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#4090129 PoM not affected by PvP Power

Posted Depression on 31 March 2014 - 10:01 PM

Random question, I'm running Turbo atm 2200+ does anyone think I can write a Holy/Turbo/Warrior guide and try to post it on AJ in some section? Or will I get shit on?

#3656984 RMP help plz!!

Posted kannetixx on 05 March 2012 - 09:49 PM

ret dk priest :

open on ret / sap - cc priest / let the dk do the work for you for a swap ..

most scenarios you open on the ret - dk pops AMS into lich to prevent being feared off you can throw a stun on em to force ibf then its like taking candy from a baby .. with the DK having nothing to use for a swap - switch to em while ams / defensives are down use smoke bomb and do whatever you can to keep either the DK from getting any heals what so ever or preventing the healer from getting to the DK

if you open hard enough you can get bubble during your opener into mid game which also leaves the ret viable to kill if pain sup is used early and the priest has no outs you can easily fear the other two with a deep on priest swap to priest for the kill all 3 targets can die.


open on whatever does not have earthshield which is most likely the lock since shamans automatically earthshield against RMP - the mage will be invis unless something goes wrong on their end if so then sap mage to prevent invis if it hasnt come already then sap shaman open mage - against MLS you often want to make shaman the kill target unless the other two over extend by a ridiculous amount shaman swaps should always be with a deep freeze and CC on the other two whether its fear or a ring bomb to prevent run ins .. how you obtain the shamans trinket is up to you but grabbing the trinket is crucial to get any sort of kills here.


same rule for MLS w/e doesnt have earth shield and moonkin will be stealth - you can swap moonkin to put pressure on to them during starfall you need to stun / cc the moonkin or else dot damage will start to over run your team and you want to try and prevent that some how some way - again your kill target should be the shaman unless the other two really over extend or the moonkin without any sort of defensive cooldowns and in a really shitty place without earthshield you can usually get a shaman to swap ES to himself if you throw a stun and a couple attacks their way then CC and swap that way the shaman is stuck with ES on themselves..