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#3212746 Ruins of Lordaeron port location

Posted bens on 29 April 2011 - 07:34 PM

wanted to share a tip with all of you warlocks  I've recently compiled over 1000 arena games on ruins and have come to the conclusion that this is the ULTIMATE port location. This took me over 6 months to collect all of the data needed to make this decision its a way to port
without kiting away from the tomb into the goddamn open and getting shit on if a hunter has to chas eu like that while a rogue on him
he is goin to disengage to get to you and ur dps will be able to stick him harder and mages will have to blink in to the tomb and ur healer has perfect los to both sides and can swap over the top if needed pretty easily. At first glance it looks like a mess but i promise just look it over color coded for your fuckin ass and everything. fuck. truly a masterpiece
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#3166759 Feral / Warrior / Priest

Posted Isoqt on 05 April 2011 - 04:44 AM

Hey, I'm a random-bad-never-been-glad, but I have some suggestions for you as I've played this comp to 2726 with a 2800+ mmr before my priest and warrior decided to try kfc instead.

Gear is always an issue, however, with a feral druid and a  :warrior: WARRIOR :warrior:  anything is possible.

Against kfcs, your feral needs to open quickly on their warrior with you and all of your opening control needs to be on the hunter. If you start with clone on the rsham/priest, somebody is going to die. Period. The insane pressure kfc can put out in openers with even just scatter and silencing shot is disgusting (lol colossus smash). Most hunters will trinket the first cyclone. This leaves them open to a bash from your feral once he has full bleeds running, or a charge ----> fear. Once full bleeds ARE running on the warrior dr from stuns should be coming off so either put him in a full throwdown or maim and toss the next clone on the shaman/priest. This will force either trinket, shield wall, ps, ect. Maybe all of them if the kfc is bad and loves to overlap. If he trinkets to wall, offensive clone, and make a swap. But the second the clone drops get back on him. If the game lasts this long, you're in very good position for a win because if your druid is cycloning the hunter/healer on dr the pressure output is lacking and healer is raging, which makes for an easy win. Tell your feral to always try and watch for scattershot on your healer, if he saves a cyclone proc for the second the healer gets scattered, he can clone before the hunter even shoots his trap off <--- Pro. Also, you need to watch/eat traps for your healer whenever possible. It isn't always, but it can be game-breaking. Also, keep in mind, kfc damage is insane, HOWEVER, once your feral has full bleeds rolling and berserk up your team's damage is superior. Playing with a feral is just more difficult because our dps has a higher ramp-up time.

Against WLS, I have no personal experience. However, if we were to play one, I'd think we'd start hard on the warlock with sweeping strikes and probably BS, with control on the warrior. If you go to them, your feral should be in range of kicks and the warrior will probably trinket an early clone/throwdown. If he does, or pops reck, swap to him with everything you have (having feral save berserk for this point). With a lock on the team, the early pressure they put out isn't going to be as strong as yours. After you've forced some trinkets in that opener, just have your feral trying to kick every fear ever while you train the warrior to the ground. If he can't kick a fear, have him clone them. Also try to have your priest only go for fears on the warlock while the shaman is cloned. Chances are if he goes for the shaman frequently, he'll just get feared/charged to and shit on, or if he reaches the shaman he'll just tremor it. But that extra 5-6 seconds of control while the shaman is cloned can be huge. With your feral able to remove hexes instantly, it really shouldn't be all that rough of a game (gear will help you.).

Against pmr, we have never lost. Granted, I think the highest pmr we've played on our BG was 2450-ish. Maybe 2500. I'm not sure how well you do against mages if your priest can spam dispel you and the mage, but my warrior shits on them. What we do is wait for the sap on our priest, when that happens, their priest is over behind a pillar somewhere and I'm usually waiting to pounce to him. The second I see sap go off and mage is out of invis (if he was), I open on the priest. Usually the mage is waiting relatively near you to start the pain. At this point, think of it as a 2v2. Mage/rogue vs. Priest/Warrior. Except, take the rogue out of the picture. As I said, I open on the priest behind the pillar whenever possible. I get full bleeds running on him and sprint back to my warrior, and clone the rogue. At this point, the rogue will usually trinket (everything always trinkets clone in my experience because everyone hates it). Have your priest look for fear ward, then fear him. Once I get that first clone on the rogue, I never leave the priest the rest of the game and I stay away from mages because when the kitty gets cold he gets sad. Your job as the warrior is to never leave the mage. The priest will make his way to his partners, as he does you're staying offensive as best you can on the mage while your feral is on the priest. Have your feral use cyclone and maim on the PRIEST on dr. (Yes, I know he's supposed to be killing the priest.) This will make the priest fall behind on healing as you're trucking the mage and bleeds are eating away at the priest slowly. Splitting dps like this has never once failed us so I hope it works well for you. Also, you can call for clones on the mage when/if you can't reach him, don't be afraid to. Instant clones are disgusting overpowered in the right hands! With the feral sitting hard on the priest, he never reaches your priest for fears. Hopefully your priest is los'ing polys and dispelling the balls out of you while the rogue sits a thousand fears, cyclones, and throwdowns on cd/dr. We've had pmrs try to kill me (the feral) before, and when they do I just go bear, play gay, los, and watch as my warrior solos priests all day erryday. If your feral dies, he either isn't cycling cds correctly, overlapping, or isn't in bear form when he needs to be. When I die, 99% of the time, that's why.

I'm a random bad duelist so this may not be the best advice you ever get, but I hope it helps. Sorry for the wall of text. I just saw you're running the comp I loved playing so I got all excited and carried away. Good luck in your games.  B)

~Edited to attempt to make it less wall, more text. XD