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#4481979 New Ret Player - Viable Comps/Advice

Posted Kizume on 21 August 2015 - 11:02 AM

Hey there,

I am certainly not the best Ret Paladin out there (last season 2,1k on Horde) but I think I can give you at least some insight on what could work out for you.

I'd try to aim for Ret Hunter Shaman / Ret Hunter Priest or Ret Mage Shaman.
My Hunter did play Survival this season and it felt pretty smooth besides lacking Kill Shot. Can't tell for sure if BM is better. But with the recent Buffs to BM I think it will surpass SV by a lot.

Resto Shaman vs Disc Priest - a lot of ppl will argue that Resto Shaman is superior due to better healing and cds. However I feel like Ret Hunter is all about bursting someone down and vs caster comps your only chance is to 100-0 someone with your first wings or you are done anyway. Massdispel is key to this and the extra cc with fear is also a plus.
However if you face a Warlock team you will instantly lose with a Priest.
Ret Mage Heal used to be pretty fun in MoP however most Mages will refuse you since they can just faceroll to high ratings with every other class way more easily.

Also Tripple DPS is a no go if you don't want to ruin your reputation - on a side note it's also not viable (Ret Healing is garbage compared to what it used to be)

Regarding your gear question. I picked 2/5 set and used every versatility piece I could get. Reason is 4 set uptime is limited and I feel like the extra healing is not worth it. Right now I have ~20% verstility - 30% if I use my trinket - paired with wings it feels like I can do something to win the game.
You can copy the stats from Vanguards guide for gear slots you don't have versatility pieces.

Talent wise I won't go much into detail but:
SW EMP Seals is only worth in raiding environements and even then it falls behind SW Seraphim.
I always pick HA FV because it's the highest burst / lowest amount of micromanagement. FV has a big plus compared to TV. It has increased ranged and deals damage through BOPs (it's also higher damage than EMP Seals TV).

Keep in mind this has worked for me and doesn't mean it's the 100% accurate way of playing Ret.

#4478633 Balanced EU qualifier team

Posted Lapeane on 17 August 2015 - 06:49 PM

This thread literally gave me cancer. Even bigger cancer than WoD PVP. This thread is next reason why CS:GO is so much better game than WoW. In CS almost every one love each other, they talk a lot, hang out together - 'enemies'. All top teams are friends, that's how it is.

Meanwhile on WoW there are few types of retards. There's one type of player who have every one in real id and personally they are nice to each other. But behind their back they shittalk every one (too scared to talk face to face or something).
Second type of players is toxic retard - he does everything what I said above but more in public, he hates every one even players he plays with. Everything that happens in game is not his fault. He's the best - every one is bad (especially players that play the same class, these are worst).
Ditching, shittalking friends that they play with since years - that's the way it's done. That's WoW poor scene.
This topic should never happen seriously and putting personal irl pictures of players is more scumbag behaviour than fucking reporting addon issue by Praii. Imagine you go to this fucking regionals and what you gonna do? Instead of drinking together, having fun you ll fight? Since every one has some problems with each other. Probably 90% of this shittalkers won't say a thing irl but anyway wtf. Jesus chill out guys

Still don't know why i read this shit since I don't play for months already, addiction Kappa

PS I just explained how people are on this game overall. This thread is example. I used to have some toxic situations as well but not as retarded as this shit

#4470941 Retribution Fix Ideas @WoWForums

Posted Hofflerand on 09 August 2015 - 01:20 AM


#4469570 Holinka asking for your feedback

Posted Nicholaes92 on 07 August 2015 - 02:42 PM

View PostVelcaa, on 07 August 2015 - 01:52 PM, said:

they haven't listened for legion because no one is testing legion to know the state of pvp in legion

separate talents for pvp doesnt somehow mean theyve taken a bunch player feedback and applied it

blizzard said a lot of things in mop about wod that made you think they listened about pvp feedback and look how well that went over;
dont get ahead of yourself in thinking that pvp will be all of a sudden fixed next expansion because historically speaking blizzard is quite intelligent in making empty promises and retarded when it comes to executing them

until they actually address the pruning issue and class homogenization and actually show that theyre doing things to resolve it then this next expansion isn't going to be that much of an improvement from the current, idk why so many of you get sold on what blizzard says theyll try to do instead of waiting on the actual physical evidence of it

I don't know why everyone on aj is such a fucking Debby downer.  Seriously, yes they have been fucking up hardcore lately and you could assume that they will possibly keep fucking it up.  But, if you aren't going to give them at least some credit and have some faith that they could fix it with the new talent tree for pvp then you are just a cynical nerd.

