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In Topic: Increasing Arena Participation

16 May 2013 - 08:01 PM

Also from a more general pvp standpoint, some of the changes I'd like to see to pvp are

-  For all of the cc, if it's instant in specific dr schools ( fear, poly ), make it apply 2 dr's instead of 1
   i.e. If you cast a fear with no dr's, you are feared for 8 seconds, then casting a second fear causes you to be feared for 4
         If you instant cast a fear (howl, warrior fear, blood fear), you are feared for 8 seconds, and casting a second fear causes you to be feared for 1, and make you immune to fear
   As far as dr schools go, fear/poly ones are the only ones i can think of, since all of the stuns are instant as it is, and there arent any non instant horrors, and disarms are not really an issue.

- Random class based issues, not comprehensive at all, just random musings
  * Hunter
        This part may be a tad biased, but  make hunter pet cc (web wrap etc, not the stun) apply a bleed of some sort for 3 seconds after the effect is over
  * Mage
        Give them some sort of an effect like survival hunters where they do more damage if they are standing still for like 2 seconds, and overall nerf their damage a tad
  * Priest
        This is somewhat random but, for shadow make PoM heal for more and take out flash heal
  * Shaman
         Take out the talent that getting rid of totem makes the cd shorter, make totem hp baseline for most totems, not things like earthbind ( don't remember if its a glyph or a talent now) and put some other talent in there, like, Empowered Totems: make your next healing/mana tide/stormlash/capacitor twice as effective
   * DK
         Mostly just have issue with being able to instantly pop things like AMS, then pop every damage cd and just able to spam out so much damage that you are never forced to go defensive until AMS is up again (random example). To curb stuff like that, maybe make gargoyle only poppable in unholy for free RP, and cost RP in blood so you have some sort of a window to get peeled with damage.
         Also I'm not too sure how desecrated ground works, but if it does the way I think it does, instead of making you immune to all cc while on it, at least make all cc act like it's on the 1/4th DR
   * Monk
         Maybe not make punchmonks able to do literally zero besides like 1 chi wave in ring of peace, not too sure how to go about this
   * Pally
         Probably a glyph to be able to use shieldwall in stuns (same way as PS etc)
    * Warlock
         Haven't played one this xpac so don't know too much on what to change, maybe make casted UA do more damage than the instant UA from soulswap
    * Druid
          Should probably be ok with the ironbark change, also curb the huge differences in symbiosis between classes
    * Rogue
          For subterfuge, if you do damage when you come out of stealth, make you come out of stealth but still allow you to do the abilities that require stealth for the same amount of time. The main issue I have with this ability is that it's always a guessing game how many cds a rogue pops with the subterfuge opener, since if they pop blades/trinket or nothing, not knowing that makes infinity difference if you guess wrong. If you get broken out of stealth by someone else's ability, keep it as is by staying in stealth until you do direct damage

In Topic: Increasing Arena Participation

16 May 2013 - 06:14 PM

View PostHoodzx, on 16 May 2013 - 02:47 PM, said:

yes but we're telling since ages to blizz to merge bgs and other ideas like :

- Bring back 2s titles but make some 2s changes only (like the pvp battle healing nerf but only for 2s, for example some abilities not usable to not get some 25min games all the time...)
Highly subjective, will bring back obvious comp dominance if it has titles, even if the titles are different in 2s/3s.
Right now it's not completely comp dominant because most people just do games for cap or fun or whatnot, not to push rating (for the most part.
Disabling certain abilities in 2s will just bring back the arms race of just constantly taking things out so won't really work out

- Merge all battlegrounds (1 for EU without RU realms, 1 for US, 1 for TW, and 1 for CN
Sort of, but still need to separate it based on location, i.e. US east/west servers, so there's no obvious latency difference and you are not forced to compete somewhere with higher latency

- Idea that isn't always liked : Delete teams and make Ratings like rbgs so people don't delete teams all the time to get new teams and stay all the time at 1500mmr when they actually have a much higher skill than their mmr shows.
This would probably not allow people to play with their friends as much who are perhaps not good at the game, or just other people with lower mmr since you are more likely to tank it with them, and if there are systems in place to prevent that, then it's exploitable the same was as s11? whichever one was the one with 3.5k teams and whatnot. Also nothing to stop people from just intentionally tanking their team by spam leaving games to stay at 1500 mmr so don't see what that would fix

- Make more rewards in PvP (only vanity ones), and imo some evolving ones ! (I see it coming : like pokemon LOL...), like they could make some ground mounts in arenas (mount : alliance = horse, horde = wolf, competitors will get a little armor on it, rivals a normal one and duellists a big one, gladiators will get the same as duellists but with an aura or a different color looking more brutal... and with also the flying mount so it gets to be really higher ! ^^)
Things like this take a ton of time artwise, and based on the current population of people who do arenas it wont happen, until there's a higher population that plays it, but more vanity rewards would be nice

