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What would you do to help Arms?

20 November 2014 - 04:38 AM

Hi guys, was thinking of some ways arms could possibly be changed to be more efficient, some of them might be a little over the edge but here are some things I was thinking of, what would you do to fix the spec?

Overpower 5(or 10) rage: Same way it was pre-WoD patch, but this time it'll gain stacks as rend ticks. The current Whirlwind filler is just completely useless, it hits for almost nothing and cant even kill totems etc. This needs to be fixed and I feel alot of people will agree with me on this.
Taste for Blood: The 3 rage for rend tick is just underwhelming compared to Sudden Death and is just not enough rage to out damage sudden death. Maybe buff it for Overpower to hit harder when a rend ticks while gaining 5 rage per tick if not just leave the 3 rage.

Shield Wall: This has been a key to arms warriors suriviability, and tbqh Die by the Sword just doesnt cut it. Prot warriors currently get way more survivability and do as much if not more damage then an arms warrior.

Siegebreaker: This talent is almost completely useless and feels like a filler talent. Not only does it replace fear, it also knocks back the person making it easier to be kited etc. Just making it do a knockdown or just making it so it does damage without a knockdown/replacing fear would make it significanly better.