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#3802482 Getnerded - Multi R1 Top 8 ATC, KFC creator stream

Posted Areez on 10 November 2012 - 09:54 AM


what up dudes long time no see.  Return to WoW inc with lots of streaming.  And I'll reclaim my position of #1 Hunter universe.

check out the stream bros!!

Other Cool Shit:

original KFC thread: http://www.arenajunk...kung-fu-cleave/

Getnerded 4, depicting my great success as best ATC on the s8 Tournament realm, narrowly missing qualification by 2 spots:  http://www.warcraftm...w.php?id=155663


Posted Areez on 15 May 2011 - 02:35 AM

View PostPopewest, on 15 May 2011 - 01:31 AM, said:

Can someone update this for Frost Dks? Cause were not winning anything with a priest KFC aginast them. They just shit on everyone.

kfc is no longer viable due to frost dks.  until they are nerfed it's a dead comp.  pick up a frost dk or quit

#3232595 Frost DKs

Posted Areez on 10 May 2011 - 04:26 PM

so basically what i see from this is all the frost dks think they got better with the patch...another "i'm just that pro" argument using the supposed "imbalance" of other classes as a justification for the disgustingly stupid damage that frost dks have right now.  if you thought warrior damage was bad, wait until you meet a frost dk in arena.  the warrior i play with is one of the best in this game, and he got his damage almost tripled by a frost dk in multiple arenas by a random 2600 player of the dk.  oh god i can only imagine fighting a good frost dk.

tl;dr if you think frost is balanced, and that you're "just that pro", you're out of your fucking mind.

#3224201 AJ Hunters = Black Actors

Posted Areez on 05 May 2011 - 10:11 PM

View PostHasuit2, on 05 May 2011 - 07:03 PM, said:

I think hunters have it great right now, aside from maybe being a little bit weak number-wise.  There's no other class in the game that has as many abilities to actively counter other classes' key abilities   -   silencing deep-->ring, disengaging warrior charge or throwdown, deterrencing warlock soul swap, pre-swapping your pet for new pet cds, pet saccing reck/shadowdance, chaining pet abilities to lock someone out in a key defensive play, etc..

There's no other class that has a more unique or skill-rewarding cc system   -   The other team can counter scatter/trap by having a partner eat it and then get dispelled.  You can counter their counter by rooting/monkey stunning them as they try to eat it, they can counter-counter your counter by bladestorming/freedoming out of your root or trinketting.  And at the very highest level you can scatter shot the healer, monkey stun the guy that's trying to eat it knowing he's going to trinket to eat the trap - fake him out and not drop trap, call a new monkey, monkey stun the healer/snake trap entrapment the guy that trinketted and still get the trap off.  ETC.  No other class has that kind of deep/fun/cool system for getting cc off, and if you do land all of your traps and play very well otherwise, hunter becomes one of the strongest overall classes imo.

There's so many more examples.  Hunters are the coolest/most skill-rewarding classes in the game right now.  I think one of the biggest reasons why no hunter has really come out to shine like reckful/neilyo/hydra is because the best of the highest rated hunters are shitter rejects like getnerded.

Except for the fact that I can play arena at a much higher level than you'll ever dream of reaching, speak intelligently and highly in depth about this game as shown by the length of my constructive posts, and am widely considered one of the best hunters in this game to those who aren't completely blind fucked by their own bias due to their intense dislike for me as a person (i'm aware that i'm unashamedly blunt and have an oversized ego, that's not the point).  The real reason hunters will never be considered on the level of neilyo/hydra/reckful is because we don't play a class involved in RMP.  This community has a long way to go before they can comprehend that every single class/comp played at the HIGHEST level in this game takes the EXACT SAME SKILLSET AND MINSET to succeed.  Not only that, but you've done absolutely nothing remarkable as a hunter, all of your posts are either worthless dribble or a tryhard attempt at sounding somewhat coherent, except for the fact that you don't actually have the understanding to back it up, and you promote the use of the most inefficient pet usage tactics that would never in a million years work against a good player(not that you've played any of those). Try signing up for the TR this year and see what it's like to actually play against the best.  I've done it, and Unum was the only other hunter to achieve the same rating i did on the TR and guess what, he ended up playing warrior with me on the same team because talent recognizes talent (regardless of that fact that disliked each other initially).  It's a whole different game than the kiddie shit on live you're been playing against, and I'm looking forward to becoming the highest rated hunter on the only medium that matters, and laughing as you struggle to even come close to my rating.  Keep resummoning those pets every 10 seconds you sad joke of a player.

