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#1761234 Ammo Changes in Cataclysm

Posted nattehfat on 24 January 2010 - 05:30 PM

i hope the best ammo wont come from pve instancing

#1760979 Lock/Hunter/x

Posted Lyricalz on 24 January 2010 - 04:17 PM

Yumîî said:

would say with the resi change rdruid also is going to be very very strong as the 3rd. m8, because of the huge cc chain you can bring with a druid

I agree :) Old school HLD is going to be strong this season.

#1754481 Rank 1 Hunters and Representation

Posted Sparkys on 22 January 2010 - 08:03 PM

Your right, hydra and reckful are always just 100% right, they never make mistakes and are never in a bad spot.

#1748669 Rank 1 Hunters and Representation

Posted fant0m8 on 21 January 2010 - 08:50 AM

Rank 1 List by BG - including number of teams per BG and how many players on each BG.

Class Breakdown for Rank 1 - separate US and EU numbers.
:hunter: 6 - 9%
Total: 64 RGlads
:hunter: 5 - 6%
Total: 83 RGlads
Grand Total 3v3/5v5: 147

:hunter: 6 - 6%
Total: 101 RGlads
:hunter: 13 - 10.5%
Total: 122 RGlads
Grand Total 3v3/5v5: 223
(All credit to Chaimer for researching the numbers)

Combined US+EU class breakdown
:hunter: 6+6 = 12 - 7,3%
Total: 64+101 = 165 RGlads
:hunter: 5+13 = 18 - 8,8%
Total: 83+122 = 205 RGlads

Grand Total 3v3/5v5: 370
(Credit to Nat for putting the numbers together)

Of course, these numbers could drastically change when you expand this to all Gladiators (once that data's available), but we can at least start to see the big picture when we look at rank 1 teams.


As most of you could probably guess, we're the most popular MS class in 5v5. Given the fact that we can apply it at range, Hunters have been the go to "MS Bot" in 5v5 for several seasons. Shamans have high 5v5 representation for a similar reason (Bloodlust), though since their spell is even more mandatory than a ranged MS, you can see how ridiculously disparate their 3v3 and 5v5 representation is.

Despite claims of how dominant Beastcleave and Prot War/Hunter were in S7, we see Hunters at a respectable 7.7% in 3v3, tied with Shamans and Druids for 7th-9th place (poor :deathknight:).

Rogues, Mages, AND Priests are all significantly higher. In fact, Hunters are the least represented MS class AND pure DPS class (2nd least if you only count the 4 healing classes as Hybrids and count Tank/DPS classes as Pure for PVP purposes) in 3v3 RGlads.

So, what are your thoughts on Hunter representation among the Relentless Glads?


Some people are getting the wrong idea. I'm not fishing for buffs at all. This topic is about having a discussion, not whining. I think Hunters are VERY viable right now. The points I make above are simply there to try to counter the narrow-minded "Omg I lost to more than 1 Hunter in a season, nerf them" views that a lot of people have. In particular, if you check out the 2nd thread that I linked, there are some people acting like we have some ridiculously high representation, or are back to our "S5 levels."

I don't think Hunters need to be buffed at all, the only thing I'd change about the class (besides minor downward number tweaks) are BUG FIXES on a lot of our abilities. Bugs that conflict with the playability of the class (Auto Shot stuck on a different target, Master's Call unusable at times, Pets stuck on RoV, Traps not getting Spell Pen, etc), not bugs that would result in a major buff when fixed (remember what Blizzard said when they proposed that Vanish fix, the one that gave you a 1 second immunity when entering stealth, where no attack could break stealth, which they pulled from the PTR build before going live).

#1706263 Just pondering ARPEN and hunters.

Posted phunk on 11 January 2010 - 10:59 PM

would be fun if they made pets scale with arp, then we would see more difference in gearing on hunters, and there would be infinite debates just like on the warrior forum :)

#1696771 So yea... WTB a paladin.

Posted Levidian on 09 January 2010 - 07:02 PM

This should be a pretty good indicator of how reliant hunters are on freedom.

Posted Image

So yea WTB one of these sweet things called paladins.

#1701070 Hydra calls for hunter nerfs

Posted Granter on 10 January 2010 - 06:12 PM

When an RMP pwn the shit out of basicly anything ppl call it skill

When something beats an RMP ppl call it faceroll.

i lol'd

#1700487 So yea... WTB a paladin.

Posted Getrugged on 10 January 2010 - 02:41 PM

seyia, all the fuck you do is bitch and whine about hunters in every thread, i am not joking that i think all 37 of your posts are in the hunter forum or hunter related topics. You are in a shit battlegroup, have mediocre ratings, play pri-feral-rogue (SKILL SETUP) and have never got glad. You can leave now

#1700860 Hydra calls for hunter nerfs

Posted phunk on 10 January 2010 - 05:15 PM

Effy said:

Some mages use full resil gear versus specific hunter teams in tournaments or on live. Not like it makes a huge difference.. Blaming hunter damage because of the amount resilience mages use is a bit odd...

I would rather say that mages got a bad design. Revamp their shields and give them some proper ability instead. Mages are designed to be able to kite physical damage, but since thats not possible against a hunter they take massive damage. Instead of
nerfing the hunter they should fix mages.

#1700832 Hydra calls for hunter nerfs

Posted miklm on 10 January 2010 - 05:09 PM

I agree hunters need  a nerf, i'd rather have RMP nerfed though