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Selling glad to any hunters who have players to run KFC - message me ingame for more info (not putting my skype on here publicly). Mail me if i'm not online
Apr 11 2011 04:30 PM
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    you can message me on here too

    Apr 11 2011 04:30 PM
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    will u sell me glad getnerded
    Apr 14 2011 06:41 PM
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Hi, i was thinking about playing my hunter what spec should i go for max poonage bm right?!?!?! and can i buy lessons from you u2good, do i ever actually used aimed shot?
Mar 05 2011 03:57 AM
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Baturen - my stream doesn't show up on aj and xfire has been bugging out. been trying to stream but those things have been stopping me
Mar 01 2011 01:53 PM
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have you been streaming/thinking about streaming again?
Mar 01 2011 11:36 AM
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