#3219047 New Hunter comp discussion with less QQ

Posted Areez on 03 May 2011 - 05:55 AM

View PostSlaughtt, on 03 May 2011 - 04:21 AM, said:

oi doesn't that mean it depends on your acceptable level of success?

because viable has one definition...

LOL lets nitpick on some tiny grammatical interpretation because i can't actually come up with anything to logically refute any of the points he made.  derp

viable may have one definition, but success is up to individual interpretation, since people are satisfied with varied standards.  and considering success is part of the definition of viable, my point still stands.

#3218554 New Hunter comp discussion with less QQ

Posted Areez on 03 May 2011 - 01:07 AM

View Postdame, on 03 May 2011 - 01:00 AM, said:

Here is the confusion... a player came into the forum and made a post about 4 comps/setups and would they work/be viable.  The answer to that players questions are as i answered them, yes they will work/be viable ( maybe not by your definition but by the one the rest of us english speaking humans use). Most of those comps are very viable, can be/ are being/ have been run with success across multiple bgs by multiple players in safe glad range, and work well.

Feral/hunter is a viable comp and can get the op good ratings/glad/xp/success etc
Lock/hunter is a viable comp and can get the op good ratings/glad/xp/success etc
Frost Dk/hunter is a viable comp and can get the op good ratings/glad/xp/success etc
Rogue/Hunter is a viable comp and can get the op good ratings/glad/xp/success etc

Now if i misinterpreted the purpose of the OP's post, and he is looking for a 1 comp answer for how he can lock in rank 1 in the next 2 weeks, then i concede

this post is a prime example of why i very rarely post anything very constructive on here.  you kids just don't read, it's not worth the effort

#3218467 New Hunter comp discussion with less QQ

Posted Areez on 03 May 2011 - 12:06 AM

View Postdame, on 02 May 2011 - 11:34 PM, said:

Hunter/frost dk is viable
Hunter/lock is viable
Hunter/rogue is meh but sounds good in theory, and some people have success with it
I dont see hunter/boomkin being to viable, but hunter/feral is

Just because kfc is "the top hunter comp" doesnt mean the others are not viable
Just because you wont line up a 45 second cc chain doesnt mean its not viable

it depends what your idea of viable is. to me, viable means to be able to compete and beat the best players running other tier 1 comps in the game consistently and often.  none of the comps you listed are viable by that definition - though all are certain capable of achieving gladiator with good players.   however, i could care less about getting gladiator or any title for that matter, and i wish more people would adopt that mindset to encourage competition in this game.

#3218221 New Hunter comp discussion with less QQ

Posted Areez on 02 May 2011 - 10:11 PM

View PostGranetlol, on 02 May 2011 - 09:39 PM, said:

Quite a lot of QQing from Hunters lately with all the changes to their beloved Warrior partners. I want to try the following comps. Please give your insight and WHY. Please post comps you think will work and why, as well.

Hunter/Lock/x - obvious reasons. Control is insane and makes it a bit more fun for the Hunter.
Hunter/DK/x - Frost damage is stupid and casters are F'd
Hunter/Moonkin/x - LOLOL... right?
Hunter/Rogue/x - Rogue's are just that cool.

this is gonna be a big wall of text, but a lot of explanation is needed and i'm in the mood to type today.

