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In Topic: B├ąten's Mistweaver Monk Guide

19 March 2014 - 02:04 PM

Hey Baten,

very nice guide! Is it updated for 5.4 yet? It was mentioned somwhere in this thread but I just want to make sure .)
What is your stand on Uplift at this point? Should I just remove it from my action bar (aka never use it) and if I have chi use Enveloping Mist instead and when shit hits the fan use my GCD for spheres?

Had my monk going WW, but since I switched to my shaman again I feel like I want to try healing with something and my S13 geared monk just asks for it (instead of item upgrade just purchase MW gear).
Also is it worth doing dmg in kill attempts (as in rolling in for jab/kick) in 3v3? Or do I just support my DPSs with Lightning?
In 2v2 it probably is when one of the enemy is CCd, but I don't know what I can allow to do in 3s.


In Topic: New Arena Shammy!

19 March 2014 - 08:25 AM

I just have to say hi to Tortoise .)

Anyway, all the forementioned addons are great!
I used to use "Mik's scrolling combat text" because it showed what buffs I have purged - which is extremely usefull against priest and mages. Not as useful as it used to be, but still to instantly see that you have purged barrier or fear ward is huge.
If Shaman Friend does that, I would go for that one.

Good luck and see you around!

In Topic: Elemental glyphs

13 March 2014 - 01:08 PM

Thank you Zenga for response.

I think you summed it up pretty nicely, which is exactly what I was looking for. I rather know a bit more rather than get to know it too late by trial and fail .)
My thought process was actually pretty similar (duh) concerning shamanistic rage glyph. It make sense, but I rather see it black on white, because things tend to sometimes slip my mind, therefore I am very glad you replied.
I remember using thunderstorm glyph back in WotlK, but then again there weren't any other usable glyphs ^^
Grounding totem intrigued me, but I would be afraid of its horrendous cooldown. It might be fun from time to time though since noone is expecting it. Reflected cyclone or hunter's trap might be fun to watch. (haha, reminded me of old 1% reflect meta gem and reflected insta pyroblasts.)).

I was also thinking something around "glyphs vs. certain combos list" line.
vs  Mage/spriest I would probably take windwalk totem, drop capacitor and swapped totemic projection for call of the elements?
vs Melees Earthgrab odds are probably in favour of earthgrab, but vs melee/caster combos I still wonder. Rogue/mage Earthgrab, War/mage windwalk?
combos without shaman/drood/mage - take Hex?
Don't really know when to take glyph of flameshock - hunters? So I can drop my FS on pet and get some extra healing out of it as well as my Lava Surge procs?
and take healing stream glyph for combos like mage/moonkin?
If it is really worth it.

Thanks for a discussion!