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#4355376 How many people are unsubbing if the mage buffs go through?

Posted by Nesha on 13 January 2015 - 11:17 AM

Mages don't need this buff, even though I have been missing the unbreakable deep freeze since WoD started. Nobody agrees with this change with the current damage of ice nova. Godcomp will get out of control, and RMD will probably be using deep on openers. Two ice nova crits is a guaranteed big cooldown/trinket.
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#4215940 RMP VS Beastcleave

Posted by Nesha on 23 September 2014 - 03:25 PM

From a priest perspective, beastcleave is easier to play and push rating with. As you pointed out, shamans bring a lot of defensive utility (tremor, decurse, offhealing, etc) which is very much needed for a priest.

RMP is definitely the way to go if you REALLY want to challenge yourself and improve your gameplay. Even though the "basics" don't vary much from beastcleave, you will be required to alternate between defensive/offensive play a lot more in RMP in addition to lining up your own cc with your team.

The elusive 'skillcap' we're all trying to apply would in my opinion be higher for RMP making it the more favourable setup for many, as beastcleave is a lot more oriented towards "one-shotting" in the middle brackets.
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#4214572 cascade vs devine star

Posted by Nesha on 22 September 2014 - 08:37 AM

If I recall correctly the math has been done by somone for these two spells (I don't remember if Cascade actually breaks cc, but you won't be using it as an offensive tool under normal circumstances).

Cascade: easy to hit, slightly less healing output.
Divine Star: hard to hit, but with much better healing output (taking the lower cd into consideration)

Personally I prefer divine star like the majority, and from an RMP point of view I rarely find our priest max-ranging.

Edit: oh and divine star breaks stealth in a pretty considerable area. Keep that in mind!
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#4166599 [Mage] Perfectly using Spell steal and Temp Sheild ?

Posted by Nesha on 11 July 2014 - 12:01 AM

1. Spellsteal is very situational, but spells you want to USUALLY keep an eye out for are "Alter Time" on other mages, Blessing of Sacrifice from Hpala, Blessing of Protection from hpala, Enveloping Mist from MW monks. The general rule with spellsteal (- from a 3v3 pov) against most teams is to use it in your kiting rotation (Frost Nova, Cone of Cold, etc). Basically, spell steal becomes a tool of purging and spell stealing HoTs/important procs off the target you're at (even when you're getting trained by say a KFC, Thug).

TLDR: Spell steal is situational. Keep an eye out for certain "important" magic buffs and take them. If you don't have procs, getting off a HoT from a target is usually better than trying to hardcast.

2. Temporal shield provides a 15% dmg mitigation for its initial duration (4-5 seconds i think?). It works a bit like a shamans "Grounding Totem" as you have to use it preemptively BEFORE the spell/attack hits you. Keep in mind, temporal shield is not on the GCD making this quite easy. Keep an eye out for big, incoming damage like "Chaos Bolt", Warrior with "Reck" active, "Frozen Orb", Ele/Enh "Ascendence".

TLDR: ALWAYS save your temporal shield for when it benefits you and your healer the most. It can surely be the difference between living and dying.
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#4162639 How to deal most Damage possible in the Opener?

Posted by Nesha on 05 July 2014 - 12:24 PM

I'm a pretty shit rogue in all honesty, but what I like to do is the following:

"Standard opener 2: Shadow Dance"
Premed --> Slice n dice
Cheap Shot
mfd Kidney
Ambush -- Ambush -- Evisc -- (+ garrote or a backstab)

This opener requires a full uptime on your target though, but provides a nice synergy between lockdown (time your kidney perfectly!) and damage.
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#4159035 Any real benefit to

Posted by Nesha on 29 June 2014 - 06:52 PM

That's quite an aggressive tone you took all of a sudden, I didn't mean to offend when I asked 'what rating you play on' (a question of clear, rhetorical nature if I may add). Never once did I claim that everything I said was the one and only truth, but I am however writing from my own perspective and not that of a 3rd party streamer - I'm sure you know just as much, if not more, as I do about the game.

Remember to keep the actual subject of the discussion in mind;

"And this is just unspeakably stupid. You're talking about a 30 pixel frame that lasts for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of asecond within a frame within a game that is incredibly dynamic."

I am still talking about key-press versus key-release when I use PoM --> Poly as an example where it matters. We already established that key-press > key-release in terms of speed, so while my statement might be off and not applicable in every scenario, it still holds some truth.