Hunter/Lock/X never was, and never will be viable for a lot of reasons.  And for anyone who is going to try and throw a counter example at me, let me present this idea.  Comp strength in WoW is everything - and this is mainly because the skill cap of the game is relatively low.  A tier 2 comp vs a tier 1 comp, both played by excellent top of the line players, the tier 1 will win almost every time - there is no way to bridge the skill gap enough to make it so comp isn't important.  That said, there have been successful hunter/lock/x teams on the LADDER in the past, but that does NOT FOR ONE SECOND mean the comp is viable at top levels.  It means those players were just a shit ton better than everyone else on their ladder.  Against competent players with an equal or better comp, they won't win.  Now that that's out of the way, on to the comp analysis.  Hunters have a lack of real peels - when compared to something like a rogue or a mage who both can shut people down for a considerable amount of time, we don't have much.  Our main peels are silence shot for caster, web for melee- both of which usually used offensively in order to get a kill or force cooldowns- and roar of sac/freedom.  Sac and freedom are not going to save a warlock, you need to be able to actually shut people down for locks to live.  When we fight warlocks as KFC we can literally annihilate them in the first 15 seconds if all of our CC is perfect and they don't prevent any of it (very rare).  Scatter in my mind doesn't count as an actual peel because you NEED to be trying to trap the healer on cooldown every single game (yes even if you play with a warlock, he will not always be able to get fears off) since hunters have some of the best mobility in the game, which makes sense for you to be the "main" ccer on your team.  Because of these lack of peels, warlocks are going to die pretty fast when playing with a hunter.  Hunters are not really a "blocking" class either, which warlocks definitely need as partners.  For a example, a rogue or warrior can kind of "block" by just going in there and having the thread of an interrupt, stuns and damage.  Hunters have no such luxury, we are are a long range 10 second cooldown burst class (chimera) with rapid fire/steady shot aimed shots thrown in for added burst.  Another thing is that, in order to have adequate pressure to justify the lock being on the team, multi target pressure needs to be applied.  Not only is he not going to be able to do that if he's being sat on by the melee and you as a hunter are unable to get him off, but you need to be trapping a healer which makes healer swaps not viable at all, and limits the locks pressure output substantially.  Being a caster also limits the benefit of freedom since they will be standing in place to cast most of their powerful spells, while melee classes can attack on the move. As you can see, the synergy is really not there compared to hunter/warrior.

Hunter/DK/x - this is another setup that people falsely believe will ever be viable due to random teams having ladder success with it.  Hunter/DK is kind of a "damage only" team and playstyle, which i can tell you right now will NEVER work against players who understand how to deal with it.  The CC synergies are just not there - silence DR's with strang, hungering cold DR's with traps.  DK's have very limited lockdown power, and are still vulnerable to being focused regardless of the warrior nerfs.  Since hunters aren't very scary to be left alone compared to a mage or lock, and dks don't have the burst required to really force cooldowns or kills against the best players.  Compared to warrior pressure, its pretty meh.  Dks also don't have the mobility needed to stick targets in a lot of situations.  I've played with death knights extensively and, especially verse things like splay variants where there are a bunch of fears and dots going around, the burst is simply not there to force cooldowns and to force them to pull back.  These teams can play recklessly offensively against hunter/dk setups because there is not even close to the threat that a warrior would bring if a lock goes out of position.

Hunter/moonkin/x i don't think i really need to address this.

hunter/rogue/x this is one that i've said for a while that could be good, still not on the level of a warrior, but there is definitely potential here.  rogues bring a lot of the same lockdown and pressure warriors bring - a bit more on the CC side and less of the damage.  that's why i think they are less ideal than a warrior, because a warrior will not lockdown someone as well, but they will do much more pressure.  Hunters don't need a target to be locked in place terribly long like a caster does, since most of our damage is instant anyways.  Thug cleave is also just a weaker version of rmp, while kfc is definitely not a weaker version of WMS or WLS.  That mostly has to do with rogue/caster synergy, which i feel hunter/warrior synergy is very similar to at this point in the game.  Overall, this could be good but it will never be on the level of hunter/warrior.  if you don't have access to a warrior, feel free to try this out.

now the answer to everyone's burning question - WHY Hunter/warrior works and why it will be the dominant hunter setup for this expansion (and possibly for the warrior too)

