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In Topic: Holinka leaving the World of Warcraft dev team

16 June 2017 - 12:13 AM

Not going to lie. This made me call my friends, we'll be resubbing in a month (when things settle down in the game)

In Topic: Blizzard PvP Developer Q&A | 2017 WoW Arena Championship Announcement

09 March 2017 - 11:44 PM

In regards to the Solo queue rated people have been discussing a lot lately, I believe it is one of (if not the only one) ways that PvP would survive in the game. it exists in every single game as a sort of semi-competitive kind of thing for people that aren't really into forming teams and going full competitive.

Stuff like making 2-heals 8-dps RBGs solo queue would be amazing and I have nothing against, in fact I think we need this. WoW PvP was supposed to be very fun and have everyone want to participate on it when they had spare time, but at this point people just rather do anything else than bothering to look for a team to play.

In Topic: Elite Tabards are back

03 February 2017 - 04:37 PM

Awesome, now all we need to do is Fire Holinka and we'll be calling it a day

In Topic: Upcoming Class Tuning Changes - 1/24/17

23 January 2017 - 07:28 AM

the way they justify those changes just prooves they're completely out of touch with their own game's design, even in a PvE standpoint.

All this pointless buffing and nerfing 24/7 with random changes to "see if it works" are just retarded.

In Topic: PvP Hotfixes: January 17

18 January 2017 - 09:31 AM

So Vampiric Touch lost 14% dmg for PvE reasons and now an extra 25% in PvP? I mean I'm not a fan of VT doing so much damage but damn, that seems like a huge nerf!

Its been some time since I felt like they were doing PvP changes at random, this patch basically confirmed it