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Posted noobie25 on 23 January 2013 - 03:22 PM

WW is surprisingly strong in 2v2 though. Mostly because the spec's weaknesses aren't so apperant when you fight healer/dps. Against double dps it is obvious why they don't work in 3v3 though.

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Posted noobie25 on 23 January 2013 - 03:57 PM

It's not an assumption, I play WW/Disc on 2k+ in 2v2. WW Monks shine against healer/dps because they have so many peels to rotate through. The main problem is not being able to kill hpala/x unless they screw up bigtime.

Against double dps it's extremely hard to win if they're playing with a hybrid (shadow or feral being the main culprits). The issue being that it takes forever to get tigereye brew stacks and in the meantime the enemy team can almost freely turret damage because there is no pressure from the monk.

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Posted noobie25 on 23 January 2013 - 04:04 PM

What makes you think I'm saying those two classes are good or bad. I'm saying they can perform well in an environment where their weaknesses aren't so easily exploited, that environment being 2v2. It really is not hard to play ww/healer up to decent ratings in 2v2 as long as both players know wtf they're doing. The class being shit overall has nothing to do with that.

WW damage is good enough to run a healer oom -eventually- if played well enough and if the enemy team is not healer/warrior or healer/mage (good mages, not shit ones).

Resto Druids can be killed in a good swap with purged HoTs and healer assisted damage,
Holy Paladins can be killed with good offensive dispels and tunneltunneltunnel all day
Disc Priests die to WW Monks eventually if they don't get enough peels. (stop the peels > gg)
MW Monks go oom.
Resto Shaman is same as Resto Druid. Stunlock/silence while teammate spams purges and damage assist.

#3826097 WW Monk / Disc Priest @2k, bring on 5.2!

Posted noobie25 on 22 December 2012 - 06:09 PM

A little something I made after we reached 2k in 2v2 as ww monk/disc priest. This is one of the more interesting games we played, but shows the uphill battle we fight almost every game.

Don't forget to watch on highest quality! Enjoy.

New vid is up!

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Posted Requiem4 on 20 December 2010 - 02:12 AM

Plurals, sorry but you're terribly wrong. While some may view Watlok as cynical, imo he's just being a realist. The point of BETA is to find and address issues PRE RELEASE. Many of the issues were mentioned through out beta. And, I was in wotlk beta. I don't know who you were speaking to back then but EVERYONE said dks were out of control, for multiple reasons in multiple specs, pve and pvp. They still went live and went mostly unchecked the entire season.

Issue is blizzard is a company, a big company. A company controlled and directed, aimed at few things: quarterly revenue, predetermined hard-fastened release dates and delivering a "quality" product while keeping overhead low. Quality product may sound good to you, but what it really means is something that will attract, distract and keep their entire target userbase. That means COOL things like shinny new mounts and dragons and the ability to FLY(!) and endless dailies and grinding to pull us back in... that doesn't mean endgame will be perfect, and as long as everything else is in line they don't care. With these hard-fastened deadlines as soon as you hear about the "final" release date, they're already working on the next thing. Sure they have a team trying to keep "live" rolling, but it's not the entire company's efforts like you seem to believe. They're already designing and creating the next xpansion, if not literally, conceptually.

The only way to get blizzard's attention back on "live", on the userbase, is by TELLING them(over and over, and over) what's wrong and why, either that or we shutup and deal with it. So all of this "it'll be fine, just wait" talk is nonsense.

#2909128 Bilian's Blog About Priests

Posted Watlok on 19 December 2010 - 11:31 PM

There was this thing called beta. The WoW community is pretty sad, always deluding themselves in to thinking they haven't had enough time to fix things.  

"FFS THEY WILL FIX IT IN CATA" - A year and a half ago, while tons of things are completely broken
"FFS IT WILL BE FIXED GIVE THEM TIME" - Every season ever, yet the biggest problems are never addressed
"ARENA HAS ONLY BEEN ACTIVE FOR 2 WEEKS" - Now, after months of beta with people making the same complaints

It's broken.  It will hopefully be patched.  It's completely dishonest to say that they haven't had enough time or that it is a priority for them.  The entire model of cataclysm doesn't work right now.  It probably won't work for the rest of the expansion unless they make some drastic changes to instant cc (including interrupts), immunities/defensive abilities, and healers. It's generous to say it was a half-baked idea.

It took them two years to remove sacred cleansing and frost warding.  It took them three seasons to nerf protection.  In three+ years they haven't fixed arena map issues that are simple to fix, and on top of that they managed to break blade's edge in cata beta and decided "blink doesn't need to work here" because it still hasn't been fixed.

It took them a week and a half to nerf rogue/priest due to the 2s bracket despite dks dominating for an entire season before and the comp just being a flavor of the month, and then a week later they announced they will "focus" on balancing in 3v3/5v5.  They never did, and the nerf wasn't undone despite wreaking havoc on rogue/priest synergy in 3v3/5v5.

The facts don't line up with the active imaginations of most of you.  The fact is simple: learn to play under the current conditions, because they're here to stay, or pack it up.

#2902838 A real look at Feral Dmg.

Posted Zong on 17 December 2010 - 03:49 PM

Never cared about the damage, the bleeds were a little silly, but that was never the problem.

Melee classes that can spam break any snare or root isn't balanced with the interrupt and survivability that they have.

#2895048 Compilation of broken things

Posted Kelarm on 15 December 2010 - 04:38 AM

I'm just wondering, who was sitting around at work and looking at wizard cleave in s8 and thinking...

Frost mages...what do these guys really need to be solid at 85.  Hmmm...novas, yes....stun, good....what are we missing here...