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In Topic: This Darkened Heart - A Shendelz PVP Guide (6.0.3)

Today, 01:16 AM

It's a stupid term that basically means "where the game currently is in its evolution of how it is played by its players". EU and NA have different "metas" because they are largely different player groups who take the the game "to the next level" in different directions. The "meta" evolves over the course of the season, and will change based on patch notes and new discoveries of mechanics.

Some examples are right now unholy is better than frost on EU, but frost is better than unholy on US. In Mists of pandaria, alliance was the better faction to be on EU, while horde was the better faction on US. cleaves are more popular on US right now, while "skill comps" are more popular on EU. Survival hunters were more popular in seasons 8 on KR, While marksman was the only spec played during season 8 on US.

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Yesterday, 08:11 PM

Even though it's good, cleaving with a rdruid is incredibly frustrating as a dk. You literally feel like arthas chasing the 5 man party down in the 3rd five man ICC instance. Slowed. For literally ever.

In Topic: Frost doing more sustained and twice the burst?

Yesterday, 05:14 AM

I see combat rogues about the same damage single target as a frost dk. the cleaving is what puts us higher on the scoreboard. given the rogue class's mobility and utility, thats pretty insane.

then again rets do more damage single target and their "whirlwind" crits for like 50k so F U HOWLING BLAST AND F U WHIRLWIND ALL I NEED IS DIVINE STORM

In Topic: Frost doing more sustained and twice the burst?

Yesterday, 02:56 AM

My warrior has an unenchanted blue weapon and crit for 50k on some rogue in a battleground. Harder than my dk hits, usually. Dk has epic weapon

wild strike is way more spammable than obliterate is too

In Topic: This Darkened Heart - A Shendelz PVP Guide (6.0.3)

Yesterday, 02:49 AM

View PostForumz, on 18 December 2014 - 01:03 PM, said:

On EU the best DKs all play Unholy though. There's a couple of Frost DKs in there but not many.

It's just different metas really.

Yeah, I agree. I always forget that you play over on EU. It just doesnt workout over here, I really tried to make it work though. Uphill battle, I havent play with a ret this season yet though and I feel that is probably why this is harder than it should be