They finally made a system that they can balance pvp and pve separately.  Do you understand how big of a deal that is?  I will confidently say that the reasons disc priests were such shit this expansion was solely because of them having to balance for pvp and pve.  They had to balance almost every fight in pve AROUND how good discs were.  So if they made them and stronger in pvp then everyone would just bring all discs in pve.

They have finally after 11 years made it so pvp and pve can be balanced separately.  No, I'm not saying that pvp is going to be 100% fixed, but with this new tool they have they have the potential to make it better.

Tl;dr,  quit being cynical dweebs with your "never been more unhyped" shit.  If you are that pessimistic then stop fucking playing.

Edit:  and what are you talking about "until they address the class homogenization" shit?  They straight up said in the steam that this expansion they are working towards less class homogenization and making every class unique, I could be wrong but I'm sure that's what they said word for word.  Then they even showed show unique spells for each class like the disc priests abolish magic and the reinstatement of necrotic strike.

#4468958 World of Warcraft: Legion announcement Thread!

Posted Kruschpak on 06 August 2015 - 07:45 PM

View PostMiixzy, on 06 August 2015 - 06:48 PM, said:

I hope demon hunters fuck rogues.

Well they should atleast fuck lock pets

#4452230 Remove mages from the game

Posted ContortedTV on 13 July 2015 - 11:36 AM

View PostLolflay, on 13 July 2015 - 11:28 AM, said:

I've been playing this game for 10 years.

I think using experience as justification for passing judgment on others is a poor choice.

Not that you're wrong or anything in this case, but... just saying.

It's like saying that my uncle is right in saying a certain race is worthless... He has 75 years of experience and was incredibly successful in life.... I don't actually take what he says seriously.

I actually love almost every post you make, but I think using experience as a "I can say w/e the fuck I want" card is a very poor move in my opinion.

But that's literally one person's opinion in a sad game :(

EDIT: I don't mean to say that your personal experience doesn't make your opinion more valuable, it just... bothered me for some reason even though I agreed with your whole post.

#4451768 Remove mages from the game

Posted Jim_Jim on 12 July 2015 - 06:10 PM


Your opinions are either a 100% success or a 100% failure. Regarding Mages, you're dangerously wrong 99% of time, mostly because you're heavily biased towards them ( let's be real here, Mages were always super annoying towards Paladins in any form ).

You seem to think that a class being irreplacable and good all the seasons is somehow a bad thing ?

By mentioning ( and defending ) extra DK trinkets, you're defending fucking HORRIBLE game design

I don't defend DK trinkets, i think 100% of the DK would love to exchange all their trinket to be attractive and have a niche in arena. (Desecration, NS, AMZ, UH frenzy?). But you said it must me proactive, so how can you fix mage's blink? Because mage's are "immune" to any form of stun since ages. (One of the reasons they are where they are.). When someones speak of nerfing blink, you have ton's of rage posts, claiming they need this. But when a ret paladin manage to sacrifice a deep freeze, horror, the game is broken.

And no, a class being irreplacable is not a good thing when others are easily nerfed when someone cries. (Like ret paladin, dk for exemple, they have been trashs for years, and the second they have a good place in arena... being... mandatory - like mages -, bim, nerfed.).
This create horrible community of arrogants people (As we can see every day here, and look your post, you want the game to be based around mage or warlocks.), this create a meta game around them =

Play with them, or play something to counter them.

There is no exotic comp anymore because of that, you have to think first "Is it ok against godcomp?" "Is it ok again lock/sham?".