Also, you don't have to call me stupid for participating in your topic of discussion. Frankly, it is beginning to feel like you didn't make the topic to get the input and opinion of others, but only to excercise your own skills when it comes to argumentation (which you are quite good at except for the cheap insults).

Have a good day and cheer a bit up :)
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#4158329 Any real benefit to

Posted by Nesha on 28 June 2014 - 07:44 PM

Theoretically, you shouldn't be able to notice a difference, even for abilities like Counterspell, which are the only actual abilities that'd receive an actual difference.

We can stick to the mage class (i'm not sure what class you play - but I play mage almost exclusively) and there are certainly more spells which benefit from activation on key press:

- Temporal shield on incoming damage (think of a chaos bolt flying through the air, chimera shot, lance, etc.)
- Ice Block
- Counterspell (as you pointed out!)
- Pom --> Poly. Speed is key when trying to land a PoM --> Poly in more higher rated play where the opponent are more likely to death, shadowmeld, shapeshift the polymorph, grounding totem, dispel. I can think of several situations where the opponent priest would've been able to death my polymorph if I had been just a fraction of a second slower.
- Blink (not as speed-demanding as the above-mentioned spells)

Now, I think that there's really not much more to be said in this discussion from my point of view at least, since it seems that we have already covered the actual facts that (1) you are likely to "fat-finger" an ability, thus making the argument against key press and that (2) speed and responsiveness are key elements in PvP in special relation to spells not on the global cooldown, thus making the argument for key press.

A likely solution to (1) would be changing your keybinds so you don't accidentally hit an important ability - this is common knowledge for keybinding abilities. I know this is not what you want to hear obviously, but I can't think of any other solution, as it seems that your mind is already made up in regards to the question at hand.
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#4158284 Any real benefit to

Posted by Nesha on 28 June 2014 - 06:01 PM

Toggling your abilities on key press isntead of release? Because it's causing me to fat finger crucial abilities constantly.

Quit the attitude lol, he's only trying to add his opinion to an open discussion!

As you pointed out in your original post, you are clearly aware that there clearly is a benefit to having abilities activate on key press (with the downside of "fat fingering" certain abilities, which is really only a matter of getting used to playing with key press).

The difference may not be noteworthy on abilities triggering a GCD. However, activation on key press really comes into play when you have to activate an ability (or multiple) which is not on the GCD.

You mention a "theoretical .09-.15 second benefit" (Source? This number should be different from keyboard to keyboard?) to ability acvation on key press, and if you have played WoW PvP for a decent amount of time, you will have already figured out that every millisecond counts and that it can often make the difference between living/dying, or scoring an important kill.

Now I can't come up with any fancy numbers like you seem to pull from Wikipedia or whatever google site you cited for the occasion, but I would argue that activation on key press is better and superior because of the following reasons:

1) Spells not on the GCD will activate faster, resulting in a more fluid, responsive and "on demand" gameplay.
2) Generally provides better game responsiveness (yes, the difference is miniscule but I think we already settled that)
3) Min-Maxing in WoW is a real thing.

Feel free to hack my post apart like you did the previous, these are my


and while I am trying to convince you, you don't have to agree.
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#4146734 Combining Glaive Toss and Concussive Shot into one button

Posted by Nesha on 18 June 2014 - 10:05 AM

Castsequence macros are very, very unreliable and tend to bug out as you noticed.
I would say you are better off having them on seperate binds (and honestly, why wouldn't you?)
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#4141643 Nobody is safe

Posted by Nesha on 13 June 2014 - 06:25 PM

There better be some drama in this thread, or 0/10
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#4134797 Average to amazing Hpriest. What sets them apart?

Posted by Nesha on 04 June 2014 - 05:52 PM

Damage is terrible (I remember getting 12k+ mind blasts/holy fires in cata and that's about the same damage this stuff is doing now). Since holy doesn't have amazing shields like disc I find chances to actually purge few and far between (since most of hpriest comps don't lead to 3v1 scenarios

I'm not out to get you or anything, but this is far from the truth and truly one of the things that set the best priests apart from the mediocre.
Junglecleave, RMP, Beastcleave, WMP. All 4 of these comps are top tier for holy priests at the moment and they all rely on making it 3v1 situations.

