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Non-dampening games

09 January 2015 - 04:24 AM

Is there any 3v3 games that don't go to dampening these days? Just seems like a pretty general trend.

Over dramatized thread/posts/complaints

26 December 2014 - 09:39 PM







Now, I'm all for some of the points these threads make. What i'm not for , however, is the lack of critical thinking, bashing, whining or dramatizing of the point these threads use. This kind of posting shouldn't be on a forum that's supposed to be composed of better players. I understand there's going to be teenage children who think they have to join some sort of crowd of bashing &whining but good lord, this sort of posting is just sad. It's non constructive, there's no idea of feedback or change. It's just being used as some sort of facebook status /emo bullshit.

TLDR: Stop posting your emo bullshit.

PvP reward or ladder system flaws

27 August 2014 - 04:58 PM

Now , this isn't an attempt to discuss balance or which class is overpowered. This is more of an attempt to see what other flaws people see in the current system and how they would go about attempting to fix said issues or bring light to the issue.

Conquest Capping
This system is just horrendously flawed in the implementation as it causes the better or higher rated you are in the game, the longer it takes you to complete the task. No other system in the game works like this. You are rewarded for the difficulty that you play at with more points but you are punished with the amount of time required to cap. Not only is here the chances your games will be harder and longer, you are also required to play more to maximize your cap for the week.

How to help the issue
Go back to a winning % based reward system for amount of conquest rewarded. Blizzrd can decide on the amount of the games they feel is good for capping.

High Rated queing
Where the highest ranking players even find an incentive to queue is beyond me. Punished for playing against lower rated players, gear/conquest point reward leaves after approximately 2 months and the toxic enviroment of the community causes a whole lot more issus within the system to queue(Blizzard can't fix this issue).

How to help
Vanity awards that cost huge amount of conquest /rating, something other than the gladiator/rank 1 title (makes it harder to sell as a boost as it exposes the person more due to amount of playing by another person). Transmog dyes (should be easy to implement  since the technology existed in DaOC).

Just seeing what other issues people see.

Make arena give more conquest points at higher rating

25 June 2014 - 05:48 PM

So the baseline starting point for arena wins is pretty low considering how high your cap can get to on newer characters or high rated players. My suggestion is this, start the base floor at 0 rating with 180 per win and scale it up to say, 720 (number can change, whatever they feel is balanced) per win at 2200+ rating. The games at the higher level are more intensive and can be more demanding of a player, so they should be rewarded for it in terms of conquest gain. Yes, we're already rewarded on a rating level but there should be an incentive to be rewarded at faster pace at higher ratings. The reason people tank their rating is so they do get rewarded at faster pace, why not just beat them at their own game and make it so at lower ratings do not give as much as the higher rating.

Arena123 targetting actually hurts arena

10 June 2014 - 08:44 PM

It's an interesting idea that's occurred to me recently, arena123 targetting is actually bad for arena. It gives the ability to gurantee that you will hit your desired opponent at anytime. This is regardless if you actually know where they are on the map or if they've just come out of stealth(insert some sort of you can't see me mechanic). You just mindlessly spam your mechanic to peel for someone, knowing that they are in arena1, 2, or 3 because they've made that mechanic available. It takes away from the awareness of the player of the position of the opponent and to target said opponent. It has made pvp become more like pve, where you press a macro to select the desired target for you (Think of all the boss fights were you make specific macros just to target a certain mob). It's lessened the value of focus dropping mechanics because people are no longer using their counterspells on focus as much because they are using arena123.

Note: I actually find that arena123 does improve gameplay in terms of ease of use but it greatly hinders the aspect of player capability.

Holinka tweet - https://twitter.com/...664935033090048

MMO thread +poll
A poll was put on that page by the guy who tweeted at holinka.