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#3660352 Most influential players

Posted Wolfanized on 11 March 2012 - 12:43 AM

View PostNecrolina, on 11 March 2012 - 12:35 AM, said:

I wouldn't say that I have a role model, but back in the days the Francis movie had quite the impact on me. I rerolled soon afterwards and started playing in a serious and motivated manner for the first time. In BC there weren't too many player that I recall had a direct impact on me, but I do remember a few that made competing worthwhile (that being back with my original account / char). Watching older movies nowdays, such as the Hydra series and whatnot makes me realise, though, that what a player such as Hydra already did back in season5 (movements, positioning etc) is something that you can see practically every day regardless of the rating you play at, so I dare say some of these more well known players had a rather huge influence on the overall pvp population, even if only in an indirect way for the most of us here on AJ.

Its still not that common unless you're on one of these pvp hub type of realms such as SS, Outland or Aegwyn, but the overall quality most certainly deteriorated over the last couple of seasons. It becomes increasingly hard to judge whether a gladiator is truly better than someone without a title and you don't often (if ever) get that get sense of accomplishment you used to get for beating an "allstar" team anymore. But non the less, Gladiator is still a well respected title overall and those of us that feel its lost the weight it once carried are in the smallest minority.

I would have to 100% agree on you with the first part of your post, Players such as Hydra and key players from the early days really have shaped the way we PvP, by pushing the bounds and breaking away from the norm they have created some very useful and cunning tactics which can be found amongst almost all players these days. It was those early days, and those early players that helped shape and grow the PvP scene, those are the players i will always respect, Those are the true Gladiators.

It is also refreshing to see someone recognise and relate to the fact that although a majority of us here have become sour and put off by the illegitimate players out there and the somewhat degraded value of a Gladiator title, that there are still people out there who look up to those players, who when they see a Gladiator title do not immediately think of ways to falsify their accomplishment but look at them with a sense of respect and look at them as a HUB for information, as someone they can approach for advice and help in their current struggle and endeavours to advance, to break out of a place that all of us started from, The learning process.

#3660483 Average day on Hydra's stream

Posted Maajty on 11 March 2012 - 03:37 AM

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#3660400 Average day on Hydra's stream

Posted huurka on 11 March 2012 - 02:10 AM

View on Vimeo.

Enjoy, everyone.

Re-uploaded because YouTube took it down because someone reported it (Hydra??).

#3659641 So who cheated so far?

Posted Zeiyo on 10 March 2012 - 12:02 AM

only really know for own bg, these wintraded +160 rating second week of season and are now camping http://eu.battle.net...ck On Rank OnE/

havent heard much of ddosing so far, but with it happening so much in tournaments i can see it happening alot as the season comes to an end

and no the community is worse than ever

#3655283 Ranged attacks will be able to be dodged.

Posted Mirionx on 02 March 2012 - 05:51 PM

View PostShaftmster, on 02 March 2012 - 05:48 PM, said:

PvP is dead. cancel sub and play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or DotA 2.

Oh look it's you again, posting the same thing you've posted in the other 30 threads

#3653851 Blizzon 2010 wow final interview

Posted Minpojke on 29 February 2012 - 11:42 PM

well thats going to be impossible to find because draintrains team never made it to blizzcon

#3650915 Genetics: Outland (A) 2600+ Rbg guild recruiting!

Posted Pawzz on 26 February 2012 - 02:04 AM

View Postmisios, on 26 February 2012 - 01:58 AM, said:

no cunning

#3650030 Athene charity tourney

Posted misios on 24 February 2012 - 11:56 PM

I would very much like Athene to take distance from the braindeadly crew, they are ruining the tournament - and I actually think they are affecting the actual charity income with their attitute - a giving person is much less inclined to feel like giving to charity when some chavs are sitting on skype acting like 12 year olds who stole daddys jaeger.

#3650036 Athene charity tourney

Posted Øbe on 25 February 2012 - 12:09 AM

View Postmisios, on 24 February 2012 - 11:56 PM, said:

I would very much like Athene to take distance from the braindeadly crew, they are ruining the tournament - and I actually think they are affecting the actual charity income with their attitute - a giving person is much less inclined to feel like giving to charity when some chavs are sitting on skype acting like 12 year olds who stole daddys jaeger.

Don't think Braindeadly had anything to do with the idiocy, I barely heard him on skype even, it's just the fact Blazin doesn't give a shit because it's for Charity and he ain't getting paid.

#3649376 How to Stop DDoS

Posted aquatics on 24 February 2012 - 03:45 AM

Hello, my name is Merkx, and today I will show you how to stop DDoS/other internet problems. (If you know you're being DDoSd skip ahead to the bold)

1) If your internet is working for some applications and not others (i.e. skype works but WoW is lagging out) then you are NOT being DDoS'd. In most cases it means the DNS server you use is not working properly (comcast DNS servers are shit). If you have not set a DNS server then you are probably using your Internet Service Providers IP. I recommend switching to Google's or OpenDNS's server. Here's how:

http://i.imgur.com/I2VGU.png > right click your current connection and go to properties > press Internet Protocol Version 4 > properties > http://i.imgur.com/edr62.png

Mine is set to google's DNS servers, you can use whichever you want.

