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#4353498 Why don't you have a Girlfriend Junkie?

Posted by kelminak on 12 January 2015 - 09:09 PM

I also heard gfs are great for cardio...If you know what I mean :wub:

You don't really burn that many calories w/ sex honestly (~100 per hour for guys). You can do ~3x that with 20-30 minutes of cardio on a treadmill. This thread has so much hilarious cluelessness in general though. You want a solid solution that will apply to multiple people here for getting a girl?
  • Stop being a weeaboo
  • Get rid of all of your anime shit
  • Clean up your appearance
  • Work out a few times a week
  • Pretend like you're cooler than you are.
Minus the weeaboo shit (I was never that socially retarded), that's all I had to do from being a beta turbo-nerd virgin to a stable relationship for over three years now. I won't give long-term advice since I don't think three years is very long, but if you consider yourself "friendzoned" or are having difficulties with women, don't you think doing what you've been doing doesn't work and you should consider making some changes? Granted you can settle for a women who is equally socially deficient, but I imagine most guys aspire to something better. :confused:

Also damn I know I'm late to this party, but this quote:

For me personally, having a girlfriend would mean I made a mistake in most cases. Although I am driven to lust after women in a rather unfair and.. hormonal way, I am capable of restraining myself sufficiently to realize how few women are actually worthy of me in a relationship.

I don't mean that egotistically, I just feel like I haven't met any person that made me feel like I didn't need to meet anymore people. Too many guys find girls who are simply hot enough, and try to make the rest work. A lot of you guys are pretty young, but lives start getting real heavy towards the end of long term relationships. All the bad shit that is going to happen to you in your life is going to happen to you, most likely, because of a relationship.

Should only settle down with women that you really like, shouldn't look at having a girlfriend like it's some job that needs to be done at all times by some woman. Being independent can't be undervalued or understated. The longer you live with women, the lazier you'll become.

Hear me now, believe me later I guess. Good luck, boys.

Do you realize that you sound like a sociopath near the start there? I agree that independence in a relationship is important, but what qualifications do you have that make you so grand other than some glad titles (yes, I need to go to jelly school). Maybe I just need to understand what experience you're speaking from that makes you feel that most women aren't "actually worthy of me in a relationship".
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#4321068 Best way to track rend?

Posted by kelminak on 27 December 2014 - 11:14 PM

Thanks for all of your help. I was able to find an addon I like to use going forward. Also, I learned about the Rend burst damage at the end (which I was totally clipping before), so I'll work to avoid that going forward. Again, thanks!!
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#4296051 Warrior

Posted by kelminak on 12 December 2014 - 06:55 PM

Arms is trash and needs too many buffs to be competitive.

Hope for nothing

Your nonstop pessimism used to be amusing to read, but now it's just getting sad/annoying/boring.

Everyone needs to chill the fuck out. They're clearly not going to leave Warriors in their current state, so let's see what else they've got in store. It hasn't even been a full two weeks into the season for fuck's sake.
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#4289707 Gladiator Warrior is Being Nerfed Tomorrow (12/8)

Posted by kelminak on 08 December 2014 - 03:49 PM

Remove glad's retarded purge and ill be ok with them lol

I, too, hate the Prot Warriors that are absolutely destroying the ladders right now. I, too, hate when a class has something to bring to the table.

dunno mate, you are american.

Could have just been that you're dumb as fuck

Yay stupid generalizations about a country with 300 million people. You go you!
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#3818946 PvP Related Blues

Posted by kelminak on 11 December 2012 - 06:24 PM

¨What do you think of DK survival in pvp? I quit mine because I realized in premop patch that we were going to be easy target
If you can get a DK to blow all def cooldowns, then they're easier to kill, but you still have Blood Presence.

Why is Blood getting nerfed PvP wise? We have no mobility what so ever.. we are easily kited.WTF. Compensate for the nerf?

We don't like invulnerable tanks in PvP even if they are slow. Blood had too much self-healing in PvP.

I...but...you just...I thought... :confused: :confused: :confused:
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#2828546 Posting Links

Posted by kelminak on 19 November 2010 - 06:53 PM

This would actually be borderline sticky-worthy if you had presented it in a more helpful fashion. You could say something to the effect of:

"Hello fellow AJ users,

I noticed that frequently people with under 100 posts create links that are frustrating to copy such as:


These cause you to remove a bunch of extra characters and is often more work than some people are willing to put forth. Instead, the only portion that needs to be changed is the removal of the www. portion of the link, like this:


If you could follow this posting format it would greatly benefit the ArenaJunkies community. Thank you."

Well shit I did the work for you lol
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#2616805 [Rogue] Finding other rogues

Posted by kelminak on 15 September 2010 - 12:35 AM

you're a fucking idiot if you sprint before you open.

I hope this is a joke :rolleyes:

Anyway, finding other Rogues in stealth is a bit tricky when you're first getting started because it's something that other classes don't do in the same manner. A lot of finding a Rogue is based on analyzing the situation and reacting based on that. I have two examples from a couple games I played recently:

1) One of my teammates got sapped while the rest of his team was very far away. Based on how my teammates where positioned, I guessed the path that he was taking to the target he was opening on and sapped him before he had the chance to open.