-Warrior damage.  Warriors have always done a lot of damage, and always will.  It's part of the class, and without it i don't see a real reason to bring a warrior on the team.
-CC synergy - warrior fear/throwdown/charge/pummel are completely separate drs from scatter/silence/trap.  utilizing all of these abilities in the correct order can make for some absolutely ridiculous cc chains (imagine if your healer helps too).
-Good lockdown support from the warrior - not compared to that of a rogue, but its more than enough for a hunter in this stage of the game.  we are far tankier than mages at this point due to high resilience builds being dominant, a 16 second disengage cooldown and freedom/sac, and the fact that we are not much inhibited by being trained given the fact that most of our damage is instant and that we have aspect of the fox..i guess mail armor helps too xD.  charge/disarm/throwdown, and simply putting pressure on an enemy are all the ways that a warrior can assist a hunter - and sometimes the best defense is a good offense.
-Warrior benefits from hunter freedom and web hugely, also the variety of hunter slows namely chimera daze and glyphed conc shot.  That on top of their new 12 sec CD charge and every healer in the  game having the ability to dispel makes for some pretty sick warrior mobility and high ability to stay on a target, arguably some of the best support of that type from any other dps.
-swap and burst potential - with charge being such an awesome swap tool and hunters working on a similar cooldown- 10 sec chimera and 12 sec charge - big swaps can be made and often.  this isn't always the best strategy with health pools being so high now, but we still use it all the time if our target is in a full out retreat and has burned big cooldowns.
-warriors are pretty self sufficient as far as survivability goes.  Sac and freedom and silencing shots on casters are generally enough to support him.
i'm sure i'll think of more things later, but that's off the top of my head.  out of all of those reasons though, i firmly believe a warrior is the best provider of them with how the game currently is, and i don't see that changing this expansion.


Posted Areez on 30 April 2011 - 11:27 AM

View PostMurphy, on 30 April 2011 - 08:27 AM, said:

What did you do to win against them then? :)

kfc is a caster killer team now.  with warriors improved mobility and the teams overall improved survivability they can play very aggressively and ride casters really hard.  both mages and warlocks get incredibly shit on by our team.  so for lsd simply ride the warlock, what the hell is the druid going to do? he can't really do shit.  

any competitive team right now seems to have a mage or lock on it, so just train it to the ground (couldn't do this last patch).  if there's both, kill the lock.

#3213458 Survival/UA/X viable ?

Posted Areez on 30 April 2011 - 04:09 AM

its oposite day

kfc sucks i lsot to lsd and all warlocks mages and rmp is too overpowered hunters might as well play with warlocks now they are suddenly powerful hunter dmg got buffed so it made dots do more surv dmg got buffed yes lets keep mkaing these threads bc hunters dont have any good comps already especially not kfc ur right bro ur smart k

#3207711 I see all the complaining about bugs but...

Posted Areez on 27 April 2011 - 03:44 PM

So, I see every retard on AJ crying their eyes out over the current 4.1 bugs.  However, whenever PTR is up, I literally never ever see a significant amount of people on these forums on there testing.  So I don't see how you can complain when you don't even take the time to download and log onto the PTR and test the damn patch.  It's pretty hilarious how this community is acting surprised at bugs that have been on the PTR for literally months, because live in the first time they've experienced them.  To the handful of players that actually do test, that's fine, but all the morons who don't test and then proceed to cry about bugs when patch hits live just need to stop.

#3186924 Zetox's Interview

Posted Areez on 16 April 2011 - 04:54 AM

the fact that a player as good as filo truly has that opinion about our class is why there next to no good hunters that exist in this game.  if he can't understand it what makes you think most of the people playing this game can.  there's a lot to playing a hunter well at the top level, and i really don't have the time or patience to go through it, that would take about a blog and a half.  it's just a different playstyle from warlock, what filo was saying about damage vs control is just how warlocks work.  look at warriors? almost all they do is damage, yet there is a huge difference between an amazing warrior and an average one because of how much there is to them that 99.99% of players are not gonna realize.  all classes have a unique playstyle and required mindset to play them, so comparing one class's playstyle to another and then using that as a judgement of skill is completely invalid.

i realize there are some hunters out there who are looking to improve their game actively, adapting to the game instead of crying about it, and that's great, but the idiots who are just going to cry about our class are not a good influence on the community in general.  when high level players support distorted opinions, it only further adds to the problem.  obviously its possible to succeed as a hunter, it's been done and will continue to be done.