2) DDoS. You know you're being DDoSd if you gradually begin to lag on all programs using the internet and then disconnect from them. Sudden disconnects usually do not involve DDoS. People that DDoS you usually obtain your IP through skype or twitch tv and the amount of people that can DDoS you on the spot is surprisingly low **Do not go to DDoS as the first thing you blame when you disconnect from WoW**

But here is how to stop DDoS if you know you're being DDoSd:

Log into your router > find your mac address (should look like this http://i.imgur.com/6X5oc.png)> change one of the numbers to another number > save your settings and restart your modem

Don't change your mac address too many times per day as it might cause some problems with your ISP but this should change your IP making it impossible for the DDoSer to target you unless he/she gets your new IP (through skype/twitch/etc). Note: Doing ipconfig/release or restarting your modem/router alone will not stop DDoS.

Further Protection: If your attacker keeps finding your IP after changing your mac address try getting a VPN program like HotSpot Shield to "spoof" your IP after you have changed it.
Edit: More stuff to spoof your IP (use whichever lags you the least)

Happy Streaming.

#3647891 Abni

Posted Hyuru on 22 February 2012 - 12:40 PM

View PostGrimzie, on 22 February 2012 - 12:38 PM, said:

Why you heff to be mad?
Elfý's Hemorrhage hits Staysmalldøg for 28854 Physical.(Critical)
Rogue dmg:)
Pala was in PvP gear and had divine protection up (glyphed)

"Removes the physical damage reduction of your Divine Protection, but increases the magical damage reduction by 20%."

#3646459 EU Tournament For Charity

Posted Braindeadly on 20 February 2012 - 08:56 PM

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/eoi4c

European Online Invitationals tournament sponsored by Athene & Razer.
The goal is to raise $20,000 dollars for Charity


If you'd like to participate, please message me via PM on AJ as spots are limited. PM me ur armory, comp, team mate names and any other info that u think is necessary

The Qualifiers:
February 24th and 25th 7-11pm CET
March 2rd and 3th 7-11pm CET

The Tournament:
March 9th, 10th and 11th

Qualifier Bracket
Main Tournament: Group A Round Robin
Main Tournament: Group B Round Robin
Main Tournament: Finals (Single Elimination)

For more info and updates please check out facebook.com/eoi4c

Qualifiers: Double Elimination
Tournament: Round Robin
Total prize pool: 2000€ in Razer gear
1st Place: Select three Razer items (from headsets mouses and keyboards) for every player for a total of 1000€
2nd Place: Select two items 2x (from headsets mice and keyboards) for every player worth 600€
3rd Place: Select one item 1x (from headsets mice and keyboards) for every player worth 300€
This is the first tournament organized for charity, we hope future tournaments will bring a much bigger prizepool due to the succes of this one.


All rules are enforced based on the judgement of the Admins and Commentators, both of which hold the right to replay a specific match or disqualify a team from the tournament.

#1) Fear Ward, Water Elemental and other similar spells must only be used when the gates open. This should allow for similar times on cooldowns to a reglular game.

#2) Players cannot cast short term buffs under 30 seconds that would normally be cleared after when gates open until the EOI4C countdown is complete.

#3) Players must follow the simple rules that allow the spectator UI to work, failure to do this will require a restart of the game. Consistant failure may result in disqualification.

#4) The Following PVE gear is BANNED from use:
Anything obtained from Dragon Soul
Any heroic raid PVE gear
No Items obtained through Valor Points

The Following Gear is NOT BANNED from use:
All PVP gear
PVE gear from 5 mans
NON-Heroic Firelands or lower tier instances.

#5) Losers of each match will be able to choose a map that has not already been played. Nagrand will always be chosen first. In a best of 7 series a map cannot be played twice till all others have been chosen.

#6) Teams that fail to show up for an assigned time will risk disqualification.

Everyone is free to livestream the event and the AtheneLive stream in any shape or form.

Schedules coming soon.

Event inspired by the North American Online Invitationals.

Rules & Info are subject to slight changes coming within the next few days

#3644958 NAO twitch chat

Posted zephah on 19 February 2012 - 02:17 AM

Emphasize that EU vs US shit and all these Swifty jokes won't be tolerated, then just start banning.

These kids get 'time outs' for 10 minutes, come back in and just start all the nonsense again.

#3644915 Why hasn't Rsham dispel been nerfed yet?

Posted naebae on 18 February 2012 - 11:54 PM

The heal has a 6sec internal cooldown and priests can get it also by glyphing. Paladins can also glyph the mana cost down and it actually takes 3 talents to get all the benefits from it while other healers only need 1 talent to get the magic dispel. I agree that it is somewhat better than what other healers get but it is one of the least op things about resto shammys at the moment.

#3643087 Show me your transmogs my fellow Rogues!

Posted clusky on 16 February 2012 - 04:29 PM

Posted Image