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Do we really need interrupts in PvP?

02 December 2015 - 09:45 PM

I'll start with this first, I like interrupts in pvp and I like fakecasting. I think it adds a lot of skill to the game.

However, in terms of entry level pvp and the amount of frustration for high level pvp it can cause, I don't think it's needed. For a brand new player to come into the pvp scene as a caster or healer, they all of a sudden have to deal with..... stun, silence, interrupt, deathgrip, los, poly, cyclone, fear, horror , disorients and you get the idea. Most of this doesn't exist in the PVE content of WOW, so a lot of the newer people do not get exposed to it.  For high level, turbo cleave and ww/dk. Really don't need to say much more.

If you remove interrupts, you stop people who buy bots to interrupt. Your friend who doesn't know how to fakecast but has general gameplay knowledge, suddenly can heal you in a pvp setting because he will have one less thing to dodge. Casters will do more damage because they don't have to juke the world.

The biggest reason to keep interrupt is the fact it stops casted CC, which is a different problem in it's own right. They nerfed CC and we still sit in way too much.

What 6.2 doesn't address from 6.1

03 June 2015 - 10:32 PM

Resto Druids in Bear form all day

Does it bother anyone else that resto druids will spend more time in bear form just getting hit ,rather than healing like any other normal healer? I mean, maybe it's just me but it does seem a bit strange that resto druids are able to sit in a form and not cast regular healing spells, i'm not talking the stupid frenzy regen spam, for 10 or so seconds and be perfectly fine. Bear form is interesting in providing uniqueness but it just feels off gameplay wise. Maybe raise armor in regular form and nerf bear form armor for resto somehow. Maybe make barkskin look like bear form or something.

God Comp eventual CC chain (let's be honest, it's mainly druid/mage/x)
If you play against god comp at all, you know at some point in the game, you are never playing your character again for 20+ seconds. Granted, there's a lot of things you can do to frustrate the opposing mage but at some point, it's going to happen. Who knows , maybe the flameglow nerf will make it so this can't happen but if the nerf wasn't enough, we're still going to sit cc forever. I'm not even sure how you can fix this but something needs to be done.

Holy Pally Denounce
Again, another cool unique spell but insanely strong in a pvp setting. The ability to take away opponents crit is insane. If you get the denounce off, you're reducing a ton of incoming damage. IE, you're better off casting a denounce and then start casting heals if it's not a high pressure situation. Is it really intended that during low damage pressure to make it so you can make the damage even lower? Make it reduce crit damage, give the paladin higher damage against the target, higher chance to crit that target. Just stop letting it destroy pressure.

Off healing/support from Hybrids
I'm all for diversity of classes but when all hybrid spend the majority of their actions in a support capacity, I am not a fan and i'm certain those classes don't enjoy it. I mean as an enhance, who enjoys pressing purge all day? Who enjoys spamming heals every global? No one. Make it so they do more than just support all day.

NS abilities from healers
Priests don't survive in the current meta because they cannot provide to their teammates the instant burst heal on top of their regular cooldowns. Either give them an NS for their teammates or somehow bring these burst healing for the healing classes down because they will never compete if they can't save their allies the way the rest can.

Note: I'm not going to address anything about damage for classes because there's not enough evidence to say certain classes will be dumb. No one knows how the new meta will play out or how the gear progression will affect. These are all gameplay mechanic issues.

What other gameplay mechanics seem off to you in an arena match that doesn't appear to be addressed.?