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In Topic: Demon hunter talent prefrence

16 September 2016 - 08:20 PM

So far I've been running Nemesis + Chaos Blades on hard switches. I've been running Bloodlet in BGs and Felblade anywhere else because Felblade is ALMOST the same dmg as a chaos strike, and is a generator and a gap closer. The Dmg from bloodlet pads, but it doesn't seem to do much in arena or even in BG's with 2-3 healers. So op In 1v1 though.

Rain from Above is going to be really good vs TSG like teams, basically anything thats meele cleave. It also hits for like 120k Per lance and can surprisingly make for good switches since it's hard to notice you're being hit by fel lance until you're 50% hp and then get switched to, know what i mean?

The reason I love DH is all the shit you can do though. I dont think there is one right way to play. Obviously there is w/ diff comps.

P.S Darkness the 70% AoE dodge for X seconds is super good, but impossible to make work unless you're in skype, so if you're grinding honor levels in random BGS or w/e don't expect anybody to know what it does. BUT, i wonder if it's possible to Shadowmeld +darkness then try and cap? i think dodging might not interrupt the cap, but idk I havent played in forever.

Hopefully this thread gets more discussion because I'd like to see what other people think more in depth, esp once the season starts.