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Basic RLS overall

05 December 2016 - 05:13 PM

An few oldschool friends of mine are getting back into the game and want to arena. I'm going to play with them, but I don't believe in Shadowcleave right now, or probably ever again.
So I'm dusting off the wrath of the Lich King rogue, and that was probably the last time I played it.

I'm looking for basic strategies:

Spec; I originally ditched my rogue when I learned in cata that mutilate wasn't going to be a thing. I enjoyed playing it in TBC and Wotlk. I'd prefer to keep it that way - yes I know sub is the way to go for most comps. How does mutilate work out who RLS? Can both specs be played? Are there different strategies when playing sub as opposed to mut?

Matchups; uphill battles and counters - specific ways to handle them

General targeting; killing healers? Start to finish? Swapping targets?

Niche talents for niche situations

Mirror matches

Peeling; as a DK, traditionally, the only way to peel was to do more damage and scare them off of your partner. Obviously rogues have a vast toolkit with almost always an answer to any given situation. When is it a good idea to peel? When is it a good idea to just deal more damage?

I've always done my best to give to this community when I was a knowledgable player, hoping I can learn from some great players