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Armor, the outdated relic in PvP

26 July 2013 - 06:30 PM

Armor has largely become an outdated mechanic in PvP and it becomes even more apparent in 5.4 with the upcoming changes to warlock, spriest, boomkin...etc. They are losing their static damage reduction and gaining armor or other mechanics to compensate for this. When a pve change makes a huge change in mechanic swing in pvp, there has to be something done. Armor has been an everchanging stat in PVP and it has caused many changes throughout the game. Melee have gained armor pen, lost armor pen, had abilities change in regards to what they do in PVE and PVP (collossus smash/find weakness/sunder armor). RBGs made it more apparent that melee classes would never be strong on attacking flag carriers without some sort of armor pen/magic damage. It's time for blizzard to finally scrap this stat in favor of resilience in player vs player situations because it becomes easier to balance.

My suggestion begins with making resilience have two different values for physical and spell components. Obviously, there would be some number tweaking in regards to what would feel right for physical damage done as armor would no longer reduce the damage for physical classes.  It would also cause physical damage classes to deal an equal amount of pressure versus all teams, instead of strong on some and weak on others. It becomes quite apparent when a physical cleave gets on a warlock and causes a huge amount of panic. Meanwhile, it wouldn't be as much pressure on say a warrior or dk because they have armor. It has also already been built into warcraft lore with hero armor in wc3, so it would make sense in a lore sense.

This may take some time with tweaking the numbers of what is a good feel but the end result would be better for the game in the long run.