this means Frost DKs will remain insane in PvP.

I honestly dread the days of DK/Warlock returning, it's a prominent combo right now, requires just a little push over the edge to become unbearable. Pair it with Mistweaver buffs and you'll have AIDS in literal meaning of the word, that'll be the day I quit arena until said comp gets nerfed.

#4301292 Hotfixes: December 15 - Class Tuning

Posted Korzul on Yesterday, 01:59 AM

Buffing BM without touching tranq spam... then buffing Surv without touching 12sec cd traps.


#4301268 Hotfixes: December 15 - Class Tuning

Posted Structural on Yesterday, 01:49 AM

why does the kwok comp keep getting buffs?

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Posted ysnakewoo on Yesterday, 08:07 AM

Warlock pet dispel is dumb, being on a 10sec CD.

However, what's more dumb is the new Hunter trap mechanic that traps you even if the Hunter shoots it to Uganda.

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Posted Lloix on Yesterday, 03:26 AM

It's okay backstab is hitting for 8k now you won't see any more combat rogues. And locks should be looked at, I don't know why they allow this.

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Posted marmolade on 15 December 2014 - 08:33 PM

If your priest is dying solo to DK/Warrior before dampening is 40% + that's on him, not your fault at all. The outcome is highly dependent on priest to go as offensive as possible with you while surviving the opposing dps

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Posted Shiqra on 15 December 2014 - 01:36 AM

the best you can do is go healer and peel when your healer needs support
one single gouge or stun is mostly enough or a shiv crip for your healer and you can go back

play aggressive and the enemy dps is forced to peel you and your priest can go offensive too with dispels and damage