I quite disagree with your statement that "damage is terrible". Damage is not comparable to a HoTW druid's, but with procs it is possible to dish out those 25k+ holy fires/smites AND a shadowfiend which in itself applies close to a 100k damage for its full duration. Learning when to smite a few times instead of topping off your team can be very crucial, and most of the times you swap offensive you will end up getting a kill because you can effectively dish out 100k+ damage in a few seconds. Not to mention those rare 70k+ SW:D crits!
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#4134377 returning mage really need advise for RMP/RMD

Posted by Nesha on 03 June 2014 - 09:06 PM

Also, when to use ring of frost ?

Dependent on map, setup etc.

Dalaran: On this map you will mostly use RoF behind the boxes either defensively or offensively. If they are turtling and YOU are going offensive it is always great to have that RoF as it limits their space significantly. If YOU are turtling you will blink back to the boxes (where you healer is, hopefully) and instantly start casting RoF. You are basically untouchable for a good 5+ seconds if you place it right and most melee cleaves won't dare pushing in if they are going to sit an 8 second RoF.

Ruins: Same concept. RoF in the opening of starting room (defensively/offensively)

- Use it against Rdruids if you deep freeze them in travel form, thus being unable to land a poly. Deep freeze --> RoF (it requires some positional skills, but you will get it right very fast)

- Use it around pillars. It works like mass dispel, so you can actually cut corners. I cannot tell you how many times i've used pet nova on a healer behind pillar and put him in a full RoF without having to blink in his LoS.

- Use it in the opener if you are confident that you won't get interrupted. Usually it's safe to use it in invis if you can do it AS SOON as you get out of stealth. Possible scenario would be using it around/on top of the kill target (say, a Resto Shaman) thus making it impossible for him to escape, even if he trinkets.

- Use it for SUPER EFFECTIVE cross cc'ing. Possible scenario would be DF --> Poly on healer, Nova --> RoF on DPS.

- Use it for warriors if they put up spell reflect as soon as they see you open. Against KFC this is what we sometimes do... Sap healer, Open hunter with cheap shot, Pet nova --> RoF warrior. Mind you that he can intervene out of it, but mostly he won't react fast enough or intervene through your RoF.
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#4134365 returning mage really need advise for RMP/RMD

Posted by Nesha on 03 June 2014 - 08:54 PM

Yeah I was talking about using a FoF proc for deep freeze then poly. If I start casting poly in front of a healer he'll just hide behind a pillar/tomb.

Everytime the chance is there I will attempt to follow up the deep freeze with a full poly. It's situational though, but playing RMP (as previous poster said basically you will always use deep freeze as another tool of CC) I only use DF for cc on healer.

However, DF proves very useful in situations where you have to cover a polymorph on say the 2nd dps in 3v3. Poly dps target and use your focus DF on the healer instantly. Mages have the tools of singlehandedly locking down an entire enemy team with cc, but if you wanna do so you have to manage your cooldowns (especially pet nova) correctly.

It's not always smart to simply use pet nova on cooldown. Always use it to your advantage; scenario:

You want to get poly on healer. He is wanking behind a pillar because he is a shaman!
-Pet nova DPS
-DF --> Poly on healer (You will probably overlap a few seconds of CC, but that doesn't matter. You got a full 8 second CC which could just be enough time for your counterspell/blind/fear/chastise to come off cooldown.

I am almost always the one starting the cc chains when playing 3v3 and when you start setting them up with your partner you can easily achieve 25+ seconds of chained cc.
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#4129517 Ideas for the ideal 5v5 with 5 dps

Posted by Nesha on 28 May 2014 - 04:38 PM

Having a boomkin or two is basically the closest you'll come to having an actual healer. This reflects in 3v3 where some people still run triple dps as Rogue/Mage/Boomkin. It has proven to be quite viable (for lack of a better word) on higher ratings as well!
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#4129364 Ideas for the ideal 5v5 with 5 dps

Posted by Nesha on 28 May 2014 - 11:22 AM

A 5v5 with 5 dps will never be ideal, but it sounds like fun!
My "dream team" setup would probably look something like....

"Rogue" (for mass stealth, smoke bomb)
"Mage" (PoM ring in the opener, orb)
"Boomkin" (off-healing, root beam)
"Shadowpriest" (aoe fear, stamina buff, mindflay insanity burst)
"2nd Boomkin/Ele sham" (off-healing, etc)
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