#3180540 Double Deterence

Posted Areez on 13 April 2011 - 12:48 AM

View PostCharred, on 13 April 2011 - 12:46 AM, said:

In the light of a couple of other recent topics regarding consistancy in between classes, why on earth isn't this nerfed/fixed yet?
Paladins & Mages have had forbearance/hypothermia since like forever now, yet hunters back to back deterence all day long.

without this, i would be focused down and killed every arena.

#3167519 KFC vs KFC

Posted Areez on 05 April 2011 - 04:51 PM

View PostDelikat, on 04 April 2011 - 02:36 PM, said:

How do you guys feel about meeting mirrors
Most teams go all out on the warr right at the start pop all buffs when the warr uses recklessness, which seems very RNG based on big crits from both the healer & the dps, the end result feels random and never by outplaying/having better strategy.
Most games end within 30seconds.

We've tried alot of different stuff, keep in mind this is only vs 2600+  KFC's and we do win them but can lose just as much.
Whats your strategy vs a KFC thats zerging warriors?

inb4 flames.

there's not really a "strategy" per se here but i'm going to give you some concepts that i believe can give you a good understanding of this matchup, which will enable you to utilize that knowledge to make effective decisions ingame.

from my experience it comes down to traps, since that is the only feasible way to outplay the other team (if they are good).  trapping is a team effort so make sure you're lining up hex/imphammy/throwdown/web on the war/hunter (situational) to prevent trap eating.  i know that's not always possible but if you can do it, you should...keep in mind that risky traps are situationally necessary if it's a win/lose situation so don't be afraid to go for them if you feel it's necessary.  to clarify, by risky traps i mean non-optimal positioning and without team support, hugely increasing the chance that your trap will be eaten or prevented.  if the other team doesn't realize the fact that trapping is a team effort, and your team understands and utilizes all the ways to stop traps, i guarantee the other team won't even get 1 trap on your shaman.  when both teams understand these concepts, this is when outplaying and faking come into play, but i'm not gonna get into that here as this is simply a general outline of the matchup.  as far as who to hit, you can hurt their warrior just as much as they can hurt yours, so it comes down to whichever healer is unable to heal for longer and which warrior is forced defensive first.  since probably 95% of the cc on the shaman will come from the hunter, you have a huge role in this matchup specifically.  going on the hunter isn't bad either, especially if your warrior understands hows to disarm or stun scatters so it messes up the trap timing.  everythings situational though, we don't have a set strat for this, you have to play reactively depending on what they do.  if you have your mind set on "ok lets kill the warrior" and they adapt throughout the fight and you don't, you'll lose.

you stated that you think the outcomes of these matches are random, but i can assure you, they definitely are not.  if you're cycling cooldowns correctly on your warrior during times of high pressure, AND he's playing properly and defensively, there's no way he's going to die.  Doing things like trying to stay in hawk as much as possible, going for risky aimed shots, saccing/freedoming your warrior at the proper times, silencing casts from the shaman and realizing and seizing opportunities to trap are the ways that you're going to gain the advantage, but realize that if the other team is good they will be doing these consistently also.  as i stated earlier, traps are the main way you're going to outplay the other team here, but every little bit helps.  i also recommend your warrior uses charge on the shaman if possible during a cc chain.  that extra few seconds on top of everything else can make a big difference.

for the record this is my favorite hunter mirror that's ever existed.  mirror atc's and phd's were boring as fuck and didn't have anywhere near the depth this matchup has.  we'll see some really good games if we ever see any of these mirrors at blizzcon or wcg.

#3125155 Ask the Devs Q&A #1 Answers (Hunter)

Posted Areez on 15 March 2011 - 04:57 PM

View PostHasuit2, on 14 March 2011 - 05:31 PM, said:

These questions suck dick.  Jokes that they apparently dodged the trap resist bug question.  I'm sure it got a high rating because of the post about it here on AJ.

you're just mad because you can't run dribbling mouth breather comp that is hunter/lock/shaman because lusted dots and insane shaman heals/utility got nerfed.  now you have to play kung fu cleave,  which MIGHT require you to, you know, NOT resummon pets 90% of the arena and actually use some class abilities.  sorry you don't have the warlock to win the game for you anymore.