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10 May 2013 - 11:24 AM

mean bean squad

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30 April 2013 - 04:19 PM

Heres my take on it. Wrath had it's fair share of problems with DK'S in s5, wizard cleaves (which I played), and beast cleaves. Yet, there were so many viable wizard combos, RMP and RLS was solid, shadowcleave, RPS, african turtle, Double healer warriors with shadowmourne etc. People discussed about being globalled in Wrath by a gimicky beast cleave, and I would like to point out in agreement with the above guy to defend this. Positioning meant everything in Wrath, if you got globalled it was your own fault, damage was preventable, and you could juke pretty effectively. Forget about the small amount of cases where cheese does occur (beast cleave in rov - which is no arguement for the experience of the whole of wotlk), generally if you were better than the other team you could outplay them and win.

I havent played MOP (I quit early cataclysm, like alot of people) but surely an expansion flooded with so much CC, interupts and instants makes the following above pretty much impossible to execute. From this perspective, perhaps skill in MOP has decreased, or perhaps due to the nature of the game people prioritise other skills instead which I am not aware of. Regardless, Wrath was a better expansion for arena. You can only take a look at how dead my battlegroup forums are now compared to how active it was back then to understand this.