2) A super-excited Rogue ran mounted out of the gates and jumped into stealth in a direct path toward my teammates. I figured he was going to just go for a fast Sap, so I angled myself perpendicular to the path he should be taking and easily found him as he was bolting in my team's direction.

As you can see it's all about prediction and putting yourself in a position where you will be able to find them. Keep in mind that you only see things in front of you in Stealth, which is why it's important to not only face one direction when searching for other Rogues. Try to make a path that can cover a wide area while not leaving yourself open to being Sapped from behind (putting your back to a wall/pillar if the situation permits).

After you have some more experience you begin to start having "feelings" about where other targets are in Stealth. I sap Boomkins and Ferals all of the time because I just "feel" where they are based on where everyone else is positioned. If you keep practicing you'll probably get to this point as well!

Hopefully this gives you a little bit of help, and if you have any other questions feel free to ask :)
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#2446918 [Hunter] Confused about the Hunter's Arena Role

Posted by kelminak on 26 July 2010 - 07:47 PM

Well if you're wanting to achieve higher ratings there isn't any reason to gimp yourself by playing a less popular comp? Did you ever check out the Beast Cleave guide that Jazzit made? http://arenajunkies....ad.php?t=162309 This might give you a little help when playing it, but in general it's probably not your specs since you can take almost anything to 1800. You didn't answer my question about the keybinds and such, have you guys all done that?
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#2436728 [Warlock] Wits End

Posted by kelminak on 23 July 2010 - 09:08 PM

1) Take a screenshot of your UI and post it here for us to look at.

2) How do you communicate in a match? What are you calling out?

3) Are you chaining CC? 2s IMO is not the easiest bracket to get 1800 in, but in 3s with your RS you could pick up a Rogue and do RLS.

4) Have you read How To: Improve Your Arena Ratings?
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#2415848 [Rogue] Sub!

Posted by kelminak on 17 July 2010 - 06:38 PM

Hi Shoelaces,

You definitely want to keep Hemo up, and then use Backstabs to build up combo points. The poison setup you described is what I use as well. What you want to do with your dance is build up combo points for a Kidney, then pool until you have a full Energy bar then Kidney and dance. That way you'll get the most out of your dance by getting more Ambushes. Although that would be an *ideal* situation, sometimes you'll notice you're in a position to burst someone down but your Kidney Shot is on cooldown, so don't feel like you're restricted to only using it when it's up. Just pay attention to the game and when you feel it's a great opportunity communicate it with your partner so you can burst together.
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#2354712 How to find partners?

Posted by kelminak on 01 July 2010 - 04:29 AM

Hi Kazerix,

I hope you've already read through my sticky at the top of the Waiting Room, because it gives a tonload of advice and ideas about how to find arena partners. You can find it here:


Another thing that I want to mention is that a really easy way to get your first taste of success in arena is starting a 5v5 team. It's generally considered a joke bracket since you can burst someone down really quickly without a lot of skill, but it helps with getting better gear and maybe a little bit more recognition. By looking at your gear it looks like you've been to at least 1800 before, so grab some 1800-quality players and see if you can get a 5v5 going. I played a RMPLS with a Mage that was less than vocal and barely Polymorphed and still managed to get to 1800 (she was very new to arena though so the way she performed for the experience she had was actually pretty decent), and then after switching out that person we easily jumped to 2k before we had issues getting everyone online at the same time. People often judge at first glance by gear, and getting your 2k shoulders even from 5s shows that you're at least somewhat competent about the mechanics of the game.

From what I'm reading it doesn't look like you're on a very popular server, and that can always provide some problems as well. If it really becomes an issue where there is no one at your skill level (either too high or too far below) then you might consider transferring to a more populated server. I just took my Rogue from Kilrogg (I could actually name every successful Alliance PvPer) to Korgath and I've been having a great experience with some really friendly people (I have the rank 1 rogue on the bg giving me lots of tips on how to get better, gear better, etc).

I hope this helps you out, and if you have any more questions feel free to ask away :)
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#2224869 [Warlock] RoV Shadowbite fix?

Posted by kelminak on 28 May 2010 - 06:46 PM

If you use a pet ability manually then it normally unsticks the pet.

For my hunter i normally just pin to get it unstuck.

Yep this is right, I use Leap with my ghoul to get it unstuck in RoV.

"You must spread some reputation around before giving it to Amiza again."

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#2223625 [Paladin] LF a "Mentor"

Posted by kelminak on 28 May 2010 - 09:55 AM

horde have 10 min queues, ally have instant queues

Oh sad :(
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#2211748 [Death Knight] DC or DBW

Posted by kelminak on 24 May 2010 - 10:40 PM

Death's Choice.
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#2211386 [Druid] Super quick question

Posted by kelminak on 24 May 2010 - 08:06 PM

Hi Carebeer,

First of all congratulations on 1800! Here's the low-down on weapons:

The mace has better mana regeneration capabilities. If you were focused on 2v2s this would be a good option so that you can keep your mana up.

The dagger has haste, which helps reduce your global cooldown (and maybe increases the speed of HoTs? I haven't checked how haste affects Druids). This is more ideal for 3v3s because you're going to usually have much shorter games and you'd rather pump out as many HoTs as you can in a short period of time instead of worrying about running out of mana.

I hope this gives you what you're looking for, feel free to ask more questions and welcome to AJ :)
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