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2.7k Mage LF 3v3 team! (A)

28 December 2014 - 10:43 AM

Hey fellow junkies!
I'm currently looking for a solid 3v3 team to push some rating in this first season of WoD.

Background: played on and off since S5, always mage. Achieved 2697 rating with RMP last season, quit 3 months before season ending.

Mainly interested in RMP/RMD, but wouldn't mind playing Godcomp.

Hit me up on realid: Neshayo#2407

Mage LF Glad push (RMP) (EU)

23 September 2014 - 10:19 AM

Hey. Currently unsubbed to WoW, but thinking of resubbing if I can find a team to do a gladiator push in the remaining weeks of the season, or simply have some fun in the bracket.

2698 this season with RMP
Currently 2650 with my main mage (A) and around 2400-2550 with both my alt mages (A/H).

I'm not going to add my skype/btag as i'm not currently subbed, but hit me up with a message on AJ or in this thread if you're interested in playing.


30 April 2014 - 08:48 AM

Hello AJ!
Currently playing RMP between 2350-2400 rating with a new team. We seem to be handling most setups very well, except for the *sometimes* more than occasional LSD.

KFC is not particularly hard to us untill we face the 2350+ rated KFC's, which seem to wear us down eventually. I would love to hear your opinion on RMP vs KFC, goals and defensive/offensive transitions. Specifically, KFC becomes a problem when: Their warrior does absurd amounts of DMG   OR/AND  Their Rsham positions himself very nicely behind a pillar making it harder for us to keep him CC'ed.

Usually this is how it goes against KFC:
   --- Sap  :shaman:   into Blind into deep/CS with fear on hunter+pet. Open  :warrior:  with Dance+Tricks+2x Fingers+Alter time. Our main goal is to force hunter sac And/Or warrior shield wall/trinket.

   --- Swap  :hunter:  hard with Orb+blades (Shaman should still be in the cc chain mentioned above). This will force either a trinket from shaman or trinket+deterrence from hunter.

   --- This is where the game becomes messy. We lose control of the warrior, we lose control of the shaman because of DR's and we're pretty much just waiting for our cooldowns to come back up. This is where KFC starts their real pressure and usually where we fall behind.

Often we can win the game from here with a PoM sheep into deep/cs on the shaman, which leaves us with two choices: 1) If we still have smoke bomb and warrior has no trinket he is a good kill target. 2) Stay on hunter while peeling the warrior. Most often we have found hunter to be the easiest target to kill outside of pet sac.

As mentioned earlier, I would love to hear your opinion on how an RMP vs KFC match-up should progress. What do you think we could do differently? Any input is greatly appreciated!