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#2898787 Resto Druid General Gear Guide/Questions

Posted Táng1296684187 on 16 December 2010 - 07:38 AM

Hello there have been alot of questions lately regarding resto druid gear and across many different threads so so im going to just post a few things here in a single forum, some of you might already know them but i know some don't so hopefully this should help a few ppl out...
First off-
stat priority- Hit cap/spell pen cap>Int>Spirit>haste/crit>mastery

General stuff about stats=
hit cap= 4% (easily achieved with 1/2 Balance of Power)

**spell pen cap** = ***136*** here is wat is different about resto druids compared to other casters, other casters need 195 for pally/priest/sham BUT our spell school is not effected by pallys/priests. However, shammys totem does effect nature school which can lead to binary spell resists on our CCs but this is where you can take the gamble as most of the shams will use the mana spring totem but if you consistently see ones in your battlegroup using resist totem then it you will unfortunately have to get 195 spell pen
Thus we only really need to get to 136 to counter mage armor/Wild/BoK

Int- this is our most important stat as it provides crit/mana/spell power. Intellect thus provides more Hps and Mps than spirit. proven mathematically on EJ. use link as reference. http://elitistjerks....aclysm_release/

Spirit- Mp5

Haste/crit= highly debatable i personally prefer haste for faster cast times/gcd/hot ticking but now that our hots can crit some ppl lean more towards that nonetheless the stats will be forged into spirit when possible

Mastery- garbage

Now as it looks like mana conservation is going to be key in cata thus int will be our most important stat in arena 3s especially once some of the op burst gets fixed xD so i made these char builds with healing and mana as the key concept...only difference is haste v crit and  JC gems vs Non JC gems

JC gems-
Haste=  http://chardev.org/?profile=1382
Crit=     http://chardev.org/?profile=1383

Non Jc gems-  http://chardev.org/?profile=1380

Here is the optimal set for those who want the 4 piece resto bonus (JC gems included)-

random answers here-

Only real difference between 4/5 kodo hide and 2pc/2pc is 122 int vs 400 resil respectively.

you can swap spirit battlemasters for resil battlemasters if u find ur too low on resil

its better to use 40 int gems in blue/yellow gem slots as the set bonuses arn't worth it use the 2 yellow gems needed for meta on shoulders and chest as they provide best set bonus and blue gem slots to get your spell pen after that use int gem in extra blue slot as you gain much more from int than spirit in a blue slot or a int/crit int/haste in a yellow slot

spell pen from cloak enchant or the neck/back offpiece is inferior stat wise than gemming for it be it thru JC gems or non JC gems

I used blue arena gear as i figured thats where everyone will be at before the epic ones derp

anyone have any questions feel free to ask...:D

Edit: here are the two most Optimal Specs:

http://www.wowhead.c...cMzkuo:oVcsramc (No Nourish)
http://www.wowhead.c...cMzkuo:oVcsramc (Nourish)

I will also explain the specs here-

**Most of these points are standard and shouldn't need explaining to most resto druid pvprs (hopefully) so I am going to focus on the debatable ones starting from easiest to hardest

1) In a high level arena 3s enviorment Nourish is both HPS inefficient and unrealistic to cast reliability in consistently throughout games. Thus Empowered Touch is useless especially considering dispels and I personally prefer 3/3 Perseverance over Naturalist but hey everyone has there own personal preference

2) Balance of Power 1/2 is essential the easy hit cap it provides is too good to past up the main argument is whether to put that last point in Genesis or Moonglow I prefer Moonglow as 2 sec on dots doesn't give u another dot tick without considerable haste and 2 percent healing just isn't worth it too me. Blessing of the Grove is a horrible talent only effects Rejuv and only by 2% useless compared to Genesis (o yay 3% MF initial dmg cool)

3) The main argument people have been struggling is Furor vs Moonglow and I will here help enlighten the situation now this strictly applies to arena 3s, 5s and BGs havn't tested it for 2s yet but here it is guys. FUROR IS MORE MANA EFFICIENT THAN MOONGLOW!! now this isn't simply because it effects replenishment as some ppl been saying and for those who want mathematical data I will give a general simplified version here.

Other small things... with increased stratification on healing efficiency you can modify your total output with max mana thus with Moonglow doesn't give 9% mana reduction it is closer to 9.8% or for those who want to round it is more of a 10% reduction roughly.

availablemana=maxmana+constantregenpersecond*fight seconds+percentregenpersecond*fight seconds
One point in Furor would make this:
availablemana=1.05*maxmana+constantregenpersecond* fightseconds+1.05*percentageregenpe rsecond*fightseconds
One point in Moonglow would make it:
availablemana=(maxmana+constantregenpersecond*figh tseconds+percentageregenpersecond*fightseconds)/0.97

This is a basic formula resto druids can use factoring the average arena game time with their current mana regen rate with int/spirit as well as following the in combat rule as in 3s in its current state you are porbably not going to be able drink...which if you could drink would lean the math more towards Furor anyways.

When you break down Furor vs Moonglow... Moonglow only becomes more effective over significant periods of time with a certain amount of regen gear on that most pvprs won't be able to obtain without sacrificing resil and you must be casting heals such as Nourish consistently that do not use up your mana. When using expensive heals such as regrowth and rejuv or hell even wild growth our primary pvp heals Furor becomes much more effective mana wise. For Moonglow to become more effective Nourish and Lifebloom would have to be our primary heals and while lifebloom is still our main heal we can't realistically keep up our teammates with nourish and lifebloom thus resulting with Furor being the better stat from an Mp5 few. Also on a sidenote Moonglow loses a lot of its effectiveness if you arn't using every single global every time where while druids do need to maximize our globals there are times when we are shifting in out of snares thus effectively reducing Moonglow's benefits.

Plus the guaranteed Furor benefits are nice for more combos such as enrage+ bash and enrage + frenz regen.

TLDR: Furor will always be more beneficial than Moonglow for your mana in a PvP setting
+rep if helped xD