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WoW down to 7.7m, Vivendi finally sells

26 July 2013 - 03:45 PM


I find it pretty hilarious that a Chinese company is going to own Blizzard. Passive or not, it's a sign of the times.

Also, I am baffled by the mental gymnastics that people will go through to explain yet another 600k drop in the last 3 months.

Suddenly there are "mid expansion" breaks that everyone goes on, just so they can continue quitting for the "end of expansion break."

Never mind the fact that there was never any significant drop in subscribers no matter what point in an expansion WoW was at until Cata. Never mind the fact that the next expansion hasn't even been announced and Blizzard said they don't even know if this PTR is going to be the final raid tier!

It couldn't have anything to do with this expansion being horribly themed and unappealing to Warcraft fans on the PVE side of things, right? There's no way that basing an entire expansion on retconned lore and a gimmick race that everyone predicted would be a horrible idea could have turned out to be a horrible idea. Especially since the great Chris Metzen is still writing everything!


The worst sign for me is that Blizzard has continued their trend of not separating EU/US and Asian subscribers. In Asia (mostly China) they don't pay monthly subscriptions. They pay by the hour, and it's very cheap. Also anyone that plays 1 hour a month is considered a "subscriber" in this 7.7 million number.

Last time they lost a million players in 3 months, Blizzard claimed that all the losses happened in Asia. I don't see any such excuse this time.