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#4606060 Is anyone else getting 840 elite gear?

Posted by Mostvp71 on 21 September 2016 - 03:48 AM

http://us.battle.net...pic/20749375093 Posted this on WoW forums for anyone whos interested take a look.
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#4443212 Enh Buffs (Maybe) 6/25

Posted by Mostvp71 on 26 June 2015 - 06:57 AM

Posted Image Shaman
  • [Hotfix in testing] Lava Lash now deals 20% more damage.
  • [Hotfix in testing] Stormstrike now deals 20% more damage.
  • [Hotfix in testing] Windstrike now deals 20% more damage.

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#4424317 BANNED

Posted by Mostvp71 on 14 May 2015 - 10:18 PM

I've noticed a very common trend in those who think using honorbuddy to level and get gear is a horrible act.

No helmets above their name.

Let us assume that those who are posting on a pvp forum who have no helmets have mild-moderate autism. This has been shown in previous studies.

If we take x to = autism and y to = honorbuddy is bad for leveling/gearing, we are left with the equation x=y.

The correlation is indeed a positive one where how strongly someone feels against honorbuddy (due to reasons described above), their autism levels are higher accordingly.

We can now see the correlation between autism and being against honorbuddy for leveling/botting, so we should keep this in mind for our discussion. This pertains particularly to "itsgucci" "velca" and "kydrav" all of which are textbook autistic names.

Youre obviously not very bright I dont understand whats so difficult about understanding that using a bot is against the rules. Do I think its as bad as using it in PvP? No, no I dont. However, a bot is a bot and you should be punished for using one. Im sorry that youve leveled like 19841941 alts Regent but thats your own doing for being lazy about leveling. Sure its tedious I understand that but its not even that difficult and you took a risk using bots to level your character for you. Id also like to add that tbqh I dont think the punishment for only leveling should be as bad as using kickbots or scripting and honestly blizzard was a bit lazy on investigating what bots were banned. Ill say it again, to ALOT of people a BOT = BOT, doesnt matter what it does, youre using a third party program to play for you, you really dont have anyone else to blame but yourselves, just like if you go to play poker and you lose your money whos fault is that? The people youre playing against because they didnt stop you from going all in? No, no thats your fault and you should grab what little balls you have and just man up, its only 6 months ffs rofl.
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#4423693 BANNED

Posted by Mostvp71 on 14 May 2015 - 04:38 AM

I guess reading comprehension isn't your strong suit.

How so? Youve been crying and whining in this post for about an hour now about how Honorbuddy or whatever bot it is you used was perfectly fine when its clearly against the rules. I think youre just salty about being caught, oh and btw, it is technically cheating because a program played for you. Here let me show you the definition of cheating:

gerund or present participle: cheating

act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination.
"she always cheats at cards"
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#4423633 BANNED

Posted by Mostvp71 on 14 May 2015 - 03:49 AM

I found Levelingjunkies.com's first moderator.

Posted Image
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#4423618 BANNED

Posted by Mostvp71 on 14 May 2015 - 03:42 AM

You are right, my bad, leveling is a really competitive, integral part of playing WoW.

Check back next week, I'm launching "Levelingjunkies.com" and people will get posting rights if they can level to 100 in under 30 hours.

Im sorry I think youre just salty that you got banned for using a bot out of laziness. Like I said, its an MMORPG, deal with it. It wouldnt be an MMORPG if you were just given a level 100 and were told to just do arena. Arena is PART of a game, not the entire game and believe it or not some people enjoy leveling. As I said before you CHEATED in a game that REQUIRES you to level, thats the type of game it is you dont like doing that, then you dont have to play a MMORPG game.

It's not the point of it being hard it's the point that it's takes time, quite a bit of time. When the game was more centered around leveling and the experience and end level was just the icing then your argument would make sense but for the type of game it turned into where leveling is a time sink for people who actually have families and jobs then what you said is just.... cringey that you even slightly think of that as cheating.

Edit: using it to level doesn't give anyone advantages, it won't make anyone better, or does it effect anybody. So I don't know why you white knight nerds are even attempting to say the quest botters deserved a ban.

I understand that, I really dont think leveling bots were nearly as concerning as Kickbotting or script hacks BUT botting is botting, if you risk it and get caught thats your own fault.
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#3907779 Is this even possible?

Posted by Mostvp71 on 03 July 2013 - 06:04 PM

Video got reported...? So I uploaded a new one added fitting music this time.
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#3907497 Is this even possible?

Posted by Mostvp71 on 03 July 2013 - 12:25 AM

They beat us 1-2, we gipped their dk but they also all 3 had kick bots and after seeing that video I knew that their was something wrong. Also all players just earned 2200 in the last week probably using same things.

Players names are Ray/Toriel/Supercleave.
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#3902258 The sad, sad state of warriors pt.2

Posted by Mostvp71 on 19 June 2013 - 11:09 PM

I think one of the main problems is, since Cata, MS has been nerfed and most classes have it. Warriors were known for MS in Vanilla/BC/WoTLK, now that MS isn't nearly as good as it was back then, warriors really don't bring anything to the table besides damage, as stated before, we're just damage turrets.

As far as slows go, personally idk how people play without Piercing Howl, it should be baseline by now imo and replaced with a disorient of some sort, that way you can still pick up one of the 3 other shouts. I will say I miss imp hammy, but tbh I really don't hammy at all with PH.

If you think about it, warriors are pretty much replaced in every comp. Why? Like I said, hybrids/hunters etc bring WAYYY more to the table then we do and that's the problem. Nobody wants a warriors over a ret/enh/hunter/feral now simply because their utility is so much greater then ours is, off heals, cc, and they can equal or even exceed our burst, while still having all the utility.

Those are just some of the problems I see.
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#3889893 5.3 tomorrow; thoughts?

Posted by Mostvp71 on 21 May 2013 - 08:39 PM


I realize no battle fat, but still nearly 14k
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