Look all the hate about hunters, they have been a good class sometimes, a trash ones another times, and since they stole the throne, they have been hated, and they will be hated for that all the time. (Like DK). And hunter are a trash class now because they can't counter mage/hpal or godcomp, and can't really play with warlocks either. (Because warlocks will pick something else.).

And a class being good/op for years = more peoples on this community. I don't remember if it was during MoP or Cata, but they nerfed mages sometimes during a PTR, 1 day after, tons of hated message. So Blizzard give them a compensation. Still hate. They revert the nerf, and let the compensation, resulting of a mage up.

#4450259 Skodiac's customised addons, for interupting

Posted Skodiac on 09 July 2015 - 02:03 PM

Hey Guys, I'm new to the forums here however I have been told that my YouTube video helped a lot of players with regards to being able to interrupt players reasonably faster. Although the addon I used was designed for numerous and various purposes I have found a method in which it can really help my arena game play.

I have been using this addon for many years and practised for quiet some time till I was able to master my interrupts :).

I have made a video with this, its gotten to the stage players don't believe I am human.


The addons I use are in the description of that video.

#4428281 Halp meh

Posted Bawn on 25 May 2015 - 01:22 AM

i use


/cast [@target,exist] Mortal Strike

it will only cast mortal strike if you have something targeted, else it will do nothing and won't target nearest enemy

just macro it to everything and youre set

#4426669 BANNED

Posted Thaya on 19 May 2015 - 07:33 PM

View PostNicholaes92, on 19 May 2015 - 06:02 PM, said:

Oh no I understood what he said.  He didn't even know what he said which is weird because I even repeated it for him.  I mean you can go reread it if you would like to get a better understanding. But I think in order to reread something you would actually have to be able to comprehend the language.  You guys need to brush up on your English a little bit.  But then again don't we all.
the difference between me and you is that your point is built around semantics

a tldr version of the exchange is something like this:
- i make a statement
- you misunderstand it
- i point out that what you picked up from it is not what i was trying to say
- you keep arguing against the point you think i was trying to make despite me saying otherwise numerous times
- i tell you this is fucking dumb and back out
- you start chanting some nonsense about me "not understanding my own words", giving me some sort of in depth analysis on my paragraph structure and usage of "but", trying to prove... something? i honestly can't even tell what. you weave in shit like "how are you a mod again?" "how did the server not 404 these stupid thoughts?" etc
- i call you out on disrespect for those bits
- you cling on to the literal meaning of the word i used and play witty, while admitting that you did go out of your way to be 'condescending' in the next post. so, you knew exactly what i was referring to from the beginning
- i give up
- you're still talking about me "not knowing what i said despite repeating it to me" several pages later. mate i know what i was trying to say and i also know that for whatever reason, we failed to communicate that. i don't really care why at all and you're obviously not interested in arguing with my actual points as much as you are interested in arguing against your own interpretations of my texts. have fun with that

meanwhile i made an actual point on the subject of discussion (if anyone still remembers that) that still stands

#4426339 BANNED

Posted Thaya on 19 May 2015 - 12:55 PM

View PostNicholaes92, on 19 May 2015 - 11:55 AM, said:

To be competitive with or to be taken seriously, although the whole game shouldn't be taken seriously in the first place.  Either way this isn't randombg junkies for a reason.

bg's being completely fucking broken has a massive impact

you'd have much more people interested in arena (to a serious degree, just like you want it) if the entry level pvp experience didn't leave you with an impression that the developers don't give a fuck (at all) about this side of the game. a lot of people just go "ah, fuck this then, no wonder everyone says its shit lol" right there and then. you realize you'd often be only like 3-4 actual players in 15 man bgs right? that's on a good day if you're lucky

the people who botted bgs and eventually corrupted an entire area of the game to the point of being unusable/unplayable have done an immense amount of damage to the very game they play. its akin to what people do with boosting and taking like a million spots in glad, just straight up camping them for months and 'freezing' a huge part of the elo/mmr pool (on top of it all belonging to a single player, lol).

i usually blame the design, but you know, if this community didn't love to shit in their own sandbox so much, this wow pvp thing could be slightly more appealing and better. you could say botting levels isn't really malicious, but botting bg's has always been straight up malicious and detrimental to the game, and all the people who did it were consciously and carelessly ruining the experience for other players. they deserve shit as much as those who scripted

#4425856 BANNED

Posted Ventblaze on 18 May 2015 - 10:33 AM

Regardless of intent, people should just accept the repercussions of their actions and deal with the consequences.

