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In Topic: How do you become one of the best?

19 January 2014 - 10:53 AM

View PostGrieverZ, on 19 January 2014 - 08:27 AM, said:

Pretty much what Sai said. I mean its pretty easy to see with the new ladder, people at 2400+ without at least a thousand game played this season are few and are mostly alts of people already at the top on their mains (valid for people with 300-400 games spread on 3-4 alts like Verdantstorm for example). Practice makes perfect.

There's other factors though.

I've been playing around the duelist bracket for many seasons and i consistently face the same problems, a lot of people around 2k-2300 tends to develop a massive ego trips wich means they just won't queue with anyone they don't consider "worthy" wich greatly limits their practice sessions, they also tend to sit their rating forever to either get rewards as they're scared to tank or simply out of pride to not drop below what they consider "good" rating (usually milestones such as 2k and 2200), on top of that, most of those players actually stop improving there because they start to think they're too good to lose, some comes into play the endless amount of excuses on how the game is shit, how whatever comp beat them is skilless, how XYZ class is OP etc and they start raging and disbanding teams/dropping partners if they ever lose to teams they don't consider "worthy" based on above criterias, then they start the process all over again with other people. All of this completly shuts down any possibilities for self analysis required to improve your play.

Repped. I agree completely. You get better simply by playing more, most of the time. Stop caring so much about your rating, and care about improving, and rating tends to follow after a while.

Also, I'm of the firm belief that it's the losses that make you improve, not the wins.

In Topic: Some warriors questions

17 January 2014 - 01:14 PM

View PostEzyo1000, on 16 January 2014 - 08:31 PM, said:

WLS is actually really good, and it takes massive dumps on WMD,

How? I've played both comps, and when I played wmd we just shat on the shaman every game. They don't even remotely have enough peels to help the shamans if you just train him the entire game. When I played wls, if the wmd went for me or the lock it was usually almost even, as we could usually drain down the mage after a while. If they went for the shaman, my experience was the same as mine when I've played wmx comps.

In Topic: Some warriors questions

15 January 2014 - 03:59 PM

1. When battle stance/defensive stance?
Def stance vs teams with loads of spread pressure, or teams that can direct swap to kill you if stun DRs on you are off. It's a balancing act. You do a lot less damage in dstance due to being rage starved, but vs some comps you don't have much choice.

2. When mass spell reflection/safeguard?
Safeguard vs most comps. MSR vs comps that don't utilize roots a lot as cc.

3. Its worth using sweeping strikes and heroic strike?
SS is always worth the rage if you can have uptime while hitting 2 targets, unless you do focused bursts. Heroic strike is a rage dump or as extra off gcd burst.

4. When bladestorm+bloodbath/shockwave+storm bolt?
Preference and comp dependent, both on your comp and the opposing team.

At last i wanna ask what comps are best right now..
WMx KFC and variations of thundercleave, i think. I've tried wmd, wms and kfc as well as wls. Of those WLS felt by far the worst. WLS has the issue it's pretty much "countered" by any WMx or KFC as they can and will shit on the shaman. That is you can win, but you shouldn't (judging from playing both sides). Never lost to wls as kfc or wmd.

Also any RMx can pretty easily kill a shaman. Also facing melee cleaves as wls is absolutely terrible.

wmx doesn't have any major counters i think, rmd should perhaps on paper beat it. KFC is much the same, doesn't feel like you have major counters if you do it right, which most of the time means blow every cd you have within the first minute and just never let them recover.

In Topic: (EU) Russians

15 January 2014 - 12:18 PM

I play a lot with a russian friend I've known since tbc, he's an extremely nice person through and through, and he himself is gravely annoyed at many of his fellow countrymen abusing these bots. He doesn't himself, so it hurts him just as bad as it does people not from russia. And I think this is a recurring theme for russians too; it sucks as much for the legitimate russian players as it does for anyone else, and getting blamed for something you're not involved in sucks.

It's hilarious when we face a russian team and he goes "let's see if they hack", and with alarming frequency they do. It's tragicomic, in that you can't really do anything to affect it, and at the same time sad - as what they achieve is ultimately meaningless. What measure of worth is the rating you acquire, or the titles, if but as a personal achievement for yourself. Enabling you to look back and say "I did this". What pride can you possibly feel if you achieveid it through cheating in some form? Or for that matter, simply paying for the title / rating.

I've played this game on and off now since the launch, and the only thing I'm left with is the acquaintances I've made, and the friendships this game have given me. As such the only thing of any lasting importance is how you are percieved as a person by the people you play with. Then again, I'm fucking old, so my perspective may differ from the norm...

In Topic: 2s with a holy paladin

01 January 2014 - 01:37 PM

Warr druid is best closely followed by warr mw. Warr sham and warr priest are +- same from my experience. Warr pala is worst.

Warr pala is decent vs other warr teams, but gets shit on by way more comps than the others.