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In Topic: It's just me or WoD is completely unfinished in PvP ?

19 November 2014 - 01:23 AM

Looks like ill buy the xpac in 6 months lololol. No but seriously i'm not surprised, there was a video showing retarded heals pre wod.

In Topic: My Thoughts on MoP PvP and the direction of WoD

12 November 2014 - 08:09 PM

Definetly agree, there is too many defensive cooldowns and it started to show in early Cataclysm. Probably the reason i quit, it's a very boring playstyle as a healer. What made healing fun was being able to juke, cast and los. What's not fun is knowing you can stand in the open, because you have many defensive cooldowns and instant spells to save you. Arena needs to be centric towards casting again, there is no counterplay to using instants.

In Topic: WoW Start date, Char names, server, PvP achievements

17 May 2014 - 05:45 PM

It's all fine and dandy pointing out the flaws or inferior mechanics from WOTLK or TBC to justify why it's similar or different to the most recent expansions, however at the end of the day, those expansions had a more active pvp community, and this in turn naturally breeds more skilled players. It's not just a point of view, it's a fact that's seen in any competitive environment.