But I'm curious when did it become common practice to insult people, by referring to mental disabilities, or life-threatening diseases?

Disclaimer - I'm a random nobody.


#4425670 PvP concerns, Dmg/CC/Healing

Posted ProdeGaming on 17 May 2015 - 06:45 PM

Could healing or dmg or CC be overpowered in general? Let's assume that this is clear for most players that they can be.
Posted Image
Let's pick just one, healing and check a few cases/concerns.
What makes healing overpowered?

Easily recognizable op healing could be, similar to the recently buffed Execution Sentence with Avenging Wrath. It's usually not the gameplay what players would like to see, the target getting healed from 10% back up to nearly full HP instantly.

Basically, talking about a heal that heals for a huge % of HP, often deemed op.

So possible question, does a heal need to heal for high % of HP to become op?
Posted Image
This heal heals the warrior for only 2% HP, however, if the mage is doing this kind of dmg, this healing is very overpowered.

So a heal needs to heal for high % of HP to become op. No, it does not. It's enough if it's op relative to dmg.

Posted Image

What else do players not like? Frequent concern is that classes are only good when CDs are up and then feel meh without. Let's stay with holy paladin, during Avenging Wrath, it's amazing but without it's meh.

The healing could look similar as in this example.
Posted Image

Suggestion is often to reduce effectiveness of Avenging Wrath, so it's not so outstanding compared to the healing without it and compensate this nerf by buffing the regular heals.

So basically, what players are asking for is to not make that peak on the graph so high and to bring those no cd 'meh' heals up to make it a constant decent healing.

Essentially to bring the outstanding lines closer to the overall HPS.
Posted Image

This is usually the case also when it comes to dmg classes, warriors would like to do good dmg without Avatar Recklessness too and with regular abilities, not just wait for Execute proc. Ferals usually would like bleed dmg get buffed and stuff like Ferocious Bite and Incarnation burst get nerfed etc.
Practically it's the same example graph, only that it's for dmg and not healing.

So the suggestion is that dmg and healing should get closer to the overall HPS and DPS.

What this means is that it could be said about the suggested classes that
Posted Image

By this, the HPS and DPS of classes give a much better estimate of the classes actual strength.

Is that good? Surely it is, HPS and DPS is most likely relatively easy to balance. For example Hybrids can be much more balanced, because the HPS they gain from abilities can much more easily be evaluated and weighed as a performance gain. Basically when it comes to putting a class together, it can be evaluated much better how much the worth of a Shield Wall or a Gouge is. In fact when it comes to PvP, as soon as CC comes into play, the strength of CC is way easier calculated, as the loss your class' performance suffers is much more constant. While with very spiky dmg and healing, the effect of CC is much less certain and very varying.
So not only does it make the game more enjoyable, but also makes balancing way more convenient and easier, ultimately making the balance better. Because essentially, the closer dmg and healing gets to HPS and DPS, the more precisely they help decode any ability to see its worth, for example to solve the issue of 'this dmg class has this much healing, how much CC or defensive cd should I give the other dmg class to compete with that healing?'.

So now it's just a matter of for example healer HPS within their class roles being balanced, same for DPS.
Posted Image

Once done, since it's at the beginning of the thread that healing can be op compared to just dmg alone, now HPS and DPS should get compared to each other.

What comparison even? Well it should be balanced for 3v3, so HPS should be about 2x as high as DPS.
Posted Image

The lower ratio HPS has, the less CC healing needs, since DPS needs less aid to overcome healing.

