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In Topic: mop private servers

18 April 2017 - 09:46 PM

Strictly speaking arena, mop was actually pretty fun/good.

Sure there were a few things that were broken here and there, but there were in every expansion. In wrath, you had Death Knights running around 2 shotting people with icy touch, mutilate crtting for half your health bar, druids who were not viable healers, and thats all just in the first season. Then you had prot specs running rampant later, and eventually orange weapons and full pve gear playing double healer warrior. 

Dont get me wrong, I loved wrath, and look back on it very fondly, but it was far from perfect.

In mop, you had the same shitty start as wrath, with hunter stampede 1 shotting everything, and then you had this

later we saw rise to elemental shaman and the meatball spam. But the expansion did have its good bits for sure. The most noticeable thing is that tyrannical, grevious, and prideful (moreso the later two) comp diversity was high, similar to how it was in season 9 (arguably the best season of cata), and season 8 (probably the best season of wrath). When we look at other expansions, like wod and to a lesser extent legion, we dont really see a high diversity in team competition. There is always a "best" class this or that comp, and that class will outshine all others of its type (for the most part)  

In Topic: "Like the WoW PvP forums without the garbage."

12 December 2016 - 04:04 PM

Glad season 13 as survival PHDK. Fighting the wizard cleaves when ams broke from one ice lance, and the ret hunters, jungles

In Topic: its hilarious how blizzard

12 December 2016 - 03:56 PM

oh wait

In Topic: Demon Hunter 7.1.5 Discussion topic!

10 December 2016 - 04:57 PM

when you get happy and see they put anti mage in world of warcraft, and then you read the ability  :(  :(  :(

In Topic: MoP s15 arena server (open to suggestions/ different patches)

10 December 2016 - 04:52 PM

I had more fun and spent more time playing on wotlk AT during MoP, even with an active subscription... I don't think many will want to play on it, except the people that got into arena and got high during it. It's just my personal opinion, but I thought MoP gameplay was one of the lowest points in WoW history.

s15 had a variety of viable comps, dot snapshotting, fast paced damage for fast paced reactions

I'm sure all you are remembering is season 12 when KFC ran around 1 shotting everything with stupid warriors and bugged hunter pets but it was one season, not the whole expansion



WOD was the lowest points in wow history