- Bring back the rewards with the WotLK style (but without superior stats, only new skins to transmog) to make more motivation to play arenas (not only the cap or the titles...), here is a link to show my idea : http://www.wowwiki.c...8_Arena_rewards
T1 - Low players, with the base stats (500-1200)
T2 - Normal players, also with the base stats but gear have a modified skin (like the evolution of the gears in wotlk S5->S6->S7->S8) (1200-1900)
T3 - High players, base stats too but the skin evolves again looking prestigious (1900-2500)

T1 :
500 : Belt
600 : Boots
700 : Gloves
800 : Legs
900 : Chest
1000 : Helm
1100 : Shoulders
1150 : Weapons

T2 :
1200 : Belt
1300 : Boots
1400 : Gloves
1500 : Legs
1600 : Chest
1700 : Helm
1800 : Shoulders
1850 : Weapons

T3 :
1900 : Belt
1950 : Boots
2000 : Gloves
2050 : Legs
2100 : Chest
2150 : Helm
2200 : Shoulders
2250 : Weapons
2500 : Tabard (maybe too high but it should be the really highest reward obtainable without waiting the end of a season)
Same as above

- Show personal mmr when you inspect people / on armory
Yes, although it might create a bit more divide (same way high rated people look at other peoples highest ratings to decide if they want to play with them if they never did before

- Make the titles in arena per class not per team, like top 5% warriors, top 5% druids etc... (would make that classes not OP at some patchs still have the possibility to get the titles)

- Reset MMR at every seasons so R1 teams don't play again only 40-50 games to get R1 again...
Probably just deflate instead of reset, would force alot of people not to play at the start if they get spam q's into rank1s at 1500.
Still probably better to just keep it as is though

- Don't make some arena maps that are going to advantage some classes over than some others like RoV, just do the Nagrand style with some differents design (4 pillars + another skin for the maps, pretty easy to do). And to add : the new arena coming seems to be a disaster, the skin is nice but for example warlocks with their portals are going probably to be the kings in this one... (not sure about mages/monks)
With the new arena designs they had (ramps on bladesedge/dalaran, if they are still putting those in, shouldn't be an issue. Also rov doesnt exist anymore

- When teams afk on their rating more than a certain time put on the armory an AFK status, so they can't get the titles, because imo a team that get gladiator for example should play atleast for example 10 games a month, freezing on a rating because they had it at a time when it was too OP (like thugcleave or KFC last season or 3dps in S11 ^^)
Probably easier to fix with just rating decay for inactivity than anything else, like i think league of legends does something like that

- Make rating inflation higher in 2s, so we can get 2200 with the same difficulty as in 3s, how can it be possible that R1 teams have only 2150-2250 seriously, some people had really higher in some pre-cata seasons without being glad (when titles were still obtainable in 2s, there was much more competitivity in 2s / participation and 2.2 wasnt the big deal)
Don't know however for 5s (prob because i never looked to)
That's mostly because people just spam play with friends/randoms to get their point caps so everyone's mmr just goes down the shitter since they are more likely to lose playing retarded comps that wont win and such, or things like rogue/hunter that just win or lose in first minute

- Ban PVE gear in PVP ffs ! Or atleast downscale it to an ilvl much lower (if in 5.3 pvp gear is downscaled to 496, make the PvE one to 470-476), because in 5.3 some heroic gear from PvP downscaled to 496 is going to be better than the PVP ones, and that shouldnt be allowed, ever
More or less fixed the the ilvl downscaling, only issue is trinkets but they dont play 'as' much of a factor as they used to, only the huge +9k stat ones, which if nerfed to the same status as the agi one it should be fine

- Try to make more attention to the 2s bracket, because it is actually the bracket imo where you'll see most of the new players play, it's just easier to get 1 mate than 2 or 4, and if you look at the title ranges in 2s ( http://www.hosted101.net/season_12/ ), you'll see the difference of participation ! So please, balance 2s atleast a bit.
Don't see what attention it could get, most people just do it for caps and balancing around it wouldnt really happen, with having a different ruleset for 2s, although I do personally prefer to play 2s alot more than 3s just because I don't have access to alot of people to play with on demand

- Last idea but i know it wont ever be done, because it's not in the interest of blizzard, (and theres nothing to do with this topic sorry but i'll just drop it here), make some servers like BC Server, WotLK Server... i don't care but Cata Server too, so people can enjoy their good ol' times again, going to ArenaTournament servers isnt really what i like even if i trully loved Season 8 (best memories)
Don't see whats the issue with going to arena tournament servers minus delay, even for me from Canada the ms is highly playable and even better than west servers (tich)

I know all these ideas arent approved / liked by everybody, just adding my opinion, even if blizzard isnt reading those forums (and they should because battlenet forums are full of sh!t)