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27 August 2013 - 12:08 AM

I just broke up with my GF after 9month relationship (almost 10). This was my 1st serious relationship, and I've decided to break up coz i just had no more feels for her (emotions just disappeared). She really loved me (prolly still does..), I just couldn't give that much love back to her...I felt bad about it really, last 2 months have been a bit shitty (coz of me stopped caring for her that much).
I think that gym had influence in this as well (being my nr 1 prio, even tho im still dyel cunt i got a lot self esteem and i want to yolo). She accepted me the way I am and love me for who I am, but I just lost it. There was possibility that she was pregnent a month a go, and I got scared as fuck, there were only 2 options in my head suicide(and i'm not that kind of person) and abortion (she was 100% against it), so we had some fights there when I said we could give the kid for adoption (in case she is pregnant), luckily she wasn't. She said I Should have break up with you, but I'll forgive you.
When that happend, I just changed, started flirting with other girls and shit, and I met 1 girl that I am really into now, been chatting with her 24/7 and i just stopped caring about my GF (well ex now). So I decided that it's better to break up now, then cheat on her or something like that and hurt her even more...She is really emotional and sensitive (had a situation when I said i don't love her anymore, 3 hours later she took some drugs with alcohol etc..).
But she was there for me when it was the hardest for me (when my mom died)...Anyway I'm really not sure if I made right decission, coz i think i won't be the same old guy that loved her so much (and i might end up hurting her, which she doesn't deserve), but i feel really bad for doing it (i mean hearing her cry like that was just ..:( )  . Also I didn't even drop a tear, so I guess im senseless bastard...