Jump back to the live game, what is this ratio there? From an around 6.1 calculation, this ratio is about 3:1. That's 150% of the desired HPS. Since it should be around 2:1 to have just a decent amount of CC, 3:1 ratio requires much more CC to exist than originally wanted, especially against healers.

So it needs a fix before the player gameplay desires could happen.
Posted Image

Assuming healers' HPS within their class roles are close equal 1:1 ratio, they shouldn't be individually changed to achieve the above. Instead, all of them should get the same reduction, so they keep their equal HPS.

A reduction that reduces all their healing by the same amount is Battle Fatigue, which however is a ruled out change by the players. So since the required change is ruled out, what players are asking for, more constant and less spiky dmg, less CC cannot be achieved, essentially impossibility.

Since the wishes cannot be achieved, but a fix to this ratio is desired and also since CC is already often bordering eternity, the only possible change to fix the issue is to not bring HPS down but bring DPS up. It is what's happening 6.2, for it's the only feasible change left to overcome the excess of healing as long as an equal effect as Battle Fatigue is off the table.

Should it be? No.

Posted Image

Saladfork said:

Battle fatigue got so much hate because it is a lazy way to "fix" things. It treats healers as if they are all equal and furthers the homogenization even more. Sure it is easier for Blizzard to balance and easier for the player base to absorb, but it leads to discrepancies (usually shamans end up on top since their utility is so great, and their burst healing has always been strong).

I understand what you're saying, though. But I don't think battle fatigue is the *best* solution (it is a "solution"). I would rather have them provide nerfs to healing individually (on a class-by-class basis). And in a perfect world, I'd have them address mana (since mana really isn't an issue until late late dampening), and finally fine tune burst damage to match with the healing nerfs. Obviously these changes would have to be PvP specific (since the current state of healing is entirely due to PvE), and that may be a big road block in going forward since that is against Holinka's philosophy.
In a sense, Battle Fatigue or an equal effect is not -a- solution, it's -the only- way, looking at it as it cannot be skipped, is a required change, a tool to achieve something.

To make it maybe a bit more spectacular, could use a similar example to the current issue.

So the suggested issues are:
    • Too high burst
    • Too much CC
    • Healers die easily
    • However HPS being higher than DPS
    Posted Image

    Being unable to skip the use of Battle Fatigue or an equal effect is because healers' HPS is already balanced. So if you try to skip it and decrease each healers healing spells 1 by 1, in this case by monstrous percentages, there is gonna be a minimum % you've decreased every spell by. So since all their spells have been decreased by that %, it's the equal effect as Battle Fatigue, even tho the intent was to avoid it, essentially used it regardless.

    Other issue could be that there are some spells that are already weak and need no reduction.
    Posted Image

    So basically Battle Fatigue or an equal effect could potentially be more efficient change to fix the majority of, in this case healing issue.
    At the same time, the majority of the issue can get huge enough so that it's simply no longer feasible to be, cannot be replaced by a series of single spell changes.

    It may as well look very lazy to change so many spells all at at the same time, but in case changing 800 spells 1 by 1 is not feasible, then not using an overall reduction is going to prevent doing anything at all. Because can't go 1 by 1 but can't reduce all either, so cannot do anything.
    But if all spells do get reduced, then it's potentially going to be feasible to fix those that were already balanced, essentially be able to do more than if all spells didn't get reduced.

    These could be issues because Battle Fatigue or an equal effect may very well sound like a universal fix that makes PvP suddenly amazing. But it isn't, it's just a piece of a series of different changes to achieve something, but it cannot be skipped.

