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In Topic: What you would like see in next expansion?

04 December 2013 - 03:40 AM

More frequent, smaller balance hotfixes and patches rather than one big one every couple of months.

In Topic: Idea for rogue balance

20 June 2013 - 09:17 PM

Got a few ideas I think would solve a few problems

Baseline Shadowstep, 20 sec cd, back on prep. In its place on the talent tree add a "your shadowstep is now usable whilst rooted" talent.

Lower the damage of poisons for sub and combat and in turn buff the damage of the combo point builders, net result is same damage in a PvE environment as well as making rogue damage less "passive" and more interesting to play.

For sub add a passive talent that increases the crit chance of your backstab and ambush but only against stunned targets, this will have little to no implications for pve but will help the pvp side a lot.

Buff recup to 5% leave glove bonus as is, change the glyph to "reduces all damage taken by 6% while Recuperate is active." like the old talent from cata.

I would love to see hemo back on SV, but I Don't think they will due to the pve implications, they cant really put it as a 4 set pvp bonus as it only applies to one spec.

In Topic: Noticed something

20 June 2013 - 01:39 AM

4 season expac? means theres another raid after SoO then.

In Topic: How to play Mutilate.

02 June 2013 - 05:45 PM

Been playing around with a few things...

Since rupture only procs venomous wounds when your target is poisoned and deadly poison only last 12 seconds, when multi rupturing I've just been swapping between people with Mutilate (2 combo points) > Rupture, The rupture lasts 12 seconds as does the poison so you don't get any "wasted" rupture ticks. However on my current target I always aim for a 4+ CP rupture.

I swapped out CnD/Anticipation and took step and shuriken instead, I really missed being able to step rupture/Kidney people as well as its defensive uses (step your healer to eat traps being huge right now with hunters everywhere).

After running recount for many games deadly poison always comes out as my top damaging ability, So I took shuriken to spread it quicker and easier. Always maintain deadly poison on as many targets as you can, shuriken has a 30 yard range and it only usually takes 1 shuriken to get the poison on (Plus it does fairly decent damage as well), In a 3s match you should be able to have all 3 opponents Dotted with deadly at any given time and 2 if not 3 with rupture.

With full mastery gemming and full tyranical gear I'm able to get 16k deadly ticks and usually 25k crits from deadly alone, so having this spread over a full team is some pretty crazy pressure and easy to do with ST, Fan of knives is also really good if you get 2 or 3 people grouped up together.

On a side note has anyone tried using the Bad juju trinket? whats its proc rate like in pvp?

In Topic: How to play Mutilate.

30 May 2013 - 03:40 PM

Damage varies a bit but on average I would say I get 16k ticks and 25k crits from the deadly poison dot, sometimes I get a 40-50k crit but It seems somewhat random :s

Been playing with a Focus garrote macro and I worked out why I've been getting poor results with the garrote openers... Garrote does not proc poisons, you also do not start to autoattack your focus when you port.

"Each time your Rupture or Garrote deals damage to an enemy that you have poisoned, you have a 75% chance to deal 685 (+ 16% of Attack Power) additional Nature damage and to regain 10 Energy."

so yeah, I can garrote 3 people in an opener but without poisons on all of them it seems pretty pointless =/

The only way I've been reliably able to spread garrote and poisons around from the opener is by manually targeting people without any focus or arena macros :(