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Do we really need interrupts in PvP?

02 December 2015 - 09:45 PM

I'll start with this first, I like interrupts in pvp and I like fakecasting. I think it adds a lot of skill to the game.

However, in terms of entry level pvp and the amount of frustration for high level pvp it can cause, I don't think it's needed. For a brand new player to come into the pvp scene as a caster or healer, they all of a sudden have to deal with..... stun, silence, interrupt, deathgrip, los, poly, cyclone, fear, horror , disorients and you get the idea. Most of this doesn't exist in the PVE content of WOW, so a lot of the newer people do not get exposed to it.  For high level, turbo cleave and ww/dk. Really don't need to say much more.

If you remove interrupts, you stop people who buy bots to interrupt. Your friend who doesn't know how to fakecast but has general gameplay knowledge, suddenly can heal you in a pvp setting because he will have one less thing to dodge. Casters will do more damage because they don't have to juke the world.

The biggest reason to keep interrupt is the fact it stops casted CC, which is a different problem in it's own right. They nerfed CC and we still sit in way too much.