    Such series of different changes, following all healing reduction could be
    Posted Image

    #4425049 BANNED

    Posted Thaya on 16 May 2015 - 04:37 AM

    i haven't read every single wall of text here because the sheer idiotism of some posts was emotionally painful to process, but i want to clear up some misconceptions that a lot of you seem to have:

    1. game hackers vs game developers is a game of cat and mouse. there's an infinite amount of ways to detect an injection even just within the client, let alone with a tool like warden. the most important thing about warden isn't in its code - it's in the license agreement that comes with it, which makes literally every single form of cheat detectable in theory (and within law). it's very well possible that every single account that ran hb is flagged in some way, we just don't know about it because anti-cheat bypassing is purely reactive - a bypass is done only when accounts start to drop. there's a reason none of these programs claim to be 'completely safe', it's simply impossible. the reason there are online logins in the first place is to prevent people from running it on patch days or anti-cheat updates, the monetary element came in later. it's also the reason bans are done in waves. you'll understand exactly whats going on if you read up on how VAC/VAC2 works - just that blizzard isn't as active at banning flagged accounts as valve is.

    2. hb banwaves happened literally ALL THE TIME throughout these years. you just don't know (or don't care) about them for two reasons: they were targeting the gold selling business, and these banwaves became more or less a normal part of running business. when someone who runs a gold farming joint loses 100 accounts or whatever, he simply buys 100 new accounts right away. that's basically the only cost of running said business anyway - the only other one is buying the hardware required to run so many bots, which is a one time investment. the shit is so profitable that losing 100 accounts is basically nothing, so nobody cares and blizzard gets easy money while doing damage control. this is all on the surface, you just have to lurk your forums more to know about this. i'm not some behind the scenes insider sharing secrets or anything.

    3. cheating/hacking enthusiasts will always exist because reverse engineering/hacking things is just fun as fuck for us geeks, and various shady black market shit will exist as long as there is demand for them as well. these are a given. however, "normal" players using something like this and on such a scale is a completely different phenomenon, especially within a mmorpg. what makes it different compared to other online games is that the intent of aimbotting/maphacking/scripting/etc is clear - to win. in wow, most people botted for gold (for themselves), to level new chars, or to perform rotations for them (in pve, good ol' pqr). none of these are directly malicious or toxic, and if you've ever wondered why they let the whole hb thing run in the masses for so long, then this is your answer - it simply didn't do that much damage where it matters, however it was a wonderful opportunity for them to analyze and study the "problem areas" of their game. imagine you're a dev and a very significant part of your playerbase is literally ready to pay for a 3rd party tool to work around your shitty designs? yeah, quite fucking interesting isn't it.

    diablo 3 is an example of a game that learned from the way people cheated in it, and as a result we have an "action RPG" game with LITERALLY zero player to player trading possible - something most of the community wouldn't even believe in at all a few years ago, considering that d2jsp was basically a core element of what diablo 2 online was in its prime (let alone the maphacking). people cheered when the D3 AH was announced, remember? "its d2jsp in-game, this is fucking great!" what a disaster did that shit turn out to be. yet, this new tradeless approach actually improved the game (and the genre) tenfold, as well as basically eliminated botting cuz why the fuck would anyone bot. some posts here already implied that 'the game oddly feels more fun now' - it's for a reason. you guys realize they revamped the entire way gold is earned (you basically never benefit from straight up farming anymore, its just garrison mat shuffling and professions) and revamped the entire leveling heirloom system, right? they didn't do it for you to keep fucking botting, you know. the devs want you to experience their game.

    4. whats happening now is simply their way of saying "we feel like you should stop using 3rd party tools as we've worked hard on the core problems". in fact, they have said exactly this a little while ago - what was it, like, 2 months since there was a GIGANTIC blue post about botting and cheating? it was literally a 6-7 paragraph wall of text, and we even had a thread about it here on AJ. if that's not a decent verbal warning and a HUGE FUCKING HINT, then what is? honestly, it's funny how i skimmed thru most of this thread and haven't seen a mention of that blue post. people obviously refused to understand words, so devs had to take action. the only way for them to scare the average "normal player hb user" away from hb is to give hb a reputation of something that can realistically get you permabanned - and this is exactly what they did. people will now think twice about it - did you see all those "wts hb lifetime license" threads on trade forums? they're selling them for 1/10th of the price, its funny as fuck. all of you who are banned are just collateral damage and you all have been verbally warned forefront, that's what makes it so hilarious to gloat at your misfortune.

