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In Topic: Vanguards Retribution Paladin PvP Guide (7.0.3)

16 September 2015 - 11:22 AM

regarding your question about the on use trinket vs the procc-trinket:
you should use the on use trinket for more reliable burst phases. If you're good at tracking the cd and procc of the trinket you can go fort it but it's way easier to burst "correctly" with the on use trinket.

That goes especially when you use Execution Sentence in accordance with the on use trinket since both have a one minute cooldown.

In Topic: New Ret Paladin blog

05 September 2015 - 07:51 AM

Will you keep your blog active during your downtime?

In Topic: Divine Purpose Build for Ret

26 August 2015 - 11:39 AM

Did not test it this season but last season it felt pretty weak at ~2200mmr.

DP is great if you're lucky (as you've stated you generally are in your post) as you can get a nice DP procc from using a 1HP WoG. Those proccs can also help out a lot if your healer is stuck in a super long CC-chain you can't break.

But generally it's super ass weak if you don't get any proccs at all. It's random pressure that you can't use to finish somebody off with.

In Topic: New Ret Player - Viable Comps/Advice

21 August 2015 - 12:32 PM

View PostKizume, on 21 August 2015 - 11:02 AM, said:

Hey there,
+ repped you since it's obvious you created the account solely for the purpose of answering the new/recomer's questions. Also you did so in a non toxic way.

It's a shame that one actually has to mention such a behaviour as good as it should be the standard... but whatever.

regarding the questions:

Ret was definately not the easiest pick for a new approach on wow. Well in terms of skillcap it may be easy, but in terms of rating or finding mates to play with it's not that easy.

I'm like Kizume in the situation that I'm by no means a good player (2300 last season :( ) so my advice is not top notch quality either.

1) Tripple DPS is not viable atm. There are way too many defensive cooldowns that can be rotated for the enemy team to recover your burst. So nope, no tripple DPS.
Ret/Hunter/RSham is the way to go. It creates a lot of pressure with purge, the shaman can keep your hp up and stay out of cc with gorunding and shock. It enables you to keep the preassure up evene against godcomps and shatters so that they're no autoloss.
Ret/Hunter/Priest is second best but fails against all the Warlock fotm comps that currently sprout everywhere.It also struggles against said castercleaves.
Some say that  there is a possibility of playing Ret/DK/Holypaladin due to it's healer killing capability (HoJ->HoJ->Strangulate). I can't really comment on that.
There isn't really anything else. Warlocks and Mages won't really bother playing with a ret.

2) Gear: was said before. Versatility is your love, 4 set bonus is neglectible. Mastery and Haste are around equal second best stats. Crit and Multistrike are mediocre. If you're Human, go for the STR/Vers on use trinket as well as the Str with Versatility procc one. For any other Race Just user the Vers trinket in combination with the Str/Vers on use. In the gearing process you should start your shopping list with the Cloak due to the vers#movementspeed enchant, directly followed by the other three enchantable items for neck and rings. After that you have earned/spent enough points for the weapon followed by the on use trinket. After that it's the Item that gives you the most benefit statwise.

3)With Tier one talents you're pretty spot on. Long arm as the standard specc, with the occasional switch to PoJ if you deem it better against some comps.
HA ist the go to talent against any comp that does not CC you overly much. Against Mages you can switch to SW to get a bit more burst uptime.
EmpSeals makes you more durable butreduces your uptime/burst potential a bit. As you said, against plate and as the standard specc it should be Final Verdict, against Godcomps or Shatters you can switch to EmpSeals.