    the bans being 6 months rather than permanent is just blizzard being soft and kind enough to forgive your stupidity, it's really nothing to do with subscription numbers or money because 6 months time is at least 2 earning calls - they obviously don't mind your shit being banned going into their public stats. they just didn't want to permaban actual players' mains, but make hb really scary to use at the same time. words and 72h bans apparently didn't work (72h's were fairly common if you check forums), so here we are... 6 months is a long time, but isn't forever. also, it wouldn't surprise me if every single banned account had hb used on it at least once AFTER that blue post, and those who dodged the banwave are people who just didn't bot in several months. from what i know from the people i talked to about this, it seems to be precisely the case. so, if you bumped into that big blue post (it was even mmo-c frontpage in a separate newspost) but consciously decided to ignore it, then you really have only yourself to blame.

    5. pvp is the last thing they care about, but they do care about it still. cheaters (that used it in arena) being directly hit by this is obviously good, but this might have some more positive side effects like there being less fotm shit, just because you can't grow fotm shit while afk anymore (newsflash: you were never supposed to be able to). perhaps they will rethink the mistakes they did in random battleground design that eventually made them android wars. speaking of random battlegrounds, i've seen several people on trade chat being all like "bgs are 10 times more fun now" - that's interest to pvp right there. pvp is obviously not that high of a priority in their dev process, but you might see an improvement here because the entry-level pvp isn't completely fucking broken anymore.

    6. not everyone that smoked weed has done meth, but everyone that done meth has smoked weed. can't believe how basic logic is so very tough to grasp for some of you

    hope this helps

    enjoy leveling with new heirlooms

    or your new account lol

    #4424710 BANNED

    Posted Bersihasi on 15 May 2015 - 12:21 PM

    Regent you asked what the economic benefit is of banning paying players. I would prefer it if you would think about reasons yourself. You dont have to have a master degree in economics to come to a conclussion or at least a prediction. Lets give you some hints and questions blizzard asked themselves (most likely).

    Decline of the playerbase by banning people that bot vs. Decline of the playerbase that does not enjoy the game anymore due to bots.

    By banning bots they also ban a shitton of gold farming bots therefore ppl may switch from the wow token back to paying with money (gold inflates again etc.)

    Image they gain by fighting against botting/cheating. Also PR/advertisement when bigger sites write about that.

    Money gained by having botters reaquire a new account / expansion / montly subscription vs. Money lost due to banned people not buying wow again and quitting.

    There are a lot of more questions they asked themselves but i think these are some of the critical points.

    Lets come to your other statements.

    Diablo 3 Vanilla was a disaster PR wise but not economical (also it was still a good game for casuals which makes like 90% of the playerbase?). Diablo 3 is ok right now and i think a lot of ppl enjoy playing it on a daily basis.

    Hearthstone right now is rocking charts and has a huge growth.

    Starcraft was and still is a great game. Casuals enjoy the Campaign and it was again one of the best out there. You cant deny that Warcraft and Starcraft were one of the best strategic games and starcraft still holds that title cause there is no good competition. Starcraft was also one of the reasons esports grew so much. It declined because there are newer games that have a better esport feeling (Dota, CSGO)

    Now i already stated that there is always a decline in playerbase when a game hits the 5+ years. CS 1.6, starcraft 1, Diablo2 etc.
    You cant maintain a stable playerbase if you cant bring younger generations to play your game. And nowadays young people tend to play LoL, CS, Dota etc. instead of an oldish mmorpg.

    You also want Blizzard to punish accordingly by where bots were used (arena, leveling, gold farming). I dont think that would be wise for a company. You just ban everybody and save yourself the shitstorm. It would be a lot of work to check 100k for their bot usage and its not needed. You say yourself that you would be fine with botting and only get a 1 month ban for it. Be honest with yourself here. Knowing you would only get a 1 month ban would you again bot for leveling or not ? With a 6 month ban you most likely would not bot again so reckless. If they ban people for 1 month most would just enjoy the summer and come back botting again in 1 month.